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Berserk Moon DB by Darth-Drago

Ed: There are those who end up losing themselves whenever a Full Moon come out at night, something like a werewolf curse where man turn into a monstrous beast and hunt through the night.

Igo: But for these two, it more than just howling at the moon or trying to find meat... I have a silver bullet with me in case there is werewolves, just for people information.

Ed: Zen-Aku, one of the Dukes of Org and once known as Merrick Baliton (who later become the Lunar Wolf Ranger).

Igo: And Saix (also known as Isa), the "Luna Diviner" of Organization XIII.

Ed: I'm Ed, and he Igo...

Igo: And together we do our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Name: Zen-Aku (Once known as Merrick Baliton)
Role: Wolf Duke Org
Gender: Male
Age: Over 3000+ years old
Series: Power Range Wild Force

Feats 02 by Darth-Drago

* Feats:
- 3,000 years ago had fought in a war along side with the five Ancient Warrior's against the force of evil known as Orgs.
- Donning the legendary wolf mask, he summond the Predazord and defeated the Master Org, with the price of being corrupted by the mask and became Zen-Aku.
- Fought against the Ancient Warrior's, only to then be sealed away in a tomb.
- With one swing of his weapon, he easily destroy a Org
- When free from his tomb 3,000 years later, he easily defeated the new Power Ranger's (Wild Force) when he first met them.
- Fought the rangers more time later and still beaten them.
-- Fought the Red Ranger alone and beat him.
- In the first Zord battle, Zen-Aku Predazord easily beat the ranger Zord and even stolen one of their Zord's.
- As a separate being from Merrick, he fought against his old self who is now the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Ed: 3,000 years ago, Merrick Baliton was one of the six Ancient Warriors who defend the land of Animaria from the force of the Orgs, while also was giving the duty to guard and proect Princess Shayla, who he also was in love with. 

Igo: However, their relationship didn't last long, for while the Ancient Warriors were able to defeat most of the Orgs army, they couldn't defeat the Master Org, who powers was beyond anyone imagination.

Ed: In desperation and with little opinions left, Merrick decided to risk his life and use the legendary Wolf Mask which grant him more power and three zords to make Predazord, which was than able to beat Master Org. However, the price for victory was far too much then Merrick had realize.

Igo: yeah, the mask was actually curse to whicj Merrick couldn't remove and then started to corrupt him, causing him to "fall from grace" like Lucifer, and was transform by the evil mask influence into Zen-Aku.

Ed: As Zen-Aku, he began to go on an rampage, even began to attacking the other Ancient Warriors. The warriors had no choice but to bring Zen-Aku down, and then imprison him in a tomb for all time.

Igo: Yeah, but that actually wasn't the last of Zen-Aku; 3,000 years later he was from by the Orgs and began fighting against the Power Rangers Wild Force (their song is catching), and since then began kicking their a** and stealing some of their zords.

Ed: But in the end the Ranger were able to free Merrick from the evil Influence of Zen-Aku, and later became the sixth Power Ranger. Yet it was not the last of Zen-Aku, again; he was able to gain physical form with Merrick and became much stronger than before, planning to kill his former self along with the Rangers.

Igo: Yeah, but then was beat again and this time for good. Yet you have to admit, he was one of the most dangerous and toughest character's in the show, so let see what he got.

Ed: Oh, as a warning for the viewers, while we are showing all of his weapon, zords and stuff, we will not be adding them to the fight, seeing as his opponent does not have a giant robot, but the giant form is a different thing. Before we could start this fight, please tell us in your opinion if the giant form is fair or not against Saix, who could only fight in normal size. So till then, to make the fight fair, all of his zords is prohibit from the fight. Thank you and moving on.

* Abilites and Skills:

- Unlike other Orgs, Zen-Aku has superhuman strength, stamina, resistance, agility and speed that exceeds that of the Wild Force Rangers. Zen-Aku is powerful enough to take on all five of the Rangers in close combat without too much difficulty during a full moon, which is where his true strength come from.

- Zen-Aku can also grow to giant size, as he demonstrated after being separated from Merrick and losing the Dark Wildzords.

- In addition to his powers, Zen-Aku has proven himself several times to be an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and swordsman, capable of defeating the Rangers in every battle. He is apparently incredibly resilient as he lost his horn and was apparently destroyed by the Predazord yet he later managed to return.

Strength by Darth-Drago
Durability by Darth-Drago
- Strength: With Super-Human Strength, he can grab hold on a person and drag them with one hand, and even toss them far.
- He is able to block and stop the Red Ranger attack (wearing a lion claw-gauntlet) with just his arm.
- Killed an Org with just one slash attack.
- He become more stronger when there is a full moon.

