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Timmy was waiting for his friend,Boby,in the football field. Timmy was a bit nerdy and ugly to the cool teens. He and Boby were trying to get their stuuf back from the bully,but their stuff are in the cheerleaders room. They waited for the cheerleader to leave. "Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" "Yes,Boby,it the only way. Plus,we can look what in the cheerleaders room." When all of the cheerleader were gone,both sneak in and enter the room. Timmy seacrh for the switch,and when he did,the room was cover in red,and there was no mirror in it. "What kind of room dose those girl use. This place look like a vampire lair." While Boby look around,Timmy found their stuff under the chair,and both left the room. But then the cheerleader were waiting for them to come out. How dare you come to our home and took something that is not your." Boby was going to say something,but Timmy cut in. "Please,it was my idea. We wanted our stuff back. Please,don't get mad at Boby,he my only friend." Boby was shock,so did the cheerleader. The cheerleader talk to each other and made a decision. "Since you protect your friend and show kindness,me and the rest want to give you something." Then the leader teeth grow and little bat wibg appear on her back. Then she bite Timmy and drink some of his blood. Before Timmy can say something,his clothing change as his shirt became a red cheerleader uniform and his pant became a small,red skirt. Then bra and pantie appear under the clothing. Then he knee down and moan as his buut burst and grow,making his butt look big. Then his legs grow and became slender. Then his belly turn flappy and soft,while his skin became smooth. Then his arm grow and his hand shrank and became soft and gental. Then his face became a gril face,his hair grow till it reach his neck and the color became red. Then his eye grow and the color became red as well. Then a little bat wing grow and appear on his back. The his manhood turn into a virgina. Then he moan and rub his chest as it puff and began to grow. He kept moaning till his chest burst and became a breast,with D cups. Boby was shock,so was Timmy. Then the cheerleader pick her up. "Now you are one of us. Your name will be Trishel." Trishel(Timmy) turn to Boby and began feeling hot on over her body. "Boby i feel...i feel..." Then she run to him and kiss him on the lip. "I love you." Boby was shock. Was it those girl curse,or gift. Be he didn't care,he finally found his girlfriend,and it was his best friend.
This is another love story,and it a different bat girl. Hope you like it.
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Goldendashing Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
Spelling and grammar. That's what you need to work on
Jyroscopic Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's a good story but I would like a point out a few things. First off, you need to reread the story multiple times. The grammar errors are more than a few and it would also help if you spaced it out more. It would help with the flow of the story
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool story
Klopp93 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
I'm sorry, but you need to work on your spelling and sentence structure.
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Not bad.
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