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Vergil VS Sephiroth by Darth-Drago

Ed: There are villains who possess such interesting hair color and style, while also being the greatest, badass swordsmen with long swords.

Igo: Vergil, son of Sparda and brother of Dante in Devil May Cry.

Ed: And Sephiroth, former SOLDIER 1st Class and the One-Winged Angel of FFVII.

Igo: I'm Igo and he Ed, and together we do our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Vergil Sparda
Height: 6.6 feet
Age: Late 20s
Species: Half Human, Half Demon
Occupation: Seeker of Power
Origin: Devil May Cry (2001)

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbtbbpl by Darth-Drago
- Survived being attacked by bloodthirsty demons
- Was chosen to receive Yamato from his father as a keepsake
- Gained experience with the Devil Trigger long before his brother
- Awakened the ancient tower Temen-ni-gru in the hopes of opening a gate to the demon realm
- Fought and killed a countless number of demons within the tower

- Defeated Dante in their first confrontation 
- Was on par with Dante at his peak in Devil Trigger
- Aided Dante in the defeat of Arkham, who had by this point gained demonic power of their father, Sparda
- Fought Dante for ownership of the Force Edge, though lost at the end
 -Subsequently fell to the demon world with his half of the Perfect Amulet and later on fought against Mundus in his weaken state
- As Nero Angelo, again fought and nearly defeated Dante, till he spotted his mother amulet and lost once more
- In the Devil May Cry 4, Vergil travel to Fortuna, Vergil sets out to investigate the Order of the Sword and their intentions, to which was way before Devil May Cry 3
- In a non-canon version, took participate in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

3141697 1239799262 31416 By Lightningpheonix-d9yq2 by Darth-Drago
-Iaido Sword Style
--Associated with the smooth and controlled movements
--Uses the sword and the scabbard
locks bullets and projectiles with his sword by... spinning it?
-Has sliced a travelling bullet from Dante's gun into 6 fragments
--And fired them all back

- Can slice through Dante
- Can likely block skyscraper size blows due to scaling to his brother
- Can pierce and cut through demons with no difficulty
- Can cut through statues
- Can send people flying with just Yamato's handle

- Can move and attack faster than eyesight
- Can keep up with Dante, and even outspeed him
- Created a dry area while dueling with Dante by slicing through all the raindrops around them 
- Effortlessly dodges bullets
- Can likely dodge lasers and lightning due to scaling to Dante
- While affected by Quicksilver, Vergil can still used warp attacks in DT mode (though still slow).
- Cut a bullet into 6 pieces
- Catches several bullets by spinning his blade
- Haz blitzed Arkham (who has blitzed Lady)
- Threw his cape into the air, and killed a horde of demons before
it could reach the ground
- Dodged a headbutt from Echidna

- Survived multiple sword stabs at a very young age
- Can take hits from Dante
- Fought Mundus even after being left in a weaken state from his battle with his brother at the end
- Can endure blows capable of bring down islands
- Frequently shrugs off brutal injuries
- Can't die of age or illness
- Has broken through demonic illusions that drive people insane
- Can gracefully land from a large collapsing mountain

22185918975100 By Lightningpheonix-d952dci by Darth-Drago
- Was trained from a young age
- Often depends on his Lightning fast speed
- Able to pull out multiple weapons in seconds to perform combo attacks
- Almost never makes a virtual mistake in battle
- Can obliterate a stuffed rabbit without harming the girl holding it
- Can decapitate demons in midair

- Calm, cool, and level headed 
- Much smarter than his brother
- Extremely skilled and honorable in the arts of his blade
- A large gallery of demonic knowledge
- Retained his skill even after being turned into a mindless slave for Mundus
- Completely fearless
- Doesn't care much for his surroundings


Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbuxkq6 by Darth-Drago
Dark Slayer Style:
- Vergil's style
- Allows him to level up his ability through dark power  
- Acts similarly to Dante's trickster style, allowing him to teleport rapidly to his will

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbtjzdb by Darth-Drago
Air Trick:
- By throwing a Summon Sword at an enemy, it allows Vergil to warp into any enemies that are stuck with a sword's.
Grim trick:
- By throwing a Summon Sword at certain perches or wall, can warp into that spot and leap over to reach new areas.
Trick Up/Down:
- Can warp really fast when going up or down.

