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Kia,was on a small moon that had a bar there,was on a break,having a nice tea and a sandwitch.Than a little boy with green skin and three eye,came crying to the bar."Please,someone help us.My father and brother was taken by bounty hunter's.Please,someone save him."But no one was standing up,and the boy felt sad and alone.Kia,feeling sorry for him,stand up and walk toward him."Hey liitle guy,it was brave for you to come and ask for help.Don't worry,i will help you."She put a smile on her face,so did the kid.Before she left,the owner yell,"Hey,are you going to pay."Kia,now not in a good mood,hit the man real hard for not trying to help the kid,also,the tea was free and yet she have to paid,no way in her mind.After a hour of searching the bounty hunter ship,and with no luck,she was about to quit,but think about that poor boy.As she turn,she found the ship.Using her shapeshifting power to become a snake and sneak in the ship.There she found slave and people chained and are being tormentthe eletric wall .Than she found the kid father,who is with one of the bounty hunter."Look here,we are here to find three is the kid.the second is the slime girl,Kia.And a sith lord.Tell me where are they." "Why do you turn around."The hunter turn and was slash with Kia Ombrasbare."Are you all right." "Yes,but now you need to save my son." "Don't worry,i will save him."Than she fought men from one floor to the next.As she went to the surface of the ship,the other bounty hunter was aiming his gun to the boy."Move and he will die."She couldn't do anything,but than the man felt his throt was being chock.Kia,confuss,grab the boy away from him,than the man was,as if,thrown himself off the ship.Than Kia turn and saw a strange man wearing a armor."Thank you for buying me some time to get my stuff back,those bounty hunter took what was mine." " well come,"Kia said.But as the man turn and try to leave,Kia memories came back at the sight of him.It was him who hurt Kia when she was young.Than she grow angry."You!It you!" "Huh?"Than she came for a attack,but he block her sword with his light saber."You don't remember me.Well i remember you attack a person name Kia."The strange than remember the skin,the hair,those eye.As kIa jump back,the man say,"Who are you?" "I am Kia.Name after a man name Kia." "Oh,i see,than let me introude myself.I am Darth Drago."Than Kia rage took control and slash him,but than her sword couldn't reach him."What was that?" "That was the force,.Here,let me show you."Than Kia was floted on air.Kia untie her hair and four arms came and hit him.Than Kia came in again and swing her sword.But than he got two sword and slash her.The light saber hurt her,but she heal very fast.Knowing her enemy was strong,she used her shapshifting power to become a giant wing snake.Drago was surprise,and the creture use it tail and hit him.The creture than grab him,fly to the air about 15 feet and drop him hard.Drago,now getting serious,waiting for the creture to come close.When Kia open her mouth for a bite,Drago summon lighting from his body and fire at her.Than she change back,and watch as Drago came to her.She fear he may kill her,but instead,help her get up."Wh..what are you doing?" "Well,you are a great opponent,and i had a great time.Also,when I realize that Kia had a daughter,I couldn't kill him,so i quit the mission."Kia than realize that Drago dosen't know that she isn't Kia daughter,but it did save her life."So i am sorry for everything,can we be friend."At first she dose not like him,but he was nice and didn't kill her,so she know he not a enemy."Listen,we may be friend,but if you do something bad or killing people,i will kill you." "Okay,we will see each other again real soon."Than he vanish.After the father,and two of his son were together again,Kia went back to find her sister.But Kia wonder if Darth Drago return.
okay,this is when Kia meet her the stranger,and this time,she want revenge.Who will win.

Kia belong to:iconkai-chronaius:.

the picture belong to:icondemonnobility:.
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