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Xerxis rest on the floor,remembering how his life was with the Omega-Organization and how his friend's were like to him,even Larxene. Then he turn his head to the sleepy Bloom,who is actually cute when she is asleep. But then someone yell at his ear and cause him to fall on the ground. Xerxis,almost got a heart attack,got up and see a angry Xion. Xion is actuallu a boy name Albert,who was turn by Omega-Organization.
"Look here,who are you,who were those guy,and why am i Xion?"
Xerxis just sign and stand up.
"Those guys were Omega-Organization,and i am Xerxis,i used to work with them. Our goal was to gather 'The Maiden of Light' to began our next plan. They decide that before they were finish,they get a new member,since i quite,and decide to turn you into Xion and make you one of them."
Xion just step back in complete shock and tears went down her face.
"No,i did't want to be Xion. I am Xion"
But then she close her mouth,as she just say 'Xion',instead of 'Albert'.
"Right now,your mind and memories are being replace with Xion memories,and soon,you will be Xion completely. Right now,there will try to destroy everything in your life,even the people you know. Now all we have to do is..."
But then Xion ran of the cave. Xerxis try to catch up to her,but she was gone. Meanwhile,Xion was at her home,with no one being in there. She look at her clock,show the time and date,the date was 10/4/2010. She knee down and cry as she realize that it has been a year since she was gone,and everyone has left. But then she was felt like someone was behind her and turn her face t see who it was,it was Rick. Rick was stun and could not believe it,that Xion,from the game 'kingdom hearts' was real. Xion soon stand up and try hugging him,but he try to escape.
"Rick,it me Xion."
But She can't say her true name and watch as Rick run in panic and fear. Now she was alone and knee down and cry harder,though she has no heart,it feel like she has a broken heart. Then Rick came back and notice that she has carry a ring that he had made for Albert about a year ago,then it came to him.
"Albert,is that you!"
Xion stop crying and look at his face.
"Yes,it me. Please help me."
xion ran toward him and hug him. Rick was confuss,but he could not leave her alone. Meanwhile outside the house,Larxene was aiming at Xion and was ready to fire at her,when Xerxis was in front of her.
"Xerxis,so you came to stop me,will you can't."
"Please,i know your mad but..."
"Mad! You chose Bloom over me. You didn't realize that i care about you,and i had feeling for you,but you betry us for her."
"Larxene,i love Bloom,and i care about the member,but i can let you kill her. Plus,to tell you the truth,you were a boy and a member,but there was a accident and you became Larxene. we decide to change you mind and make you think your Larxene."
"Wh...what! You mean to say i was a boy. No,NO!"
Larxene was shock and hurt of the truth and knee down to the ground. Xerxis felt bad and did not want to see her sad.
"Larxene,i am sorry. I did had feeling for you. But if you kill Xion,would that help you and make you happy."
Larxene stop crying and look at him.
"Really,you do. Then i..."
But then she was out cold and the leader appear. He fire a blast and it was aiming at Xion. Xerxis try to stop him,but was too late. As the beam was getting closer,Rick saw it and sheild her and get hit instead. Xion was stun,but he was still okay. Then a keyblade appear and fire a powerful blast at the enemy. The leader vanish,and Xerxis grab Larxene and both vanish. Xion then ran toward Rick.
"Please be okay. Please be alive!"
Then she kiss him and Rick open his eye.
"Albert,what happen? Are you okay. What happen to teh house!"
The house was nearly destroy from Xion attack. Xion turn back to Rick and kiss him again.
"Rick,i have lost all my memories and they are replace with Xion memories. But the only memories i have is you."
Xion and Rick both blush and Xion think that her birthday wish has come true.
This is the final chapter. The next sory is going about Xerxis and Larxene.
This story is made for:icontheheroofdarkness:.
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009  Student Digital Artist
not bad, you're really good in that, and you more you write, more I want to copy these parts and add in to my story.

You're a good writer.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009
Thank you. It is a honor for you to say that. I was trying to make a love story between Xion and Rick,also Xerxis and Larxene. I think this is the longest story i have ever made.
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009  Student Digital Artist
that's good to hear...
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