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Stan (16 years old, brown hair and eyes) was at his apartment, putting stocky on the fire place, cleaning his room, and putting the star on the Christmas tree. Soon, he put milk and cookie on a plate and a thank you note next to it, but then came a crashing noise from his door, and from the door, Stan friend, Ethan walk in the room, to see Christmas stuff all around the room.

"Woo man, are you taking this Christmas stuff a bit too much?"

"No way, I just try to make everything go well and perfect this year. I hope Santa got get here and eat the cookie I made."

"Dude, I think there is a problem with you."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well one, you are crazy with this Christmas thing. Second, you do realize that you are 16 years old, goes to high school, and you are a junior. And more importantly… THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS!!"

"What, that is not true, there is a Santa, and I will prove it."

"You were saying that every Christmas years, and you fail every time. Why don't you just give up and smell the coffee."

"No way, I will never give up!"

"-sign- Fine, but every since you try to show prove of Santa Claus, every girl think you are crazy. Sooner or later, you will be 40 years old, and you will never get a girl with the way you are doing."

Then Ethan left the room, leaving the room with his pity of his friend. Stan squeezes his fist, his face was in rage and in that moment, he throws a crystal ball to the door in rage.

"What does he think he is, I know there is a Santa, and I will prove it."

Four hours has pass, and it was dawn alright. Stan was wearing a black tuxedo with black pants and a bow around his neck. Stan look at the paper on his fridge, saying tonight was the Christmas party, and Santa would be here till midnight, so Stan can go to the party and return before Santa would come to his house. The party was three mile away from here, and his plan will not fail.

"Alright, this time, I will find a girl and get proof that Santa is real on in one night. But first, I need to bring a camera, just in case if Santa is leaving my apartment."

As he put his mini-camera in his pocket, there was a huge thump coming from outside, Stan think it was Santa, but he was too early, so who or what was it that made that thump sound, he said to himself. As he reach to the door, chills went to his spin, and an eerie aura is coming from outside, but he made his decision and open the door, only to find no one outside.

"Hello, is someone out there? Please, show yourself, there nothing to be afraid of, so where are you?"

But as Steve step outside, a drop of snow landed on his shoulder, and turn his head to the roof, where there is a huge snow ball as big as a car was atop of him. Steve tries to run, but it was too late, as the snowball fall off the roof and landed at him. As Steve try to dig his way out, he hears a voice coming outside the snowball, but he couldn't tell who voice is it. After the voice is gone, Steve finally got out from the snowball, with the attacker gone and no where insight.

"Now who was that and why would he/she attack me?"

But as he thinks of the person and removing some of the snow in his pants, his watch began to glow and the time was 7:45.

"Oh no, all this snowball thing had distracted me, and now I am going to be late for the party. I better get there fast, or else all the food will be gone."

Steve soon began running and marching his way to school, but what he didn't know, that Ethan, his friend, was behind his house, then he began to laugh. Ethan soon took out a spray can, shank it, and then spray the whole house with red spray. After he was done, he looks at his work, the words say "Merry f**king Christmas, Santa baby!"

"Ha, this is going to be very good and funny. Once he reaches the school that is when I lay my final trap. Now I know what I am doing is wrong, and it is Christmas, but I am trying to teach Steve a lesson and fact, that there is no such thing as…"

"Santa Claus, is that what you were going to say?"

Ethan jump in surprise and turn his face to the old man who wears an old red shirt with holes, a green pants with scratch on it. His hairs are white, his eye is blue, and his beard was long till it was on his big belly. Soon Ethan face change from shock to a grin, and he walk up to the old man.

"Hey, who are you, and why are you spying on me? You think you can mess with me?!"

"Well, my name is not important, and I was just walking around the street when I heard you saying about teaching someone a lesson."

"Yeah, that right. My friend is about 16 years old, and yet he still believes there is a Santa Claus. If he isn't going to face the fact, then I will make a trap that is so bad, that he will soon stop believing about Santa Claus for a long time."

