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Tohsaka rin by Darth-Drago
Name: Rin Tohsaka
Gender: Female
Age: 19 Years Old
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Species: Human
Role: Magus, Master

Fate-stay-night-unlimited-blade-works-episode-12-6 by Darth-Drago
* Feats:
- Rin belong to Tohsaka Family, who are a family of magus trained in the art of magecraft for generations, trying to obtain the Holy Grail.
-  After the end of Fate/Zero, Rin had became the next head of the Tohsaka Family, despite being at a young age, having to train and teach herself how to use magecraft,
- She was able to complete the summoning ritual to summon a Heroic Spirit and got Archer (Though she planned on getting a Saber Class).
- Involve in all three routes of Fate, along with other spin-offs and Fate/Kaleid.
- With Archer, fought against Lancer, while saving Shirou life.
- Tried to fight Shirou at school, till they were interrupt by Rider presence.
- In Fate Route, help Shirou and Saber against Berserker, at least take one of his life. Also help in the attempt to save Sakura from Caster with the help of Shirou.
- In UBW, Rin is the heroine of the route, helping Shirou fight against other Masters and Heroic Spirits.
- She fought against Caster with nothing by martial arts. and was close to killing her.
- She was able to be Saber Master (though Saber is still loyal to Shirou), later used her last command to destroy the Holy Grail.
- In Heaven Feel's Route, fought against her sister Sakura near the end of the route, but instead use love to free her.
- At the final loop of Hollow Ataraxia, Rin and Archer fought off an horde of shadow creatures on the Fuyuki Bridge to protect Shirou/ Avenger.
-  In Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, the parallel version of Rin along with Luviagelita help Illya and Miyu in the search to find the Seven Heroic Cards.

FateHollowAtaraxia094 by Darth-Drago
* Intelligent: A recognized genius in both magecraft and in school, Rin is one of the wisest characters in the series, restraining Shirou when his heroic tendencies get the better of him. She specializes in long-range combat, particularly the use of Gandrs, and is skilled in her family's specialty magecraft, the use of Jewels as single-shot Mystic Codes powerful enough to counter Caster'sA-Rank spells from the Age of Gods. She is also a skilled practitioner of Baji-Quan, allowing her to pummel Caster in close combat when utilized along with a basic Reinforcement spell and matching Luvia, an expert practitioner of Lancshire-style combat, in a one-on-one duel. However, she can be stubborn and hot-headed at times, and her meticulous plans tend to fail due to minor details she overlooks. In addition, her family's tradition of refusing to use modern conveniences has left her inept with technology, making it difficult for her to use anything more complicated than a house phone.

Utw Fate Zero - 10 H264-720p62b3b6f2-mkv Snapshot  by Darth-Drago
* Magecraft:
- Rin was born capable of manipulating all five great Elements, a extremely rare trait for a magi. Her potential is such that she will eventually be considered as one of the top one hundred ranking magi throughout the entire history of the Mage's Association. Compared using simple numbers, someone with an abnormally high potential like Ciel is at one hundred, someone who is eternally at apprentice-level like Shirou is at ten, and Rin falls from seventy to one hundred.

Tumblr Static Tumblr Static D5hdylp5vw8wwwcwkc0k0o by Darth-Drago
- As the successor to the Tohsaka family, Rin excels in Conversion of power, which includes storage of magical energy in objects, typically jewels for Jewel Magecraft. She uses them as disposable, limited-function Mystic Codes. Because the amount of energy a magus can release at one time is restricted by bodily limitations, Rin has been able to accumulate all of the magical energy generated by her body during her lifetime through jewel crystallization. As with practicing of sorcery, charging these jewels has become a daily process for her turning them into powerful bullets. However, in the end they are merely disposable items. Because their sorcery reduces expensive jewels to ash after a single use, the Tohsaka magi are fated to be chronically afflicted with a lack of funds. When Rin's stored power is needed, she can utilize the jewels for an instantaneous release of A-rank magic capable of countering a spell from Caster's magecraft from the Age of Gods or taking one of Berserker's lives by using five jewels. Their speed of release is great enough that it can match Caster's High-Speed Divine Words.
She can also use small statues of amethyst in form of Owls (, Fukurō) as familiars for reconnaissance purposes.

tumblr inline ne6tyqOQ601rpjv75 by Darth-Drago
- Her most common offensive spell is a Finnish technique known as Gandr, which concentrates magical energy into Rin's forefinger, resulting in a hazy black orb to be subsequently fired like a bullet. Originally intended to be a curse, Rin's variation on Gandr takes on an unusual, corporeal form. Additionally, Rin has bypassed any need for a verbal component to initiate this spell due to having inherited and infused Magic Crest of her family, and she can fire as many Gandr shots in an instant, even set up a barrier and rain them on an opponent if she so chooses. Since Rin's Gandr Shot was particularly violent, capable of punching through and disintegrating a large portion of a concrete wall with just a single shot, it could be considered on the level of Finn Shot. Or, Finn Gatling Gun.

