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On a cold and rainy day at Soul Shard Catillion (Red Base), Colonel Commander was enjoying some cold soda while thinking of a plan for the Tg War in the war room alone. As Colonel finally got a plan and decides to get some rest, a lightning bolt shot the base and causes an electric shock wave. It didn't do any damage the base, but it cause the base to lose power, making everything dark, then the base activated the emergences power generator.     

"What the…?! The news reporter said that tonight there wouldn't be any thunder storm."

Colonel Commander decides to check on what wrong with the base generator. As he walk down from the war room, living room and the bath room. Colonel finally found the generator room, only to find a hole in the generator. Colonel touch the metal and got burn, mean that the hole was made a few minutes ago.  Colonel soon brought out his DNA blade; realize that an enemy had snuck in and destroy the generator.  Colonel soon decided to return back to the war room, only to meet a stranger with a metal armor, a cape and a light saber; Darth Drago.

"So, it was you who destroy the generator! How did you bypass the base defense?"

"Oh that simple, I the power to control lightning, so used the lightning bolt from the sky to strike through your base and at the generator. It was hard and tricky, but it works in the end. When your generator was destroy, your defense were turn off and I easy sneak my way inside the base with no problem."

"So what do you want?" said Colonel.

"Oh actually I was trying to find some cash in your base." Answer Drago.

"Um… why are you looking for money?" Colonel was a bit surprise from Darth Drago weird answer.

"Okay I wanted to order some pizza, but I had no money on me." Drago prove by showing his wallet and the only thing it was dust.

"Couldn't you just ask someone for money, not stealing someone hard cash?!" Yelled Colonel.

"I did, but everyone spent their money o other self, the rest were too busy to talk with, so I decided to steal some cash from other member's base, but no luck. Now I try to find some cash in this base, but instead I end up with you. Mm…but you know what, instead of finding some cash, I going to tg you! I am bored, but maybe fighting you may help me get some fun from my boredom." Drago brought his light saber, preparing for battle.

"I know you are looking for some cash, but I am not going to let you escape for destroying my base generator. It time for you to pay for what you did!" Colonel brought out his DNA blade and run toward Drago

Colonel plan on stabbing through him, but Drago dodge and hit him in the face, then try to slash him, But Colonel block his enemy attack with his weapon and kick him in the gut. Drago recover and jump in the air, then try to slash Colonel, but he dodge and grab his leg, then swing him around and thrown him to the wall.

"Ha, did he think you could beat me?" said Colonel, laughing at Drago.

"I see, I understand how strong you are, so I guess it time to do thing serious." Suddenly he brought out another light saber and strikes him when he was distracted.  Colonel reacted and blocks his attack, but Drago used his second light saber and gave him a starch on his right arm.

"Okay, I got to end this battle now!" Colonel replaces his DNA blade with his claymore. Colonel stroked the floor, which cause a shockwave and made Drago flew and crash right at a wall. Drago stand up and used his force power to carry the table and throw it right at Colonel, but his easy smash the table with his claymore. However, Colonel was too focused on the table, which Drago attack him from behind by firing lightning at him.

"Well Colonel, what should I do with you? Oh, I got an idea." Drago fire a lightning bolt at Colonel, his hair change from red to pink and grow long till it touch his neck. His entire body transform into a girl body ; his 'thingy and balls' were gone, hit butt and chest puff out ( B-cup size boobs), his skin became smooth and soft, his face went into a metamorphic from a muscle face man into a cute, innocent girl. Then her clothing change into a maid uniform, but with a 'P' symbol (pizza) on her chest. The girl got up, then blows down to Darth Drago and gave him a sweet smile to him.

"What does my master want?"

"Only one thing: pizza. Go and find me some chess pizza. After that, you will change back to your normal self again. But first…put this swimsuit on so I can get some 'picture' of you."
Oh man i am hungry, and feel like i want to eat some pizza, so i made this stroy. This is for the 2nd TG War.

The target :iconssbguy;

I could think of a pizza gut uniform, so i made it a maid uniform instead.
Irishbrewinc Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
tg season seems to have started early eh?
AznMega Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010  Student General Artist
Wow, 2nd didn't even start yet, and you making tg's already....nice.
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