Blurred by Darth-Drago

- Speed and Agility: When he was free and began his attack on the rangers, he moved so fast that he appear to be a blur and jump around that no one can react or defend themselves from Zen-Aku attack.
- During his fight with the Red Ranger, he dodge and avoid the ranger blast's with ease.

Zenaku-crescent-blade2 by Darth-Drago

- Crescent Blade: Zen-Aku's primary weapon which was a large double sided blade.
His primary attack is the "Crescent Wave", the only special attack of his blade, which was a blade of dark energy that could disable almost any of his opponents.

- Flute Blade: He can also use this weapon to quicky strike an opponent, but it is primarily used to summon his Dark Wild Zords in a similar manner to the Dragon Dagger.

* Zords:

- Zen-Aku was able to control his own Wild Zords, which he called the "Dark Wild Zords", using his flute knife to summon them.

- Zen-Aku could also freeze Animal Crystals and take them under his possession. He stole the Black Bear, Polar Bear, Giraffe and Elephant Wild Zords. Like the Wild Force Megazord, his Dark Predazord could use the stolen Wildzords as arm attachments in battle.

* Predazord:

- The combine form of the Alligator, Hamerhead and Wolf Zords.

- Used the Alligator tail that is combine with the Hammerhead Shark tail as a weapon.

- Fire a energy-boomerang at his enemies.

- Equip the Giraffe Zord to enter Spear Mode.
- As a finisher, fire the spear that is cover in fire at the foe.

- Equip both Black and Polar Bear's to enter Double Knuckle Mode.
- Fire two energy sphere at the foes.

- As a super Move, the Alligator head begin to charge and fire a giant stream of destructive, energy beam.

* Weakness:
- New Moon: As if it were a real werewolf, he loses all his power during the new moon and reverts to his human form.
-- However, since they are independent entities now, it is possible that he doesn't have this weakness anymore.
- His Horn: Like all the Duke Orgs, whenever he loses his horn, he loses his power and his life.
- Sacred water: Like all the Orgs, he suffers when touching the Sacred water of the temple (though he can survive to this if he cut his horn, but he'll die eventually).

Igo: Well even without his zords, Zen-Aku show how he was able to beat the Power Ranger over and over again with just his strength and speed.

Ed: Yes, but while he grow strong by full moon, he get weaker and revert to Merrick at a new moon, expect he no longer has that flaw since he a different being from Merrick.

Igo: But he still weak against the Scared water which harms him if he touch it, and losing his horn will result him losing power and even his life. Yet even without his horn, he was able to still fight before he began to lose strength. Beware if you hear the howl of Zen-Aku.


Name: Saix
Role: Member of Organization XIII (formerly), Member of the True Organization XIII
Affliction: Organization XIII (formerly), True Organization XIII
Number: 7
Title: The Luna Diviner

Original: Isa
Gender: Male
Specie: Nobody
Age: Unknown

* Feats:
- When Isa lost his heart, his will was strong enough to create a Nobody, who later rename himself as Saix by adding the "X" in it.

- Along with his friend Axel (once Lea), join Organization XIII and became Rank Number VIII.
- Fought against armies of Heartless and face different various of them (from the pure Heartless to giant Hearless)
- Order Axel to hunt down and eliminate the traitors in Castle Oblivion.
- Gave out order to Roxas and Xion in 358/2 Days.
- Fought against Roxas when he attempts to leave Organization XIII.
- Got involve in Kingdom Hearts 2 later in the story, first appearing in Twilight Town.
- Was the second reminding member of the Organization XIII till he face Sora.
- Have become whole again and join Master Xehanort 13 of Darkness.

Ed: A long time before the start of Sora Adventure, Isa was a young, care-free child who live in Radiant Garden along with his old friend Lea who together were having a good time at their world. But one day, somewhere the time when Xehanort (later stolen the name Ansem) began causing the world to be consume by darkness, both Isa and Lea lost their heart to the Heartless, yet this was not the end for those two.

Igo: As it turn out, those with a strong heart leave behind an empty shell that become Nobodies, to which Isa became known as Saix and along with Axel (Lea) became part of Organization XIII, lead by Xemnas. The two had actually planned to ruling the organization by eliminated the other members so that Saix could raise up in the ranks. So like have you friend murdering people while making yourself get promoted, that a nice relationship that got.

Ed: But as the two began working for the organization, Saix and Axel began to distinct each other and their friendship slowly faded away, especially when Axel began befriending the new members Roxas (Sora Nobody) and Xion (Sora Replica). Soon Axel deiced to leave the organization, to which now SaiX simply continue to follow Xemnas plans' to collect the hearts from all worlds and create Kingdom Hearts.

Igo: Eventually Saix soon came to face Sora in an epic battle (as the second boss to the final boss Xemnas) and began to fade away as he question why he didn't get a heart. We thought that was the end of him, but then we discover something unexpected; when both the Heartless and Nobody of that person are destroy, the person is then revive and become human again.

