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Redryan was getting ready for Halloween night, for it is his favorite time of year's. But then someone knock on the door and Redryan run to it.

"Hello, who out there?"

But no one answer on the other side of the door, and when he open the door, there was no one there, only a pink ribbon on the floor.

"Uh, did someone left this? Are there anyone near by!?"

But again, there was no answer, and Redryan took the ribbon off the floor. As he went to his room, he look at his mirror, trying to put the ribbon on his chest.

"Mmm...this feel nice. And this ribbon fet just right. But i am not going to wear this pink ribbon on Halloween night."

As he try to remove the ribbon, the ribbon somehow fuse to his shirt, and then he saw eletricity surrended his ribbon. The the eletricity began to spread all over his body and his shirt began to get thin, and the color turn white, at the top it turn green. Then his jean turn green and began to fold up, and turn into a green skirt, only covering his 'thing'. Then a white glove appear on his arms and eletricity began to bounce of his hand and hit himself. Then three orbs appear, one at his waist, two on his hair, and a green ban surrended his neck. Then he moan as his 'thing' began to shrink, and he try grab it. As he try to hold it, he had a urge to rub it, and his hand move on it own and began to rub. He moan harder and the 'thing' began to get smaller as he keep rubbing, until it was gone, and then a lip appear on it. He had the urge to put his fingure in it, and when he did it, eletricity went through the lip and his whole began to act sexually and he moan louder. Then his hair grow long, and the two orbs made his hair to a pony tail, and the hair turn brown. Then his arms loss muscle and his legs began to loss hairs and became slender. Then his ass began to grow, his waist went inward, and his hip burst out. Then his face was shock by eletricity and his face became soft, and his whole body skin became smooth. Then his face turn round and his lip puff and became pink. Then his eye color became green. Then he had a strong urged to rub his chest, and as he kept rubbing his chest, he began to moan and lay on his knee. He voice began to grow higher and higher and became more as a girl voice. Then His chest was cover in eletricity and began to grow two molds. Then the molds began to rapaidly grow bigger and rounder till they are D-cups. After the change finally stop, she got up and look at the mirror. She look hot and sexy, and even made a sexy pose. Then she summon lighting on her hand and look at the window with a happy face on.

"Okay, time for Halloween time."

Then she left the room and run out her house, to go to a Halloween party and have a great time.
This is a Halloween story for:iconredryan2009:. hope you like it.
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ladykaltea Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is simply gorgeous. I love your style.
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job.
a1993 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
i remember seeing this pic somewhere on some tg site and i cant remember,
good story btw
redryan2009 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
excellent job good from beginning to end but there were a few grammar problems but excellent all the same
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