"Now, that is just cruel and naughty, and you call yourself Steve friend. You can't stop people who believe about something in their life, no matter how cruel and painful people try to make them stop believing."

"Oh yeah, we see about… Hey wait, how did you know my friend name?"

"Well, I good at guessing stuff. By the way, since today is Christmas Eve, I like to give you an early Christmas gift, here."

The old man reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small, white present with long, pink ribbon on it and he gave it to Ethan on his hand. Ethan look at the small present, then look at the old man, but before he knows, the old man was gone. Ethan was a bit surprise, but shack his head and decide to go to the party, to see how his plan is going. Two hours has pas in the Christmas party, there were games, foods, and even a radio station with a rapper in it. The music was Christmas song, but mix with rap, while the rest were normal. Steve was sitting down near a table, while everyone else is dancing around on the dance floor. Ethan soon found Steve, look at his watch, and rub his hand together in an evil way.

"Okay, it shows time. Come on in."

Soon, a young girl wearing a red gowned, with black shoe, and a silver wristband on her right hand. Her hair was black, her eye was blue, and her lips were dark red. Ethan talks to the girl quietly, so no one can hear them, and then he gave her a 100$ dollar bill, and put it in her hands. The girl nodded and walks up to Steve table. Steve was thinking how is Santa Claus is coming to his house, but then he stop daydreaming, as a black hair girl was standing near him with a smile on.

"Um, is there something you need, miss?"



"I want you, to come with me to the dance floor."

"Wait, do you mean you want me to…dance with you?"

"Well yes, why else will I come here? Now, let go, this is my favorite song."

"Um, okay let go."

Both Steve and the girl walk down to the center of the dance, and so they began to dance. Ethan, who was behind a group of people near the food table, was about to finish his trap. He look at the two dancers, then look up at the ceiling and up there was a pile of snow up there, behind held by the huge lamp. Ethan plan start with Steve dancing around, and when he is standing on the center, Ethan will cut the rope, causing the snow to fall on him, then a flag will fall on it, saying he believe in Santa and has collect of baby toys. When that happens, people will soon laugh at him, and no girl will ever date him, and Steve will run off the door, crying and never doing Christmas again.

"Oh boy, this is going to be good."

Meanwhile, Steve and the girl were still dancing around the dance floor (in cease your wondering, Steve is a bad dancer, he only learn the robot). As they were getting closer to the spot of Ethan trap, the girl began to shack till she pushes Steve away from her.

"Uh…What is it, did I do something wrong?"

"No, it just…this is wrong! You have to get away from here, now!"

Then the girl ran away, leaving Steve confuse. Ethan worry that his plan has failed, but Steve was still standing, and he was on the spot, Ethan plan is not finish yet.

"Okay, here it goes."

Ethan than bring out a knife and was about to cut the rope, but the old man words ring through his head. Ethan was wondering if everything he has done to his friend was for the great of good. Ethan can image Steve hurt from the inside, being alone, with nothing to do in Christmas, and being hate and laugh by people. Ethan doesn't want Steve to lived that life, but he was about to do it. Ethan put the knife away and left the party, but Steve notice him and decide to follow him. Soon, it was 11:50, and Ethan open Steve door and enter his house, while Steve follow him and enter his house.  Ethan soon enters and walks up to the tree, thinking how cruel and bad he was to Christmas and Steve.

'All this time it was I who was ruining Steve life, not Santa. What will Steve think of me when he find out it was me who being placing traps and writing horrible signs on his house?' Ethan said, thinking to himself, with depression and sadness. But Steve enters the living room, seeing Ethan there, and surprises him while he was still thinking.

"Ethan, what on earth would you knock down my door, and why is there a sigh saying 'Merry F**king' on my house?!"

"-Sign-I guess you have the right to know." Ethan answer, with regrets on his words.

Ethan explain everything, about the snow pile on his roof, the sigh on his house, the girl, the snow pile on the ceiling, and why he did it all. After that, Steve faces turn from normal to red and in rage.

