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In the a galaxies far far away, in a moon close to the planet,earth.The creatures,mondom,live their safe far away from a war.The mondon left earth because there were many wars in many planets,like the star war,tg war,female monster,and a crazy school called msf high.The people are normal size blue scale half man,half lizard people,but are not made to fight,so they left earth and find safey.The mondon made the moon have air,so some human who are friendy,can stay.One day,a dark portal came from the outside the leader mondon house,Greai.Greai and his people found a armor man with a ruined cape,at first,Greai want the being out,but Tim,a male human who were a green shirt and a jean, came and stop."Please,let him stay,he hurt and tired." "No,i senes something with him,something dark,beside he could be a killer." "Please,let me keep a eye on him,he will do no trouble." "Mmm...fine,it your responablity,so be carefull."For days,Tim keep loking a the sleep man,than his freind,Joe,the leader son,came to see the man."is he awake now." "Now,but he will be." "Ok,so how are you doing." "..." "Um,are you okay,you don't look okay."Tim Know that the mondon have lizard feature,like a tail,but look like human,even their face are human,but cover in scales.Tim have feeling with Joe,but he is a male human,and Joe is a male mondon,it won't go well.Suddendly,a Bounty Hunter,called Fliped, Whow were a cowboy hat and black clone soldier suit,with his 50 robots killers,burn down the leader house,and Fliped beat Greai."W..what do want from as,we did nothing wrong." "Ay,but you are hiding a power being here and i want his head."Greai know what he taking about,but he refuse."I do not know any being,we are the only people here." "I see,than..."One of his robot capture Joe and Flip put his laser gun at him."I will kill everyone in this moon,first this boy." "No,please,take me instead,let him go." "Thank,but no thank,I alway the parent childern first.So tell me,where is he."Suddendly,Tin hit him with a wooden sword,than Joe hit the robot head and run.Fliped,got mad,aim his gun at Tim and shoot him in the arm."NOOO,"Joe yelled.As Tim went out cold,Flip senes and powerful and dark feeling coming from the cave.Out from it came the armor man,with his hemit pointing at him."So,you come out at last.Now my favorite part is to kill you."Flip send 50 of his robot attack.In a second,all the robots were destory and smash into piece's,thw man didn't even move.Flip,felt fear,decide attack him with his blade and went crazy."DIE,you demon."Flip saw the man pull a strange weapon,and than when Flip pass him,the man say,"Begone."Than Flip burst and vanish,leaving only his cowboy hat.The man came to the dying Tim and seeing his wound.Joe came running to Tim and begin to cry."Why Time,why would do something crazy and end up killing yourself.""Because Joe,i..i yo.. you.I felt strange feeling and know it was weird,but now,i an sharing my feeling to you."Joe cry harder,the mondon cry,even Greai cry,and Tim close his eye.The man,suddendly put his claw-like hand on Tim and darkness cover him."Hey,What the hell are you doing to.."Joe want to hit him,but after seeing him at action,his body coundn't move.The darkness vanish and a female mondon was there.She began to move and stand up and front of everyone.The green shirt was almost about to slap off,her breast was a C cup,her but a little big,her legs were slinder and soft,so is her arm,her hair is red and long till it touch the middle of her back.Her body is cover in blue scale,she has a tail,claws,and sharp teeth,and a cute face,suddendly,Joe couldn't believe it but,"Tim is that you."Tim Look at his new body and felt a bit scared and embrass,"Y..yes,it me,"Her voice sound like a cute girly voice.At first,Tim and Joe were a bit weird out,But than began to hug Joe and Joe kiss her."Joe,can you call me Cyrical for now on." "Yes,and i love you." "I love you to."As everyone was happy,Greai and the man were alone,"Thank you,But why did you change him into a female mondon." "Because he wish to be." "I see,now what,where do you go now." "I will find a way."As the man open a portal,Greai say,"Before you leave,tell me,Who Are You!"The stranger ture,made a little laugh and say,"I AM DARTH DRAGO."Greai was surprize,then the man was gone.
In a battle ship,group of soldier waited line as a portal open and the stranger came ot."I lord Drago,we be worry about you,so what happen,are you ok." "Yes,i am ok,anything new." "I yes,we everything ready for the attack,so now what." " we wait,till the time is right."The stranger look out side his ship with over 100,000 battle ship with him.
Hello,Today you well meet a being with ultimat dark power and find out who he is.Beware,What you about to learn may blow your mind!Also,sorry about the first one,my bad.
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theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009  Student Digital Artist
ehm... is that a TG-War entry now, or not?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
Well...actually,it is.I love the tg war,and i fought i may join in.Also,tell me,What do you think about the love birds.
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009  Student Digital Artist
it's nice, I like it.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009
So anyone,what do you think of this unknown warrior and the love between Joe and Cyrical.
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