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbv2hc6 by Darth-Drago
Healing Factor:
- Can heal him from brutal and painful attacks
- Recovered from beatdowns from Jester and a fatal blow from Dante
- Recovered from being sliced in half by Dante

- Despite regenerating from mortal wounds, it isn't infinite and eventually he will grow weaker the more damage he sustain and not be able to take a break from fight

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbtixqw by Darth-Drago
- Vergil's main weapon 
- Was once wielded by Sparda before being passed down to Vergil
- Was used to seal the path to the Demon World in Fortuna (was also used to unseal the path)
- A katana that wields so much magic energy, it can cut through nearly anything, even the fabric of space
- Has only ever been stopped by Dante's blade Rebellion
- Power weakens as it's user does
- Can bring out the true potential of it's user 
- Can easily cut a long distance forward and unleash powerful uppercuts

- Movesets:

Rapid-Slash-vergil-38398201-500-281 by Darth-Drago
Rapid Slash:
- Vergil dashes forward and slashes everything in his path

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbuxlb7 by Darth-Drago
Judgement Cut:
- Vergil's most iconic ability

- Cuts so fast opponents can't even see him unsheathed his blade as he creates a distortion in space and slashes all in his radius many times
- This attack can be performed multiple times in rapid succession (Dimension Slash)

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbtiz7i by Darth-Drago
- A pair of gauntlets and grieves taken from a Lightbeast of the same name
- Add to the user's speed and strength in CQC
- Can be charged for stronger blows
- At maximum charge, can defeat simple demons in one blow

- Starfall:
    +An aerial kick angled downward to damage the enemy from above.
- Lunar Phase:
    +A powerful revolving kick, finishing with a forceful heel kick.
- Rising Sun:
    +A launcher that consists of two kicks
- Beast Uppercut:
    +Vergil lunges forward and sends a devastating uppercut
- Kick 13:
    +Vergil locks on his opponent and unleashes a flurry of kicks

Force Edge  Da  Dmc4se By Lightningpheonix-d952cqr by Darth-Drago
Force Edge:
- Once wielded by Sparda, and has been used by Dante and Trish
- Has often been an objective for antagonists due to it's revered godlike power 
- Can be imbued in energy for increased power and to release blasts of energy, somewhat similar to Yamato
- Can slash repeatedly while running without halt
- Can produce more hits based on Vergil's concentration

- Stinger:
    +Vergil  dashes forward and stabs
- Million Stabs:
    +A blinding whirlwind of stabs
- Drive:
    +Releases a powerful shockwave, can be chained into Overdrive
- Round Trip:
    +Hurl the Force Edge at a locked on enemy. You are limited to Yamato attacks while Force Edge is out of your hands.

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbtj0ke by Darth-Drago

Summoned Swords:
- Blades that magically generate around Vergil and act as his replacement for firearms
- Appear around Vergil to shoot forward (sometimes in large amounts to be fired all at once when Vergil needs)

- Spiral Swords:
   +Creates swords that surrounds Vergil, acting as a shield 
- Blistering Swords: 
   +Vergil creates swords that surround an enemy then attack all at once
- Heavy Rain Swords:
   +Creates a deadly rainfall of Summoned Swords above your enemy's head

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbtk3if by Darth-Drago
Concentration Gauge:
- Consists of three levels, each increasing his power
- Increases by walking, standing still, and successful attacks
- Lost by taking damage, running past enemies, unsuccessful attacks, and most of all by running past enemies using Speed
- Once filled, he gains access to one of his powerful attack.

Special Attacks:
Judgement-Cut-End-vergil-38398204-500-281 by Darth-Drago
-Judgement Cut End:
   +Vergil disappears in a blink of an eye leaving pillars of light to come out and break, damaging anything caught within the radius.
Umvc3 Vergil SS2 by Darth-Drago
-Dark Angel:
   +Vergil slashes the opponent various times, while creating floating blue swords and turns his back as he returns to human form and has the swords come down on the opponent.

