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Maxresdefault by Darth-Drago

Michelle K. Davis

First Appearance: Terra Formars

  • Manga: Issue/Chapter 7
    • Anime: episode 1

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 164cm
Weight: 85kg
Origin: U.S.A
Opening Theme:…
Michelle attacking multiple Terraformars by Darth-Drago
-She is one of the few people who were Post-Surgery born.
-She is a high-ranking Officer leading the Annex I, along with 5 other Officers.
-M.A.R.S Ranking: #5.
-Survive the "Synthetic Metamorphosis" Surgery, which had the probability of 40% survival rate.
-Killed 5 Terraformars in less than a minute.
-Killed numerous of Terraformars over the few days or weeks on Mars.
-Defeated the Diving Beetle Terrafromar.
-Defeated the Mureller's Beetle Terraformar.
-Defeated the Paraponera Terraformar, which the power the Terraformar had was from her father, Donatello K. Davis.
Untitled-11 by Darth-Drago
-Ant base.
*She is one of the few people to have more than one abilities/powers, being called the "First".
*With her eggs and genes, it is possible to give birth humans with M.O, thus creating an army of transforming humans.

004 by Darth-Drago

-Paraponera: Pass down from her father from the Post-Surgery.
*She is given the strength to lift over 100 time her own weight, thus giving her formidable strength and durability.  
*It is also note that Paraponera (Bullet Ant) are the most strongest ant known to man,  wielding nerve-toxin as potent as a giant hornet's, it bites is said to be felt like being hit by a bullet, and can chase down both men and beast alike just to consume their flesh's.

000 by Darth-Drago

-Blast Ant: This was giving to her during the M.O. Surgery.
*These ant's are by far unique species, being able to forcefully self-destructed itself by stockpiling volatile compounds within it body, thus can be used to kill invading incest's or other methods.
*Michelle can use this compound's by making contact with her fists to her enemies, thus causing an reaction in the body and then result in a explosion from the inside. She can also breath out vaporize dust right to her enemy face, thus resulting the enemy to soon exploded.

Arma de Michelle by Darth-Drago

Accelerator Booster Devices
-When she push over the limits, she can active these boosters from her elbows, feet's and even from her back to increase her speed and force of impacts from her kicks and punches. 
-It can allow her to temporally levitate or hover in the air to avoid or dodge.
-Her final attack on the Paraponera Terraformar, she grab it by the neck with her legs, then her upper body touch the ground and began spinning with the help of the booster, causing the Terraformars to be lifted in the air and then slammed hard on the ground.

Untitled-2 by Darth-Drago
-Because of the Post-Surgery, her weight is over 85 kg, which is in fact her muscle is three time denser than fat.
-Held her breath under water for over more than 2 minutes, which would have soon lead to death.
-Was able to stop and hold up a motor vehicle with just one hand and then push it back.
-Was able to punch a Terraformars and even fight one of them without the need to transform.
-Went on fighting even through the pain and broken bones against the Paraponera Terraformar, who in fact could not feel any pain.

011 by Darth-Drago…
Ant Sense: 
-Both hear sense of hearing and smelling have been heighten by the DNA of the ant base.
-This abilities is usefully should she face an invisible or camouflage enemies, relaying on her hearing to pinpoint or located where the enemy will attack from.

Defeat 01 by Darth-Drago
-Despite having inhuman strength and durability, she can still be hurt and kill like any human being.
-If facing overwhelming odds (say like facing any army with no injection and having an injury body), she may lose the will to fight.
-Using the booster will cause more injuries on the bones, even to the point of getting broken.
-In order to transform, she need an injection to do so; the transformation are only temporally.
-Would risk damaging her body to beat her opponent.
-Using the injection too much will transform her more ant like and will lead to death.
Tumblr Ni4yajrkd01trxa3oo1 500 by Darth-Drago

This is my first character profile for Death Battle. If I have forgotten something or made a mistake, please inform me to update this.

Michelle K Davis can beat you up and then cause you to blow up.

The Character is own and belong to Terra Formars.
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