"Why the hell would you do this to me?! I thought you were my best friend, but now… You have been tormenting all because I believe in Santa Claus?!"

"I was doing this for you, what is good for you."

"And this is your idea, to make my life a living hell?"

"Well at first yes, but now I know that this is not the way and I shouldn't ruined your life. I understand you never want to see me again."

Steve took a minute to think about that, one eye was looking at Ethan with anger; the other was closed, to think what to do. After a minute had pass, Steve reach his hand to Ethan and shack it, putting a smile on his face.

"It okay, I forgive you."


"I am mad for what you did, but it is Christmas, the time to forgive people and shack hands to joy this Christmas day. Also, you are my friend and you were worry about me, so there is no hard feeling."

"Thanks Steve, but somehow, I want to do something nice to you, for everything I had done to you."

But then Ethan remember the gift the old man had gave him, and then Ethan reach down his pocket and pull out a small, white present with long pink ribbon on his hand and show it to Steve.

"Here Steve, I want to give you this."

"Woo Ethan, thanks."

As Steve was about to grab the present, the present began to glow and the pink ribbon began to grow. The ribbon cover Ethan in it, and then a great light appear, and blinded the whole room. After that, Steve was able to see, but to his surprise, a young 17 year old girl, with long, blond hair and light blue eye. Her skin was soft as snow, her curves were amazing and her breast was C-cups size. Her legs were slender, while her arm was thin and her hands were small and fragile. She was wearing small red shoe, white pantyhose, and her skirt was red, but was too small (can see her panties). Her small coat was red with white fur, her arm were coving in sleeves, while small ribbons were on her arms and a ring on her middle figure. She had to small bells tie on her hair and a big bell around her neck. Then a red hat with a small white fur ball on the top of the hat appears on the girl. The girl began to look around her body and let out a young, girly scream in shock.

"Wha…what hap…Happen to me? How did I become a girl?"

"I don't know, but I have to guess it was that present you got."

"Yeah, but it was that present, that mean that old man was…Santa Claus!"

"Whoa, Santa really does exist after all."

Steve was jumping around the room, happy and enjoy, because he had found proof of Santa existence. But as he was going to show his joy to Ethan, Steve suddenly felt sad and regretful, because Ethan is a girl and she has loss everything she used to be. She walks to the corner of the wall, trying to hide her tears, but Steve saw them and felt guilty. Steve soon up to her, sit right next to her, then place his arm around her, held her in his chest, and look deep to her eye as she was still crying.

"Maybe Santa turn me into this becaus I was cruel and naughty. Maybe this is my puinshment."

"No, you are wrong Ethan! Maybe Santa did this because he wants us to start a new life."

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"Well, all I want for Christmas is to find that special girl, while you just want me to do well and have a happy life. And you know, I think I found that special girl, and she was my best friend. But I didn't want to force you, so I know you don't agree with this."

Ethan was so heart touch and felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart when she sees Steve face. She have never know how handsome and brave he look when he said those words, and suddenly, she realize that she was in love with him

"Steve, I will be with you, and no matter what happens, I will be happy as long you and I are together."

As they kiss each other in love, a star that was so bright shine on them on Christmas day. Outside of the house, a group of reindeer with a big slide, and a man with a Santa suit fly up to the sky, saying to all "A good night!" Ho Ho Ho.

P.S.: If you are wondering what happen to the student and the snow ball on the ceiling, the snow fell down, coving everyone in it, and soon, everyone were sick on the next day.
This is a Christmas story, and this story is also tg and romance. This was my longest story so far, so i hope you like it.
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beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
First off, f*** love (I don't have a girlfriend) and secondly, Santa Is a BOSS!!!!!!!!!
screw santa!!! *kills him* HAHAHA
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*cry* so sweet...
NESWolf20 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
This a really cool and nice story
Weredeath1 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Its a very heartwarming story.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Thank, i am trying to make a love story on Christmas day.
TheDarkNeon Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww...Now THAT truly is what Christmas is about!!
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Thank, it took me a long time to make it and that a good plot.
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