Enhanced Forms
Yamato  V Dt  Dmc4se By Lightningpheonix-d93f8zs by Darth-Drago

Devil Trigger:
- A form shared between him and his brother (though Vergil is much more experienced with it)
- The devil half of him takes full control over his body
- Is powered through a pendant he carries
- Creates a doppelganger to fight alongside him. Vergil can delay this doppelganger's movements, as well as force it into a different type of novelist (Vergil's, standard, Angel, Demon)
- Also enhances his strength, speed, and regeneration

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbv40de by Darth-Drago
Nelo Angelo (Corrupted Vergil):
- Vergil is infused with a demonic suit of armor, forcing him to become a servant of the demon Mundus
- Wields a black zweihänder over Yamato
- Wields electric gauntlets and grieves 
- Gains the ability to shoot demonic fire from his fists
- Uses much stronger version of Dante's attacks, as well as his own

Untitled By Callmeknuckles-dbv5aj1 by Darth-Drago
- Extremely arrogant and overconfident
- Takes extreme mental damage when witnessing memories of his past
- Refuses to break his code of honor, which can be an obstacle for him
- Devil Trigger runs on a time limit
- Healing Factor is far from unlimited
- Abilities weaken as he takes damage
- DmC

Age: 27 by "Final Fantasy VII"
Height: 6' 1"
Occupation: SOLDIER First Class (former)
Voice: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese dub) George Newbern (English dub)
Sephiroth by Darth-Drago

-As SOLIDER 1st Class, he was publicly proclaimed a war hero by the Shinra Power company, to which everyone in the SOLIDER Program h
ailed him to be the strongest of SOLDIER
-Could stand his ground easily against other 1st Class SOLDIERs like Angeal and Genesis
-Was such a great solider, even Cloud Strife, the man who defeated Sephiroth, was inspired to join SOLDIER because of him
-Even mentored Zack Fair
-In the moment that he discover about his 'mother' and believe that he was destined to rule over the world, started his journey toward madness by burning
down the town of Nibelheim.
-Fought against Zack and beat him, only to then be stabbed by Cloud in a sneak attack, yet still fought against Cloud and stab him as well
-When fallen into the Lifestream by Cloud, he was able to not get absorbed within it, through his sheer willpower and hatred for Cloud
-Killed the President of the Shinra Corporation and almost everyone else inside the building just to get to him
-In the most iconic moment of Final Fantasy VII, killed Aerith, the last of the Cetri and only one who had enough strength to put him down for good
-When Aerith was still able to finish the spell even in death, Sephiroth quickly held back the spell Holy for a few weeks
-Despite being brought down by Cloud, managed to send an asteroid hurdling towards the planet to wipe out all life on it (which failed, but give him credit for trying)
-Through remnants of Jenova, resurrected himself and fought Cloud, nearly winning until he was defeated
-In the Kingdom Hearts series, Sephiroth fought against the main character "Sora" twice (I & II)
-In the world of Dissidia, was the one who was providing constant information to the Warriors of Chaos and helping them gain the edge in the war, by committing suicide multiple times and retaining his memories of previous cycles
-Quite possibly the most well-known villain in Final Fantasy



Crisis Core Masamune By Nathanthemanthemhfan-dbjod by Darth-Drago
-Based of the Odachi weapon, a two-handed Japanese weapon carried by foot soldiers to cut through calvary troops. Wearing it marked the owner as a strong and skilled warrior to be able to carry it.
     +Sephiroth carries it with just one hand.
     +While the official length is up for debate, the weapon is usually described to be 7 feet in length
-Six Materia slots

-255 Hit Rate and 99 Attack Power
-100% chance of critical hit
-Despite it's length and thin appearance, is strong and accurate enough to cut through metal and concrete structures like butter

FF7 Gold armlet by Darth-Drago

-Defense capability of 46
-Magic defense capability of 28
-Holds two slots for Materia

FF7 Touph ring by Darth-Drago

-Adds +50 to Vitality and Spirit
     +Vitality reduces physical damage taken
     +Spirit determines magic defensive stats


D48c94a1270873cec6eccb451143b36f by Darth-Drago
-FFVII's magic selection process balls
-Sephiroth has the following Materia mastered:
          =Responsible for spells Raise/Life and Arise/Life2
          =Responsible for Cure spells (Cure, Cura, Curaga and Regen)
          =Responsible for spells Quake, Quakra and Quaga
          =Can be paired up with All, Fire and Ice Materia for attacks.
          =Responsible for Multi-Target spells
          =Responsible for spells like Fire, Fira and Firaga
          =Responsible for spells like Blizzard, Blizzara, and Blizzaga
          =Responsible for spells like Thunder, Thundara and Thundaga
          =Can be paired up with Materia All.
          =Ultimate Destructive magic, at the cost of taking up charge time and a lot of power
          =Summons a giant meteor to destroy Gaia

