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Jimmy was waiting for his friend,Joe,in the beach.He couldn't believe he had to come.About a day ago,He and Joe were at the mall,buying some games.Till Richer,the school bully,come and took the game from Joe hand."Hey,that was our game.Give it back."Richer push Jimmy off him,than Joe try to fight back,but Richer was to big."Ha,it that all you got."Joe got up and look piss."You wouldn't beat me in magic."That surprise Jimmy a bit,so did Richer."ou think you can beat me in magic,fine.The one who can make himself the manist of all man,winThe winner will win this game,and the loser must eat underwear for a month."Joe smile,and accept his challenge."Fine,the challenge will start at the beach,tomorrow." "Okay,see you there,loser."Richer left,Than Jimmy yell at Joe.'Are you crazy,there are no such thing as magic,why did you do it." "Jimmy,trust me,everything is going to be okay."Than Joe left.Today,Jimmy was waiting for Richer and Joe.Than Jimmy saw a huge,muscle guy,With a 10 packs,his arms was like it can tear a building into piece's.Than Jimmy recongize him,it was Richer.Richer saw Jimmy and walk toward him."Ha,surprise.You think magic was not real.Can't blame,no one believe in magic.Now,where is your friend Joe."Jimmy was shock of how his body has change."Umm..."Than a beautiful girl seat near Jimmy.She had pink hair,with long hair that can reach her butt.Her eye were big and had a color blue.Her breast was huge,so is her butt.Her leg were big and slender,so is her arms.Her binkin are small,like she almost naked,and the binkin look like a bat.She was holding a blanket and it had eyes and a smile.Jimmy was feeling hot." there something you need." " need to hide for a day."Jimmy was confuse."Why?"Than Richer used a magic stick,to find Joe.The stick pointed at that girl next to Jimmy."Ah ha."Richer walk toward them."Ha,so Joe,you became a girl instead.That funny."Jimmy was shock,it can't be."Yes,it me,Joe.Yesterday,there was an accident.My sister binkin was drop in my magic potion without me knowing.Now i am stuck like this forever."jimmy saw tears coming down her face."Ha,that will teach you a lesson on challenge me.Now your a girl and must eat underwear with that cute face of your.Say,while you are at that,you will be my girl friend."Richer friends began laughing her,making her feel sad and crying.She shouldn't have done that deal.Than Jimmy was piss and hit Richer face,but instead hurt his hands."Hey,leave her only.She came,it prove that it not was on the outside,it what in the inside."Joe felt warm and felt confident by Jimmy speach."How dare you hit my big,strong body,now I am...."Suddendly,Richer began to shrank and became younger till he is a baby."Mmm,it seem that there was some error in your potion,it made you into a baby.Which mean that i won the challenge.Don't worry,you will become your old self again,than you have to eat underwaer for a month."As Richer friend's take baby Richer home,Joe turn his attention to Jimmy."So,do you think i am hot in this binkin."Jimmy face suddendly became red."Umm...yeah,you look great."Joe smile and kiss him on the lips.Than she and Jimmy take a walk on the beach.Jimmy and Joe may have a wonderful day together.
This time,i put a love story in the beach.Let me tell you,this girl so 'hot,hot,hot'.Hope you like it
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Nice work.
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