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Albert was a kingdom heart fan for 4 years. He has black hair and brown eye. He was a big fan to Sora and his friend's,but his biggest fan was Xion. He felt bad about her,for she was a experiment of Xemas and then was control to defeat Roxas,but he beat her instead,and everyone forget about her. Then his friend,Rick,came to see him in his house. "Hey Albert,i have a gift for you." Albert know that today was his birthday and the day kingdom heart was games were born. "What is it?" Rick gave him a present,then Albert open it and in it was a 'kingdom heart 358/2 days' game. "Whoo,you actually got the game. I am so happy,thank." "Well it is a least a friend can do for a friend." While Albert was happy,he saw his friend was not,for the girlfriend he found a week ago had dump him and he is still sad about it. Then it was my cake with the 17 year old canndile, and i had to make a wish. I thought long and hard,and i decide my wish. My wish was that Xion was real,and maybe,she can be Rick girlfriend. After i blow my canndile,everyone was suddendly frozen,and everything was gray. Then a man in coat came from a poral. "Are you ready for your wish,Albert." Albert was shock,but then felt sleepy and fell. The stranger put everyone to sleep and they fell to the ground. Then the stranger took the sleepy Albert to the poral and vanish.
This is the story about the birth of Xion. I am also making this for:icontheheroofdarkness:. Since i love his 'Omega-Organization' story,i like to make a story for it. Hope you like it.
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009  Student Digital Artist
oh, that was very nice from you, thank you. In that case it's really a big honor for me. Ah, I can remember myself when I used this pic to turn :iconvampsonic: into her - but then, I let her go again...
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September 30, 2009
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