- While statistically superior to Kirei Kotomine, he would win eighty percent of the time by psychologically exploiting her past traumas to keep her from fighting at her full potential. Even without such knowledge, Kirei would still have a substantial combat advantage over Rin due to possessing over ten years of experience as a professional killer of magi. If Bazett Fraga McRemitx had been able to participate in the war, she would ended up being a threat to Rin.

Tumblr N59vgumuv31ry576bo7 250 by Darth-Drago
- Rin is also proficient with reinforcement sorcery, allowing her to strengthen her legs so much that she can run over one hundred meters in less than seven seconds, fast enough to be perceived as a blur to a regular human. She is also able to use it on herself for a few seconds to deal critical damage to even a Servant like Caster with physical blows in a situation where Rin has her off-guard. She can also make use of one of her jewels for a large amount of protection, and by placing it on her stomach to form a protective cover, she can even last a long duration of time being crushed in Berserker's grip.

Hqdefault by Darth-Drago
- Rin practices pseudo-karate as a form of self-defense. Her instructor in martial arts is Kirei, his teaching was responsible for the sequence of moves she used to corner Caster.

Inheritance by Darth-Drago
* Equipment:
- Rin has inherited everything that belonged to her father, including heirloom jewels, jewels inherited from Zelretch, and the wares and knowledge to manage her workshop, the basement of the Tohsaka household. She originally would have had possession of all the commercialized spiritual lands that brought in more money than most Second Owner families elsewhere, but Kirei's mismanagement as her legal guardian has caused the most valuable properties to have been lost to others. She still obtains royalties from magical patents held by the Tohsaka family, "*0,000,000 yen" annually without including additional revenue, so she can be considered relatively wealthy. She obtains jewels for her craft through exclusive channels used by her family, leaving her each day wondering "whether she could've gotten a better price from the buyer if she had just become friends with that lady."

- In preparation for the Fifth Holy Grail War, Tokiomi left her a special inheritance in his will that requires her to solve a special puzzle to find and open a box of his effects. The most prominent items are a pendant and the catalyst, having been smashed at some point in time, he had used to summon Gilgamesh. Opening it also causes all the clocks in the household to immediately become set one hour fast as a bit of playfulness as if to say, “if she can’t even notice a slip-up as trivial and close to home as this, it’s too soon for her to fight in the Holy Grail War.”

Azoth by Darth-Drago
* Azoth Sword:
- The Azoth Sword is a Mystic Code used as a tool for performing magecraft, amplifying the user's magical energy to assist with spells and strengthen them. Filling it with magical energy allows for it to be utilized as a magic wand at any time to form magic circles and affect physical divine mysteries. While it is called a dagger, it is not meant to be a weapon used for slashing or stabbing in its ceremonial nature, but it can function as such to kill a person. It is one of the most commonly used Mystic Codes in the Mage's Association, and parents or teachers often present it as a gift to students at coming of age ceremonies. Using it to slay something like a Servant can cause it to crumble away instantly afterward.

- The Azoth Sword given to Kirei Kotomine by Tokiomi Tohsaka was meticulously crafted from Tohsaka heirloom jewels, given to him for having practiced the family's magecraft. It is shorter than normal to fit his preference, and it has "AZOTH" carved into the jewel.Rin Tohsaka is later given the dagger, and though it is well-used, she uses it sparsely compared to her jewels because it is weaker than them. Its overall capacity is great, allowing her to fill it with ten of her strongest jewels to give it over one hundred times her normal capacity when attempting to use it as the base for the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch. She only occasionally instills it with magical energy under normal circumstances, and filling it with magical energy and using the word "läßt" will activate it for anyone. In the Fate scenario Shirou Emiya utilizes it by stabbing it into Kirei's chest, and then punching it after gathering his magical energy into his hand while calling the word of release. In the Heaven's Feel scenario, Shirou uses it to deal the last blow against Saber Alter.

Jewelzelretch by Darth-Drago
* Jeweled Sword Zelretch:
- It is a ritual dagger with a jeweled blade, an alien technology embodying general knowledge from a far future, beyond the reach of modern man. Shirou cannot tell the magical theory that constructed it even with all of Archer's knowledge. Zelretch carries the original, and he has left blueprints of the sword with the Tohsaka family as a sort of long-term homework that he expects will take many generations. Like normal Mystic Codes, it is only able to be used by him and those of his lineage. It is the tool with which he pushed back the mirror image of the moon by utilizing it to create a virtually limitless Ether Cannon unleashed through a Magic Square, a special magic circle.