- Magic: Due to being submerged for extended periods in the Lifestream, Sephiroth managed to absorb large amounts of it into his body. As a result, Sephiroth is capable of using magic without the use of materia. He can use this for a variety of effects including elemental manipulation, flight, levitation, illusion casting and can summon his sword Masamune at will. Prior to this, Sephiroth also had access to virtually every Materia in the world due to his connections as a First-Class SOLDIER, allowing him to utilize spells such as:
  • Stop: Freezes time around his opponent, leaving them helpless.
  • Break: Inflicts Earth-elemental damage and may petrify the target, killing it instantly.
  • Reflect: Erects a continuous forcefield that causes all magic casted against Sephiroth to be returned to the caster.
  • Wall: Erects a forcefield that greatly increases Sephiroth's resistance to physical and magical attacks.
  • Silence: Silences the target and renders them unable to speak, making it impossible to cast verbal magic or other abilities involving or requiring the use of the voice.
  • Toad: Transmutes the the target into a common toad, rendering them virtually powerless.
  • Final Attack: Sephiroth is able to use one ability even after being killed.
  • Arise: Fully resurrects a fallen target, restoring them to peak fighting strength.
  • Death Sentence: Sephiroth curses the target, causing them to die sixty seconds after being cursed, but this time can be shortened if time is dilated around them.
  • Haste: Sephiroth speeds up time around himself to increase his effective combat and movement speed.
  • Slow: Sephiroth slows down time around his opponents, reducing their effective combat and movement speed.
  • Magic Breath: Sephiroth unleashes a storm of fire, lightning, and ice magic that ignores all attack reflection abilities.
  • Pandora's Box: Sephiroth blasts his target with the energies from the infamous box, ignoring all defenses.
  • Death Force: Sephiroth renders himself immune to instant-death abilities.
  • Death: Sephiroth instantly kills his target.

    Sephiroth's stats by Darth-Drago
    - 8216 - 8773 HP (Hit Points)
- 859 - 915 MP (Magic Points)
- 85 - 85 Strength (Physical Attack)
- 65 - 65 Dexterity (Speed)
- 74 - 81 Vitality (Physical Defense)
- 89 - 96 Magic (Magical Attack)
- 93 - 100 Spirit (Magical Defense)
- 46 - 46 Luck (Leprechauniness (actually critical hit rate))
- Overall high stats compared to Party

Cloud faces sephiroth dissidia by Darth-Drago
-Master of manipulation; can goad enemies into rushing or attacking him
-Skilled Swordsman; again, can carry a 7 foot Odachi sword, you'd have to be
     +could hold his own against other 1st-Class SOLDIERS like Genesis and Angeal by himself
     +traded blows with Zack Fair and Cloud Strife
-Strong enough to cut through buildings
     +After absorbing Jenova cells, was almost strong enough to cut through a planet
     +yet strangely can't cut through buster swords
     +probable reason for this are the blades are infused with Materia, a ball of energy produced by the lifestream from the planet.
-Super-Speed (described as Mach 10,000 but this is inconsistent)
     +So fast, he almost appears to be teleporting
     +rather inconsistent and this may be tied to the amount of mana and black materia he has available 
-Superhuman endurance
     +Seeing as he planned to drop an asteroid on the planet Earth, pretty sure he could survive that
-Manipulation over gravity
     +hence what gives him the appearance of flight
     +cause let's be honest, one wing cannot provide the amount of force required to get yourself up into the air (well not with that attitude!)