Ed: Now as Isa again, he was resurrected along with the organization members, but he has been given a bigger role as he was select to be the vessel for the fragment of Master Xehanort and becoming part of the New Organization XIII, or better now as the 13 of Darkness.

Igo: As a Nobody, he was given abilities to control his own Nobodies, can create portal between world through the Realm of Darkness, and possess an unique abilities different from each members; for his power's, it involve with the moon. Let check how he use his Nobody abilities and skill.

* Phyiscal Feats:
- Saïx is a powerful member of Organization XIII (next to Lexaeus), and a capable fighter.
- With just a swing of his claymore, he could create a gust that could blow enemies away.
- Has tremendous strength to carry his claymore with just one arm.

* Lunatic: Saïx wields a massive blade known as a Claymore. His signature Claymore is known as Lunatic. Despite many dissimilarities to real claymores, Saïx does use a very large, two-handed bladed weapon. His Claymore is decorated with many additives that resemble the Nobody logo, in blues and yellows. When in normal form, Saïx attacks with powerful slashes and combos with the bladed edges.

* Abilities:

Has control of all lesser Nobodies, and even control the heartless.
- Has command on the Berserker Nobodies.

- Has the abilities to open a portal known as the "Corridor of Darkness", which travel into the Realm of Darkness and then can go to any worlds.

- Saix can strike through his enemy at great speed, then hitting them again after stop moving.

- Saix strike through his enemy with great speed, and this time used multiply combos during this and finish with a final swing to send the enemy flying.

* Berserk Mode:
- Although he appears calm and collected throughout when speaking, in battle he becomes a wild, dangerous opponent. He uses brute strength and his large Claymore to attack, but his true danger is his "Berserk" form, which uses the power of the moon.
- A "Berserk" gauge in the top of the screen measures how close he is to becoming berserk. When it fills, Saïx's Lunatic Claymore shifts shape and produces a white aura which serves as extra blades. Saïx himself grows bestial, with glowing eyes, manic hair, and bared fangs.
- The gauge will begin slowly emptying and once empty, he will revert to a calmer attack pattern, wherein the gauge begins filling again. 
- At times, Saïx will stand still and raise his arms to hasten the speed the Berserk Gauge fills. As Saïx grows weak, the Berserk Gauge fills at a much faster rate.
- While in this state, Saïx's attacks have a large range and high power.
- In addition, he is invulnerable to normal attacks and extremely resistant to magic attacks.

- Saïx's strength and speed increase greatly, and he will rapidly slam his Claymore into the ground, producing shockwaves.

- When he swings or throws the Claymore, unleashing streams of energy when they impact.

- Leap into the air and slam hard enough to make a shock wave.

- Saix powerful attack, chasing his target while slamming the ground with his Claymore multiply times, also
unleashing streams of energy and leaping in the air to slam as well. It take few seconds till he make the last slam and then take a momentary break, only to then quickly return to the fight.

- Saïx's Limit Break is called Berserk (ベルセルク, Beruseruku). Saïx's Normal Limit makes him to go into a Berserk state; he rushes across the field, dealing continuous, devastating damage to enemies that he comes down hitting with his claymore. When the attack button is pressed, he will jump and perform a stronger smashing attack. Each smashing attack is followed up by a shockwave. In Saïx Final Limit, He goes into an even more berserk stage; He comes down to attack even more often, and exerts a sphere of his strength straight from himself while in the air before coming down. The shockwaves that come after each attack also increase in range
-- In order to activate a Limit Break, Saix must drop into a low amount of her HP, also known as the Alarm Zone. This area is marked as being yellow, as opposed to the rest of the green bar. After having dropped into the Alarm Zone, a small alarm will sound, along with the word "limit" flashing in yellow over the HP bar.

* Weakness:
- The enemy can pick up any of the Claymores that Saïx releases, allowing them to knock Saïx out of his berserk state, as well as inflicting significant damage.
-- The Lunatics that Saïx throws disappear very quickly and the window to use Magna Storm after seizing one is shorter.
- Take time to recharge the gauge.
-- Become faster at recharging the more he begin to lose health.
- Can only use the Limit Break when he life is close to zero.

- Using guard while he attack will cause him to lose grip of his weapon, causing him to cease attacking for a while, as well as giving the enemy the opportunity to use the dropped claymore to harm Saix.

Ed: With the power of the moon at his side, he is nearly invincible and is said to be one of the strongest member's of the group, along with Lexaeus, Xaldin and Xemnas. Yet even with his incredible abilities, there is in fact a flaw to his own abilities.