- The sword is capable of the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon, allowing the user to draw in potentially infinite magical energy. The kaleidoscope-like jewel blade creates a small opening to the same area in another parallel world, though any further interference is impossible, and it draws in all of the magical energy from that space. Magical energy channeled into the blade can be fired off in a blinding stream of light. Also, as a jewel, the sword can also be detonated as a one-shot explosive. The sword is created during Heaven's Feel by using the blueprints, Emiya Shirou's Projection, and Illyasviel von Einzbern's inherited memories from Justica of Zelretch's original sword. The sword is inferior to the original, and using it causes Rin's muscles to be damaged. Due to this, Tohsaka Rin is better able to grasp the blueprint and theory, generations ahead of when Zelretch expected, though it will take decades and numerous resources to reproduce it.

Kaleido-ruby by Darth-Drago
- Kaleido-Ruby: When equipped with the Kaleidostick, Rin can become Magical Girl Ruby, granting her a virtually limitless supply of prana (albeit a supply that can only be accessed in limited amounts at once) and can download and transfer knowledge from Rin's alternate selves to her advantage. However, Ruby is sentient and exceedingly mischievous, forcing Rin to go along with her ideas on how to be a magical girl lest she be humiliated by the object's antics.

* Jewels: Rin buys a variety of jewels, and those she utilizes in combat can reach prices of 500,000 yen each. Those that are made of crystals that are naturally able to easily store mana are made of precious metals and come with a very high price. As of the beginning of Fate/stay night, her savings consists of twenty jewels containing the energy she has saved for over ten years, each costing ten million yen to create in total. She uses ten during Archer's summoning ritual, and uses the remaining ten during the battles of the three routes.

Rinspendant by Darth-Drago
Rin's Pendant: The pendant is a powerful, one-of-a-kind jewel pendant left to Rin as part of her inheritance from her father, which she considers to be her father's memento. It is a one hundred year old Tohsaka family heirloom that is the greatest jewel within the household, far stronger than anything else with the equivalent of ten years worth of Rin's magical energy. As one of the best artifacts of its class that she believes Tokiomi left to allow her to win the Holy Grail War, Rin decides to utilize it as a last resort, believing anything to be possible with the amount of energy it possesses. It contains enough magical energy to revive a human being on the verge of death, which she uses early in the war to revive Shirou Emiya by restoring his damaged heart. She lacks the skill or ability to perform such a feat on her own, so it requires using the great energy of the pendant to make up for that. She creates a new heart to use as a substitute, believing the feat exemplary enough to be accepted to the Clock Tower instantly.

- After it is drained, it loses much of its weight and only retains a small amount of energy, less than her ten remaining jewels for battle. She leaves it by Shirou by accident, deciding not to retrieve it because it has no true worth without any remaining energy. It is simply an ordinary, expensive jewel like that, even though it has some value to her as a memento. Shirou picks it up after regaining consciousness, keeping it as a memento of his unknown savior. Archer, a future version of Shirou from another timeline, kept the jewel all his life, making it a catalyst that connects him to his summoner. The jewel she holds during the ritual has no worth as a catalyst, but the jewel held by Archer allows for him to be summoned. It is one of the objects materialized with him, allowing him to give her his own pendant after they arrive home with Rin not knowing the difference. The pendant held by Shirou has a small amount of energy left, not even enough to use a single Reinforcement spell according to him, while the one held by Archer has none.

Rin cs by Darth-Drago
* Master Command Seal: Command seals or command spells, are magic nerves - containing enormous amounts of mana - granted to a master in the Holy Grail War. Typically, each master gets three each, but a master who's a reasonably skilled mage can transfer the command spells from another master to themselves through contact.  Their truest purpose is to allow the winner of the Grail to force the Servant to kill themselves so that the ritual to reach the Root with all seven Heroic Spirits can be complete.

- They give authority and power to the masters over their servants. This also means that if a master runs out of command spells, he/she has no control over their servant. The servant can do as he/she pleases and even kill the master with impunity.

- Masters can use them to perform magic/order servants to do something they're not ordinarily capable of. Examples include using command spells to enhance the effect of one's melee/projectile weapons, and teleporting the servant to one's side when servants can't normally do that.

BerserkerRin by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- Inept with technology and most modern devices (including mobile phones).
- Her plans have the tendency to fail due to forgetting a minor detail.
- Rin's most powerful spells require her to sacrifice one or more of her jewels.
- Even though her resource pool is practically limitless, releasing her maximum output non-stop and withstanding its recoil gradually damages her muscles.
- Rin's personality does change to match that of cheery Magical Girl or she otherwise suffers from the whims of the Kaleidostick .

Fate-unlimited-blade-works-196 by Darth-Drago

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