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Saix Promotional Artwork KHD by Darth-Drago
Name: Saix
Role: Member of Organization XIII (formerly), Member of the True Organization XIII
Affliction: Organization XIII (formerly), True Organization XIII
Number: 7
Title: The Luna Diviner

Original: Isa
Gender: Male
Specie: Nobody
Age: Unknown

The Luna Diviner Sax 02 KHII by Darth-Drago

* Feats:
- When Isa lost his heart, his will was strong enough to create a Nobody, who later rename himself as Saix by adding the "X" in it.

- Along with his friend Axel (once Lea), join Organization XIII and became Rank Number VIII.
- Order Axel to hunt down and eliminate the traitors in Castle Oblivion.
- Gave out order to Roxas and Xion in 358/2 Days.
- Fought against Roxas when he attempts to leave Organization XIII.
- Got involve in Kingdom Hearts 2 later in the story, first appearing in Twilight Town.
- Was the second reminding member of the Organization XIII till he face Sora.
- Have become whole again and join Master Xehanort 13 of Darkness.

* Phyiscal Feats:
- Saïx is a powerful member of Organization XIII (next to Lexaeus), and a capable fighter.
- With just a swing of his claymore, he could create a gust that could blow enemies away.
- Has tremendous strength to carry his claymore with just one arm.

Claymore by Darth-Drago
* Lunatic: Saïx wields a massive blade known as a Claymore. His signature Claymore is known as Lunatic. Despite many dissimilarities to real claymores, Saïx does use a very large, two-handed bladed weapon. His Claymore is decorated with many additives that resemble the Nobody logo, in blues and yellows. When in normal form, Saïx attacks with powerful slashes and combos with the bladed edges.

* Abilities:

Berserker KHII by Darth-Drago
Has control of all lesser Nobodies, and even control the heartless.
- Has command on the Berserker Nobodies.

y3Kp92L by Darth-Drago
- Has the abilities to open a portal known as the "Corridor of Darkness", which travel into the Realm of Darkness and then can go to any worlds.

Speed Strike - Copy by Darth-Drago
- Saix can strike through his enemy at great speed, then hitting them again after stop moving.

Rush 01 - Copy by Darth-DragoRush 02 - Copy by Darth-Drago
- Saix strike through his enemy with great speed, and this time used multiply combos during this and finish with a final swing to send the enemy flying.

Moon Absorb - Copy by Darth-DragoRelease Berserk - Copy by Darth-Drago
279px-Sax (Berserk) KHII by Darth-Drago

* Berserk Mode:
- Although he appears calm and collected throughout when speaking, in battle he becomes a wild, dangerous opponent. He uses brute strength and his large Claymore to attack, but his true danger is his "Berserk" form, which uses the power of the moon.
- A "Berserk" gauge in the top of the screen measures how close he is to becoming berserk. When it fills, Saïx's Lunatic Claymore shifts shape and produces a white aura which serves as extra blades. Saïx himself grows bestial, with glowing eyes, manic hair, and bared fangs.
- The gauge will begin slowly emptying and once empty, he will revert to a calmer attack pattern, wherein the gauge begins filling again. 
- At times, Saïx will stand still and raise his arms to hasten the speed the Berserk Gauge fills. As Saïx grows weak, the Berserk Gauge fills at a much faster rate.
- While in this state, Saïx's attacks have a large range and high power.
- In addition, he is invulnerable to normal attacks and extremely resistant to magic attacks.

Normal Waves by Darth-Drago
- Saïx's strength and speed increase greatly, and he will rapidly slam his Claymore into the ground, producing shockwaves.

Weapon Toss by Darth-DragoShock Blast by Darth-Drago
Flame Slash 01 by Darth-DragoFlame Slash 02 by Darth-Drago
- When he swings or throws the Claymore, unleashing streams of energy when they impact.

Slam 01 by Darth-DragoSlam 02 by Darth-Drago
- Leap into the air and slam hard enough to make a shock wave.

Shock Wave by Darth-DragoFinal Wave by Darth-Drago
- Saix powerful attack, chasing his target while slamming the ground with his Claymore multiply times, also
unleashing streams of energy and leaping in the air to slam as well. It take few seconds till he make the last slam and then take a momentary break, only to then quickly return to the fight.

Berserk by Darth-Drago
- Saïx's Limit Break is called Berserk (ベルセルク, Beruseruku). Saïx's Normal Limit makes him to go into a Berserk state; he rushes across the field, dealing continuous, devastating damage to enemies that he comes down hitting with his claymore. When the attack button is pressed, he will jump and perform a stronger smashing attack. Each smashing attack is followed up by a shockwave. In Saïx Final Limit, He goes into an even more berserk stage; He comes down to attack even more often, and exerts a sphere of his strength straight from himself while in the air before coming down. The shockwaves that come after each attack also increase in range
-- In order to activate a Limit Break, Larxene must drop into a low amount of her HP, also known as the Alarm Zone. This area is marked as being yellow, as opposed to the rest of the green bar. After having dropped into the Alarm Zone, a small alarm will sound, along with the word "limit" flashing in yellow over the HP bar.

Death by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- The enemy can pick up any of the Claymores that Saïx releases, allowing them to knock Saïx out of his berserk state, as well as inflicting significant damage.
-- The Lunatics that Saïx throws disappear very quickly and the window to use Magna Storm after seizing one is shorter.

- Using guard while he attack will cause him to lose grip of his weapon, causing him to cease attacking for a while, as well as giving the enemy the opportunity to use the dropped claymore to harm Saix.

Moon by Darth-Drago

Saix is about to go Berserk on Death Battle!

- I do not own this character. Series: Kingdom Heart.

Please share some idea on who would face this character.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
What do you say to Zen-Aku (Power Rangers) vs Saix? It would be the battle of the moon elemental warriors who get their power from the moon and wield powerful blades powered by the moon's light. Both were born from someone exposed to dark magic (Merrick Baliton wearing the Wolf Mask and Isa being exposed to the Dark Keyblade). Both have teenage rivals (the Wild Force Power Rangers for Zen-Aku and the Keybearers for Saix). Both have assistance (Zen-Aku with his Dark Wild Zords which he can have shrink to his size and Saix with his Berserker Nobodies which share his attacks). An Org vs a Nobody. A wolf vs a man!

What do you think?
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