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Redryen,a 17 years old,brown hair,yellow eye,and male. Wear orange shirt and jean. Redryen was making his way to school,then his best friend,Mark(who is 17 years old,has green eye and black hair,waer blue shirt and jean)rab into him and both crash into each other. "Redryen,i need your help." "Wh...hat is it?" Mark began to look sad and lifeless. "It...It Jessic. She...dump me. All i did was being nice and kind for week,also buying stuff,and she dump me." "Dude,that girl was only using you. I warn you." "I know,but,she was kind to me and i thought she was the one. I just getting tired of being dump." Mark has been dump by all the school girl's for years. Because Mark is the richest person in town. He still get more money,but whay he wanted is true love. Redryen was trying to help him for years,but thing are not getting better for them. "Look,school is getting started,we better get moving." "Yeah,i know." Redryen wish he could make his friend truly happy. Then while in the hall,a old lady,wearing a robe around her body,fell and both came to help. "Hey lady,are you ok. How did you get here?" "Oh my,i got lost. Thank,you two are helpful people. Say,what if i granted you a wish." At first,te boys think it was crazy and turn around. But Redryen look at his friend and think about the wish. When Mark left,Redryen run to the lady. "Umm,i wanted to help my friend with his girlfriend problem." "Oh,how kind. Caring about your friend,well then,your wish is granted." As the bell ring,and Redryen turn to see the time,then turn back. But then the old lady just vanish. After hours at class,Redryen organs were moving around his body and he felt his body were on fire. Redryen decide when the teacher left the room,he ran his through the door and went to the closet. He was in a room with doll,clipborad,a garbage can,and a mirror. He was trying to see what the cause of his pain. ut then the light were out. He turn on the switch and was shock. His orange shirt turn into a white clothing,aving the girl dorm symbol and a pink ribbon on front,and his jean turn into a white,small skirt. Then he felt his butt tingling,and in so much pain,he let it out. It cause his put to burst out,showing his visible panting. Then he was as his leg got fater and slender,and muscle vanish from his arm and chest. hen his hair grow long till it touch the bottom of his back,and the color turn into voilet. Then his face turn softer,his lip grow and turn red,abd his eye grow and turn blue. The tingling went to the chest,instead of resisted,he emprise it,and he moan louder as the boob grow till they were D cups. Redryen began to cry as he turn into something he is not a man,and left the room. Then ran outside,still crying and everyone was watching him. He wanted it stop,he feel look thery are laughing at her(but no one is and it just up to her head). Then,as she kept crying,someone was at the side and both crash to each other. When she open her eye,she saw Mark on the ground and standing up. "Hey,are you okay." Redryen trying to move away from him,and Mark felt her. "Ah,i see. Even new girl hate me. Am i curse because i am rich,or i am just to nice at all." Mark felt lonely and began walking alone. Then she grab him and made turn to her face. "Wait,i sorry Mark,i didn't mean to be rude. Just please,stay with me." Her voice became a girl voice. "Hey,how did you know my name?" Redryen decide to tell him everything that has happen. "So,you are Redryen.But how,and why?" "I..I don't know. I just wish you have a girlfriend and i became this." Mark was surprise. "Why did you wish that  have a girlfriend?" "Because you are my friend. You are kind and sweat aand hansome and..." Then she blush and so did Mark. She began to notice how cute and hansome he is,so is Mark. "Hey Redryen,thank for caring." Then Redryen heart beat went faster,and without warning,She jump on him and kiss him on the lip. The kiss lasted for 5 minutes. After she let go,she say,"Mark i love you. I want us to stay forever. Please,you are the only one who care about me." Mark was shock and was blush who she kiss him. "Okay,we be together forever." Then Redryen giggeled and hug him. Then they went home,and Redryen was has finally come true.
The End.
This story,and art is made(But the pic belong to tgpics)for:iconredryan2009:.
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C10artfan Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist
the story's good, but yeah, you need to work on your grammar, and spelling, one line really needs work, "It cause his put to burst out,showing his visible panting."
beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Not to be offensive, but I agreed with caveman689
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
caveman689 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
good story but work on ur gramer i had a little troble reading it
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
nice story
redryan2009 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
exallent job and beautiful story
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