Remnantbirth by Darth-Drago
- Immortality:
   +After the death of his physical body, Sephiroth's immersion in the Lifestream and assimilation of Jenova enables his will to persist. Through his control over Jenova's cells he can construct avatars in his likeness, as well as other eldritch entities; this enables him to have a physical presence in the world of the living and attain a sort of immortality. By extension, he can remotely control Jenova cells inside living organisms. If a human has a sufficiently high concentration of Jenova cells in their body, Sephiroth can control their thoughts and actions, and in severe cases can outright puppeteer their bodies. His ability to project his will through these avatars and puppets is limited, but is compounded by the subject's willpower (or lack thereof), and intensifies over shorter distances, being strongest at the Northern Crater (the site of his physical body).
   +He also created physical manifestation of himself in the form of three individuals, known as the Remnants of Sephiroth (Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo). The remnants are each a fragment of his will and personality; Kadaj is the representation of Sephiroth's hatred and rage and serves as the leader. Loz is the manifestation of Sephiroth's physical strength and speed. Yazoo represents Sephiroth's charisma and aloof demeanor. Each possess different kind of weapons, method of fighting and abilities, though not one of them are as strong then Sephiroth himself. All three were given the purpose to search for the remaining parts of Jenova so that Sephiroth may be fully reborn. When Kadaj absorbs Jenova's remains into his body, it allowed Sephiroth to take control of his body and reshape it into his own image (appearing in Reunion mode).

Maxresdefault by Darth-Drago
-Flash (in the blink of an eye, jumps from one end of the arena to the other, landing fast and strong attacks. Can be blocked as Sora demonstrated)
-Omnislash (flies around the arena swinging his long sword wildly at anyone foolish enough to get in his way)
-Stigma (Creates several large pillars of fire that suck the player towards him)
-Shadow Flares (creates balls of darkness that surround the player that home in on them)
-Super Nova (summons several meteors from the sky to land on Sora and explode on impact)
-Heartless Angel (flies into the air and drops the adversary's health down to 1, can be stopped if hit fast enough)

Untitled By Night The Hedgehog7-damtvjd by Darth-Drago
- Draw Slash
     +A brief charge followed by a slash with projectile
     +Will miss if opponent is far enough away
- Summon
     +Summons four crystals: Fire Materia, Blizzard Materia, Thunder Materia, and Support Materia, each which attack of their own accord and cast corresponding magic
- Heartless Angel
     +Charges up, then reduces opponent's HP to 1

Dff Reaper By Nathanthemanthemhfan-dbjoepf by Darth-Drago
- Reaper
     +A flurry of slashes faster than the eye can see
Untitled by Darth-Drago
- Transcience:
     +A single, short-ranged slash that hits multiple times before blasting the opponent away
Untitled 02 by Darth-Drago
- Fervent Blow:
     +Fires off multiple blade beams with a swing of the Masamune

Untitled 03 by Darth-Drago
- Sudden Cruelty
     +In midair, strikes opponent twice, knocking them away
Dff Shadow Flare By Nathanthemanthemhfan-dbjoenb by Darth-Drago
- Shadow Flare
     +Summons four orbs of darkness to surround opponent and attack them
     +Easily dodged
Untitled 04 by Darth-Drago
- Oblivion
     +In midair, strikes opponent with a multitude of slashes faster than the eye can see
Untitled 05 by Darth-Drago
- Godspeed
     +Slashes the air several times and releases energy waves
     +Followed up by lunging slash
DFF Octaslash by Darth-Drago
- Octaslash
     +Eight chained slashes
Untitled 06 by Darth-Drago
- Scintilla
     +Defends, then attacks with a flurry of slashes faster than the eye can track
Untitled 09 by Darth-Drago
- Hell's Gate
     +An aerial downward strike
     +Chargeable and creates massive impact if hits ground
Untitled 010 by Darth-Drago
- Heaven's Light
     +Aerial skyward slash infused with light
     +In essence, the opposite of Hell's Gate
DFF Black Materia2 by Darth-Drago
- Black Materia:
   +Sephiroth will charge energy and summon a meteor to hit opponents.
   +Uncharged, the meteor is flung from above Sephiroth very quickly, but has short range.
   +Fully charged, the meteor descends from above the opponent slowly, pushing them downwards and exploding upon contact with the ground.

