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Mine by Darth-Drago

Name: Mine
Age: Teens
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm (5'1")
Weight: Unknown
Faction: Night Raid 
Teigu: Pumpkin

Akame ep 3 - Mine sniping the target by Darth-Drago
* Feats:
- She is known as "Genius Sniper" for her skill as a sniper.
- Has kill dozen of her targets for years. 
- Mine snipes the main target dead from a far distance, despite him being surrounded by innocent people.
- She takes the shot after Tatsumi declares his belief in Mine's sniping abilities, resulting in killing the guard and "barely" misses Tatsumi.
- Killed an enemy who tried to escape from a distance.
- Mine quickly kills Kaku and quickly retrieves back one of her former friend Teigu, Extase.
- Her weapon was strong enough to make Doctor Stylish (in Giant Danger Beast Form) to fall on his back.
- Was able to slice Seryu and Coro.
- She was able to kill the Empire General Budo.

Mine-gif5 by Darth-Drago
Mine-gif4444 by Darth-Drago
* Physical Abilities:
- Has incredible reactions and combat speeds ( can fight toe-to-toe against semi serious Esdeath, who can dodged lightning at March 42).
- Was able to hit a missile that was coming right at her and not get hit by the explosion.
- She has extremely high stamina, can fight even after obtaining severe and life-threatening injuries.
- Learn hand-to-hand combat, even using her Pumpkin in close-range battle.
- Despite her rather weak-looking body, is able to carry her heavy Teigu.
- Been able to go through many strong and painful attacks.
- She has incredible precision, which is required for a master sniper.
- Fairly high Intelligent, accomplished assassin and battle combatant, genius sniper.
- Was starting to located where Coro core is hidden in it body.
- Learned the importance of stealth and making get-a-way.

Minewithpumpkin by Darth-Drago
* Teigu (帝具, Imperial Arms) are mysterious and extremely powerful relics that exist in the world of Akame Ga Kill! They are rare, and only the strongest of warriors are able to wield them. Some have the appearance of equipment or weapons, while others seem to be living creatures. It is implied that a form of magic was used to create them.

Mein-gif111 by Darth-Drago
* Roman Artillery: Pumpkin: A Teigu that is capable of shooting in three modes: sniper, machine gun and long barrel. It fires highly concentrated piercing shots of spirit energy. Her proficiency in its use allows her to strike any target with extreme precision. The energy output is proportional to the user's feeling of danger, and it overheats with continuous usage. She can also switch parts with her Teigu. One of those parts allows her to slash with spirit energy, Another allows her to fire quicker shots in succession but this considerably lowers her attack power. Mine also carries an eyepiece stored in a compartment inside her Teigu, allowing her to scout and snipe from a distance. She also appears to be quite adept in hand to hand combat, as she was seen sparring with Akame.

Mine-gif7 by Darth-Drago
Mine-gif999 by Darth-Drago

* Weakness:
Akame-ga-kill-episode-21-mine-death by Darth-Drago
- She is still human and can be killed.
- Pouring too much of her strength into her Teigu could resulted in her death (or put her in a vegetated state).
- Her major weakness is that she leaves her back vulnerable to attacks.
- If her weapon is damage and destroyed, she is vulnerable.
- If Pumpkin
 overheats with continuous usage, it will be unable to fire anymore till it cool down.

1552wew by Darth-Drago

The Genius Sniper of Night Raid is prepare to take aim in Death Battle.

- This character does not belong to me. Series: Akame ga Kill!

Please make a comment and give useful ideas on who can be Mine Worth opponent.
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EpicLinkSam Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I use this
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018
Sure. Just credit me for this profile.
NickolasMoonlight Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017
Vash the Stampede (Trigun) vs Mine

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Lady (Devil May Cry) vs Mine

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) vs Mine

Serias Victoria (Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate) vs Mine
METADANE Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016
 Quiet vs Mine?
Wyoming vs Mine?
Sniper vs Mine?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016
The Quiet vs Mine battle was actually draw by an artist her in Deviant art.…
NocturnBros Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016  Student Writer
How about Yoko (Gurren Lagann) VS Mine?

Nice bio, btw.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
Thanks. :)
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