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Steve was watching one of his favorite show made from Japan 'Tenchi Muyo'. Steve love the character,even his favorite character,Ryo-Ohki. Though some think that Ryo-Ohki is the 'least' main character in the show,but to him,he respect to her. Even for her adult human form,her body is amazing and hot.
Then Luke came to see his friend and saw him watching tv.
"Hey man,when will you stop watching that show?"
"When ever a want to stop. I love this show.
"No! You only love Ryo-Ohki creature."
"She is not a creature! She is a cute girl who can change to a ship and a little cat-rabbit."
"Whatever man,if you love her,then you should become her,so you can barely speak."
"Find,maybe i will,and you have to watch as me as i live happy and you have no one to love,since your girlfriend break up with you."
Then Luke was silent and Steve felt awful saying about that.
"Luke,i am sor..."
"Don't talk! You are a sissy man,not a man-man. You should be dead if i wasn't there to protect you in the first place."
Then Luke left and Steve felt hurt. Sure Steve act like a girl,and true that Luke protect him from bullie's. But what he say to him hurt and wish maybe he was Ryo-Ohki and never see Luke again. Then he began to cry as he think how lonely Luke will be if he was gone,Luke had fail trying to find someone he truly love and dose not now if he should never see him again or not.
Then a light came to him and a man in armor,with metal claw and a strange aura around him.
"So,you wish you were Ryo-Ohki in adult human form. Then your wish is my command."
Then the man was gone and Steve felt hot. He remove his clothing,but he was still hot. Then brown fur grow all over his body,but the fur were very short and he canalmost see the visiable part of his body. Then He was burning up and his eye hurt so much he had to close them. He could not see,but he moan as the changes began to happen. He can feel his skin and fur are smooth,his hair had touch his back,and the fat went to his legs. Then he open his eye and saw his leg and became long and slender,his ears grow long and fuzze,and his eye were yellow. Then a red gem appear on his face and felt like his butt was grow. Then his waist slime down and his hip burst out. Then his cheast was growing to mold,and then the mold's became a C cups breast. The last change was his hair color:the sides were white and the middle was brown. Then his face change and became Ryo-Ohki face. Then steve ran to the mirror and was shock to see what on it.
"What! What happen to me,meom."
Then she cover her mouth,her voice was a girl voice and made a 'meom' sound in the end. Then she felt like to cry,she didn't really mean to be her. Then she run to the door went through it(since he has Ryo-Ohki abilitie). Then she fall and landed on something. When she look down,she was sitting on Luke,and she began to painic. What could she do now.
This is about Steve and the transformation into Ryo-Ohki. Hope you like it. This is part one.
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October 6, 2009
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