Untitled 017 by Darth-Drago
- Heartless Angel
     +Can only be used during Reunion Mode
     +Drops opponent's Bravery (attack power) to 1
     +Requires time to charge
D012 EX - Supernova by Darth-Drago
- Supernova
     +Dissidia EX Burst version of Supernova
     +Throws the enemy into the sun, to which then explode into Supernova


Untitled 012 by Darth-Drago
-Sephiroth's first form, each body part acts upon it's own will to attack
     +The left limb absorbs Fire and Earth magic
     +The right limb absorbs Ice and Lightning magic
     +The Core is immune to all attacks until the limbs are defeated, Core also heals the Torso
-While his limbs can use powerful magic, they have low HP
     +Stigma - poisons enemies
     +Sephiroth Shock - slows enemies down, very painfully
     +Bizzaro Energy - heals the body by 6,000
     +Heartless Angel -  Inflicts damage equal to the target's current HP minus 1 on all opponents.
     +Bolt - A bolt of lightning
     +Ice - Ice magic
     +Quake - earthquake magic
     +Fire - shoots out a fireball on enemies

Untitled 013 by Darth-Drago
-Sephiroth's final form as well as his most deadly
-This form is where the famed "One Winged Angel" song originated from
-Can fly, thus leaving melee or short-range attacks off the table to defeat him
-Each of his attacks can either KO you or leave status effects
     +Wall - creates a protective barrier around the user
     +DeSpell - removes positive status enhancements from the party, not always guaranteed to work
     +Deen - basically just bitch-slaps the player with his wings
     +Pale Horse - Turns enemies into animals, like frogs
     +Break - Causes paralysis by dropping a giant rock on your head. Has a chance of missing
     +Shadow Flare - attacks with orbs made of darkness
     +Heartless Angel: Reduces the foe’s health to 1
Untitled 014 by Darth-Drago

       +Sephiroth’s EX Mode in Dissidia
       +Accessed this form near the end of his duel with Cloud in Advent Children Complete
       +Said to be much more powerful than he was years prior, and can assess to Supernova
       +Gains a singular black wing to aid in flight


     +Super Nova - As an ultimate, attack, Sephiroth summon a large meteor far from the Milky Way Galaxy that goes on the collision to the sun, to which cause the sun to explosion and destroy few planets before envelopes the planet Earth and burns all who stand in it's pathway (possibly even have the power to destroy the Earth itself)
     --Super Nova inflicts massive damage and status effects, but cannot actually kill a target as it does Gravity-based damage reducing the player's HP by 15/16th of their current HP, and may cause Confuse, Silence, and Slow. The attack can be used more than once by Safer∙Sephiroth and accompanies every use of the move Pale Horse. In the same way, it proven to be not an illusion, as it instead a Gravity-based attack (forcing a meteor to hit the sun).

Untitled 015 by Darth-Drago
     +Meteor (summons a large meteor from space to slam down on the planet, requires prep time)
Sephiroth Octaslash O By Nathanthemanthemhfan-dbjo by Darth-Drago
     +Octaslash (delivers eight fast and devastating attacks to his victim)
Untitled 011 by Darth-Drago
     +Heartless Angel (reduces the Party's HP to 1, but takes time to charge)

Untitled 016 by Darth-Drago
-Despite his calm demeanor, he is completely insane
-Super Arrogant
-Despite his durability, a large buster sword is enough to put him down
-Omnislash is the one attack he can't defend himself from
-Also, like all other Final Fantasy characters, his magic is limited to his mana and Materia use
     +Then again, Square Enix claimed Sephiroth "wasn't fighting to his full potential"

These two are about to show who has the best hair styles and skill as a swordsman, even if the world come to an end. Sephiroth vs Vergil.

The Sephiroth Bio belong to :iconvolts48:, and the Vergil Bio belong to :iconcallmeknuckles:, so please visit their accounts.

Also, yes I already know that this fight is official in ScrewAttack and I am only making this prelude to showcase all the information's I can find about these two fighters (along with the stuff done by the two mention accounts). To be honest, odds are that both will end up kill each other and destroying the world, to which result into Double KO. Or, by what I have compare between the two carefully, maybe Sephiroth might be able to win (despite two defeat from other FF7 characters, along with Vergil Healing Factor and the rain feat with Dante), but then again any other information's or details that I don't know could change the outcome of the fight. We can only wait and see, while also hope DB doesn't skim over or ignore any feats from both sides.

One last thing; :iconcallmeknuckles: is also doing his own version Sephiroth vs Vergil prelude and the fight, so go to his account and wait till he publish it. He will try to finish it before DB version, so be patient till than.

- Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7.
- Vergil Sparda from Devil May Cry.
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didnt he need to be in the lifestream for that?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
Well, chances are DB are going with him already been submerge/absorb within the lifestream, not back to how he was in Crisis Core. As to why he out in the world and not stuck within a giant crystal with only the upper torso of his body...Well how am I suppose to know? It Death Battle, they can make up how the two are meant in a way that well be a bit more realistic or not. It just more understandable and interesting when both fighters are at their best. We just have to wait for the previews to at least give us the grasp of what DB had analyses and such. 
ragazz Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
well, seph's preview didnt say anything
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
True, saw it too. Afraid we will have to wait for the official fight to come out and see if you has his forms or not.
ragazz Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
yeah, we will have to.
my point is that seph starting a fight in the livestream would be the same as captain america starting a fight with thor's hammer.
sure, characters should be ''at their best'', but that shouldnt be misinterpreted.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
I can see your point. But still, I still have no idea where the fight take place.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017
Vergil has unlimited energy!
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2017
Do you mean stamina or the amount of power he has to heal himself easily? Though he can make infinite swords, he doesn't possess infinite power to heal himself over and over again, as prove from his battles through the DMC 3 game. His healing ability is finite and it take only overwhelming damages to weaken his state. Devil Trigger does make him stronger, faster and regen more easily, but it doesn't last long like Dante.

I can understand that he has advantage in versatility (number of weapons and methods to used them), healing and speed (including Judgment Cut that slice through anything in insane speed). But Sephrioth has advantage in experience, skills/magic, transformations and power. And the biggest question, along with whether Sephiroth can transform or not, is if Vergil can survive a Supernova impact? 

Maybe Vergil has a chance to slices a Meteor (though dozens of smaller rocks will cause some damage to the earth), there is no way to hide or avoid the heat of a Supernova that will evaporate everything on Earth. The heat from the surface of the sun is over 3,600,000 Fahrenheit, while even the core is about 28 million F. The only thing that is the hottest on Earth is molten lava, which is only about 2,200 F, while within the Earth Core is over 10,000 F. So you can understand that even Vergil Regen will not be fast enough to heal his whole body burned away in minutes. I don't think it even possible to try to slice a Supernova, as the reach of Vergil Judgment Cut is only about few dozen meter, though adding Dante used of the sword, about seven hundred meters. Yet still it won't be like slice a Hell Gate, as the Supernova would look like overtaking the sky itself and be too huge to slice or how far the Supernova blast be.

However, if SA chose to only give Sephiroth the Meteor attack and make up some way to explain how Sephiroth can't used Supernova in DB, then I will just be very disappointed and feel silly just explain such detail about his powers on this comment. Hell, it maybe possible that both will die, but I just guessing now. All we can do is wait and see how SC does their work on the fighters.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017
I doubt SA will use anything from Kingdom Hearts and just stick to the canon, do you agree?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017
Yeah, I agree with you. While I do love Kingdom Heart, most of his attacks were not canon, including the Supernova. Perhaps only Heartless Angel was canon.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017
DB tends to stick to mainstream canon, don't they?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
Yeah, though they also did add some factors from Dissidia to both Cloud and Tifa for their moves, so will be the same for Sephiroth (cause some of his moves were cool). 
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
Dissidia is canon, isn't it?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
To be honest, I have no idea.
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METADANE Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017

Better Swordsman and Regen.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017
In a sense you are right, regarding his healing factor and his quick-draw skill that move inhumanly fast. Yet it become questionable if he can somehow survive a Supernova, that would could bring the end of all life of Earth or even destroy it (which also question if Sephiroth is evem allow to transform into his different forms). In honesty, I don't really see him surviving that attack, even if he has regen (which also prove that it isn't infinite and can wear him down to the point of defeat) or if he tries to cut it with his famous weapon (though the Supernova would be too huge to cut right through). But we will have to wait and see how SA analysis the fight.
METADANE Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
is that the next DB because i have not seen Spider 2099 vs Bat Beyond yet.  
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
Oh, you didn't watch the Spider Vs Bat part three fight? Well I say you better watch it for yourself. Also, yes this fight is the next DB fight to happen.
METADANE Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
What do you think will be part 4?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
Joker vs Green Goblin? Don't know and really don't care.
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