Igo: First off, if he get hit by his own weapon it will deactivate his Berserker Mode and revert him to normal; also the gauge will slowly lose power over time and he will revert to normal. Even so, you would need to grab the claymore quickly and even get as close to him as possible before the weapon vanish, which then you have to start over again and wait for the next claymore to come.

Ed: Then there is the time it take to charge his Berserker Mode, which leave him to fight at half-strength. Yet as his health began to go down by half (maybe around 8 bars or less), the gauge begin to recharge faster and make him even more dangers. Saix can't use the Limit Break till his life is reaching it end, so it to be use as a last resort (though it kinda the same attack from Kingdom Hearts 2).

Igo: Also, blocking at the right moment when Saix attack will cause him to lose his weapon, but only temporally and the weapon quickly return back in his hand.  Even with the problem of being harm by his weapon or his recharge time, Saix has shown the right to earn the title "Berserker".

These two warriors gain their strength from the moon, but who among them is the best? Saix the Lunar Diviner vs Zen-Aku, the Wolf Duke Org.

Note: The idea of this match-up was made by :iconjss2141: for these two to fight against each other.

- Zen-Aku from Power Ranger Jungle Fury.
- Saix (Isa) from Kingdom Hearts.

- Also, what do you think about Zen-Aku giant form? Is it fair or unfair?
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Kirito352 Featured By Owner Edited May 13, 2018
I think Zen-Aku can win without using his Zords
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
I feel Zen-Aku would win in the end, want to know why?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
The giant form.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
No, their reccords. Keep in mind it took six Power Rangers to take down Zen-Aku in the end after they were beaten countless times before, whereas Sora and Roxas (the Keyblade warriors) took Saix down single-handedly in every encounter (with Roxas it was before he got the dual Keyblade form and both were under the full moon). In other words, the Wild Force Rangers would have never survived that final bout with Zen-Aku if the recently freed Merrick hadn't stepped in. Good points?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
That may be true about only fight against both Roxas and Sora and lose, but in the 358/2 Days, Roxas had grow strong over the two years and near the end of the game, his level going about 40 or more which increase both endurance and strength high. Pretty same with Sora who had raise his level pretty high when he was about to face Saix.

You have to admit that both Roxas and Sora (if counting Goofy and Donald) are pretty stronger than all five or even six of the power ranger, having face giant monster's without the need of zords, and Sora facing 1,000 Heartless by himself.

Also mentioning that the DS Version of Saix did not had the normal Berserker mode, which suppose to make him invulnerable against damage. With the encounter against Riku (in Ansem form), Saix wasn't being serious against Riku when Kairi and Namine were almost caught, for he did he would bring out his claymore and go Berserk.

Than you have to remember that Saix was also invole in missions to hunt down countless Heartless and even fought Giant or Strong Heartless Bosses as well in the DS (when being played).

Both Sora and Roxas are also able to recover both Ether or Health with potions or spells (Cura), to which Zen-Aku will have no healing abilities against Saix.

Zen-Aku maybe able to push Saix back with his increase strength and speed from the full moon, but once Saix become Berserker Mode, Zen-Aki may have trouble harming him, since Saix attack does area damage and charge at his foe fast (Sora simply fly around the area to avoid the final attack) even if he plan to blitz (or speed attack from all side) will not do so much damage, unless Zen-Aku get one of Saix weapon to deactivate Berserker Mode. But the recharge will grow faster the more health Saix lose.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
Zen-Aku is faster. There is no way Saix would make the connection to his horn, nor would he have any holly water. Don't you agree?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
True about the Holy Water, but the horn is another thing. Zen-Aku is a close range attacker (beside his special attack Crescent Move) and chance are his horn may get damage during their clash of blades.

The explosion of Saix attacks could do some damage not just Zen-Aku body, but may even his horn. You seen how much force and range of the attack can do. If Saix were to grab him during Berkserker Mode, chance are that he made head butt Zen-Aku to the head and due to his invulnerable body destroy the horn.

Yet as you said, Zen-Aku is fast and could leap away or rash attack Saix if given an opportunity.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2016
Zen-Aku is more of a strategist, isn't he? Zen-Aku is smarter and strategic fighter of the two, taking the time to study his foes and exploit their weaknesses then using it against them. Also, while Saix would lose his sanity in his Berserker mode Zen-Aku would maintain hold of his sanity through his heart (which he gained from Merrick and is something that Saix does not have) which means that he’ll be able to think more creatively, adding a level of unpredictability to overcome most extreme situations. Lastly, Zen-Aku has more experience from fighting the Rangers, his own fellow Orgs, and the Zords. Good points?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
So in the end, is about being faster, experience and smarter vs stronger, destructive and invulnerable.
(2 Replies)
gonzo22 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
Zan Aku is from power rangers Wild Force not Jungle fury.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
Oh, okay. Can fix that.
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