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The day I die was the same day I was reborn. About 8 hours ago, my name is Thomas Brown hair, white skin, 18 year old, am 7 feet tall, and a foot ball player. I am also a bully who enjoys giving people pain, for example a guy name Chris. Chris is a black hair, 5.8 feet, 16 years old, were glasses, and a nerd, but look handsome. I put him in locker, give him waggy, and even thrown him to the pool. One day, I decided to put a prank on him, giving him a fake love letter, say 'go to the football field at 3:00 P.M.' As he walk toward the field, we remove his clothe, put him in a box, than open the box, and everyone one saw his 'log'. As I laugh saw was a sad boy, he look mad, than run to me with tears in his eyes.

Chris "I thought someone love me, but now I realize that no one love me. Do you think they love you too?"Then he left.

As Thomas walk to the shrine, to get from answer from the gods, Thomas think about what Chris say, sure everyone love him, but do they really? He was famous because he was tall, strong, and cool looking. But dose his team mate like him. Only Chip and Marks respect him, but do they really respect him.

???"All course not."Than Thomas turn into the strange fox status, than it began to move,as if it is alive.

Thomas"Wh..what are you talking about."

???"What I am talking about is that you are a cruel man, with no care to the world. Do you really think people like that type of person in the world?"

Thomas "No, but they do..."Then the fox status growl at him. Eyes turn red, as if it was ready to come to life and attack Thomas.

"You should not exist with that body; in fact, you should not be a man. Let see if you know how it feel being weak."Than the status was normal, but than a fog came out of it and enter to Thomas. Thomas feels like his body was dying, but the strangest things are that his brain is still function. Than his body stop working, so do the organ, and Thomas fainted. He was dead; Thomas was floating above his body, naked, wondering if he is going to heaven. But then a great light cover his entire dead body and then he began feels his dead body changing, as if he is still connect to the corps body. His mind moan, sexually, as his body felt strange changes all over his body. Then he opens his eye, see sweat coming out of his body; he thought that he was having the strangest dream. But then he was wearing a fox mask on his face. As he removes the mask on his face, he looks at the lake, and was shock. He was wearing a kimono, a sandal, and rue bans around his hip. His muscle was gone, and he shrank into a 5.7 feet. The only thing he had was small hands, soft skin, and slender legs. Then he realize that his 'thingy' is gone, he check it out down the kimono, and he was right, his manhood was gone. Then he realizes that he had a big butt, his waist was inward, his hip was large, and he had a C cup's breast. The worst part of all was that his hair was long and gray, he was wearing some necklace around his body, his eye was gold, his face is a girl, and he got a fox tail and ears.

Thomas "What is this."She closes her mouth, as is sound like a girl voice. She tries to walk, but she was acting weird, for she has never used this body before. Then her two friends, Chip and Mark, coming to her.

Chip"Hey little girl, have you seen Thomas."

Thomas "Guys it me, Thomas, how could you not recognize me."At first they were laughing, but then know that this area was belong to a curse fox, that turn anyone to something else forever. But then the both of them had an evil look on their face.

Mark "Ha, now Thomas is a fox girl, this is great. We really didn't like you, we like you because you were famous at school. But now since you are a fox girl, and no one here."Chip grabs her, Thomas try to escape, but she has no strength at all."You are going to be our sex slave. How you like that."She was right, no one really loved him. He understands how it feels to be weak, but becoming a fox girl was a little too much. But know she is going to be a sex slave. But then a spark of pink fire appear in her hands, and it drop on Chip foot, burning his pants on fire.

Chip "Ouch, what the hell! Aw it burns!" Chip let go of Thomas and try to remove the fire with his pants, but fail instead. "Don't just stand there, help me!" Mark understands and decided to push into the lake, wetting Chip and stop the fire. Thomas keeps on running until she couldn't see either Mark or Chips, so she decided to rest beside a tree. Then an eerie voice appears out of nowhere.

??? "Well, I guess you should thank me for saving both our life."

Thomas "Wait, I know that voice! Where are you, show yourself?!"

??? "I am right inside you. I enter your body and made it something comfortable for my liking."

Thomas "I don't get it, why did you change my body and why are you inside me in the first place?" Thomas feels like she is going to explode and doesn't like the idea of someone inside her body and can't see who the voice look like.

??? "Because my friend, this is your punishment of being a bully and a jerk to people. Beside, in the next 24 hours, you wouldn't exist at all." Suddenly the world became dark to Thomas; what did the voice mean 'wouldn't exist in the next 24-hours?'

??? "You don't actually think that they is enough room for the both of us? I been in that statue for 550 years and I waited for someone like you to come so I can have a new body. My soul will absorb your soul, which then I will become the new owner of the body."

Thomas "Y…You can't just do that! I have a life, a goal!"

??? "Not anymore. You see when I enter your body and change it, people memories will also be effected; people wouldn't know that you actually exist at all. Soon I will have this body and control this new era with my powers."

Thomas "So, who are you?"

??? "I am a Kistune; also know as a 9-tails fox. Why else do you think the mask, tail and fox ears are for? Now, I think you should, I don't know, say goodbye to this world before I completely control the body for good." And with that the voice was gone. This was beyond Thomas understanding; he only has 23 hours (an hour already had passed) left before she is gone for good. But what can she do; who can she talk to?

Thomas "Wait, I know who to talk to. I just hope he is at home." Thomas got up and to his surprise he was floating above 10-feet in the air. This must be one of the powers that Kistune was talking about, Thomas said to himself. Thomas notice that it was like walking on ground, expect he is walking on mid-air and that it was a lot faster than normal walking. So off went Thomas, searching for the one person who she can talk to. Who that person is, wait and see on the next chapter.
Once again, another old stories that has been update, grammers fix, and new ending.
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