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S8sNv3w by Darth-Drago
Name: Jinbei Tsukishima
Other Alias: Potato-Boy (by Mugai)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 165cm (5'4)
Species: Human
Affiliation: Mushibugyo Office

Jinbei finish Sanada by Darth-Drago
* Feats:
- Has been training in the way of the samurai's at a young age.
- Been fighting creature like large bears and has no trouble defeating them.
- Fought his first giant insect's and beat it (was a spider).
- Joined the Mushibugyo Office and fought against giant bugs along with other members.
- Joined a recuse team to protect the Magistrate's from the Insect Hunters.
- Fought against the Insect Hunters, which was a losing battle.
- In Demon Fox mode, he easily overpower few members of the Insect Hunter's ( 3 in anime, while 4 in manga).
- Began training with his father to learn a new move.
- Had his first batte against a Insect-man, Sarutobi Sasuke and beat it.
- Join with Kuroageha (Magistrate) and Ooka Echizen to go to Kishuu.

- Fought Insect-man Jinpachi and defeat him.
- Jinbei and
Oooka work to face the Rokourou Pair's and beat them. 
- Once more face Jinpachi, now revealing his true and powerful form, yet still beat him.
- Jinbei helps Hibachi defeat Saizou Kirigakure, eader of the Ten Crucifix Insects.
-- In truth he was still alive and had escape the death blow.
- Battle Yukimura Sanada, yet easily lose to him.
- In Demon Fox Mode and having full control of it, fought equally against the more powerful Sanada and then defeat him (Anime version).
- Many different versions of feats in either Anime or Manga.

Jinbei training by Darth-Drago
Jinbei stop a bear attack by Darth-Drago
- Despite being the weakest of the Mushibugyo, Jinbei is still very powerful comparing to that of a normal human,
- Has been training by lifting rocks  on his sword that are twice his size and began swinging it each day.
- Could stop a giant bear with the hilt of his sword and using one arm.
- He can stab's and slash's through giant bugs.
- Can smash hard on hard-armor bugs.
- Could lifted a Insect-man (one of the Rokourou Pair's).
- Fought against foes who are more skilled and powerful then him.

9 by Darth-Drago
Untitled by Darth-Drago
* Durability and Endurance:
- Has an incredible will and determination to keep fighting and go beyond his limit's, even if it would cost his life.
- Fought against a insect's for the first time and become tired after beating it.
-- This improve later in the series.
- He can still have energy to fight off giant bugs later in the day; he once kept fighting bugs for a week and was close to exhausted.
- Has been stab multiple time by a Female Giant Flea, having his blood being drain yet could still move.
- Always being attack and harmed by giant insect's and yet could still fight.
- Had face a large group of giant insects while protecting Haru.
- Fell and crash landed inside the Mushibugyo house, having survive and barely had any damage from the fall.
- Barely survive his encounter with the Insect Hunter's.
- Had be outnumber by the Sasuke and his clone's.
- Took and block blows and slashes from Jinpachi, even caught one of his blade's with his teeth.
- Got smash by one of the one of the Rokourou Pair's body, yet survive and even lifted the Insect-Man.
- Once more face Jinpachi, this time underwater which is denser and he has limited air; even so, he was able to fight back against the water bug Insect-Man.
- Jinbei takes a critical blow from the m Jinpachi (in his true form), yet he still fight on and beat Jinpachi.
- Took major blows from Sanada attacks.
- Enter the Eternal Well and came back alive, being that inside the well is filled with poison.
- Get stabbed
by Kuroageha right through his body with coated-poison, yet he was still alive.
- Jinbei gets a very devastating and fatal blow from Yukimura and passes out, not killed.
- Hold on to
Kuroageha and end up having a overdoes of poison, yet he survive it.
Capture 02 by Darth-Drago
Speed by Darth-Drago
* Speed:
- Has a warrior, Jinbei had learn how to counter and even avoid dangerous attacks.
- Always mange to save someone right before an enemy is about to kill them (almost).
- Has fought against faster insect's.
- Avoid getting stab by the giant insect he had first encounter in Edo.
- Can keep up parry and block attack from Insect-Man's.
- Having lifting and swing a sword that had giant rocks on it, he can move faster and jump higher than any ordinary human.
- He caught one of Jinpachi blades with his teeth's.

* The Tsukishima Style (Tsukishima-Ryu): It is the famous swordmanship style created by  Jinbei's father Genjuurou Tsukishima. In addition to various standard battle stances and basic technique, Genjuurou also created 36 legendary techniques. The only other known practitioner of this is Jinbei himself, while having learned all its basic technique, Jinbei has only learned one of the 36 advanced technique and began to comprehend a second technique, but strongly desires to learn all the techniques and wishes to fully master this style. Jinbei's mother Kanae, has also learned at least one of these techniques from copying Genjuurou in battle. It was revealed that Genjuurou father was the one who invented the Tsukishima Style. Jinbei seems to have also taught himself many techniques in the style, whether these techniques were learned from his father or are truly self taught have yet to be seen in either adaptation.
17 by Darth-Drago
* Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Splitter: One uses their sword for a simple strong downward slash. 

11 by Darth-Drago
* Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Strike: The user strikes using the bottom of their sword's handle for a blunt force attack, making very devastating blow. 

Jinbei perfoms the Mt.Fuji storm by Darth-Drago
* Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Storm( Haburashi) : One uses their sword to read the flow of the opponent's strike and knocks it back at them with a strong gale such as a vortex. Jinbei used it to make a water tornado against Jinpachi.

Water Dragon by Darth-Drago
* T
sukishima Style - Mount Fuji's Rising Dragon ( Momo-Ryo) : One uses the water to propel himself at his enemy and strikes using his sword's handle. This technique is similar to Mount Fuji Strike, but uses water to increase the speed and power of the strike. The variation is instead of the swords handle, it uses the force of the several waterspouts resembling dragons, generating by swinging the sword where there's a water source like rain.

Capture by Darth-Drago
* Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Counter: The user counter's the opponent's attack with an attack of his own.

Jinbei using Mount Fuji Hammer by Darth-Drago
* Tsukishima Style -
 Mount Fuji Hammer: (Tetsuharu) The user does a downward slash attack that doesn't slash the opponent, but crushes them. The attack is so powerful that on impact, it lets out a strong shockwave and small crater resembling the shape of a round mallet imprint.

Meteor 01 by Darth-Drago
Meteor 02 by Darth-Drago
Meteor 03 by Darth-Drago
* Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Meteor Drop (Shinseki Okoshi) :A forward thrust downward while falling from high in the sky, followed by an over the shoulder swing of the sword, with such great force that it appears to be one or more falling meterorites. Complete atomize Sanada and turn him into ash.

Demon Fox by Darth-Drago
Demon Fox Mode:
- Tsukishima has a hidden power that turns him into a blood lusting monster which only activates when he is on the brink of death.
- When activated, nearly 3/4 of his hair turns white, he gains fox-like ears, and his eyes turn pure white.
- Unknown what caused or triggered it at first, it's likely to have something to do with the Insect Magistrate's hair being on him since she found a single strand of her hair in his mouth after he turned back and fell asleep.

3 by Darth-Drago
13 by Darth-Drago
19 by Darth-Drago
Catch by Darth-Drago
14 (1) by Darth-Drago
- This power does not change his entire body, but it does give him an immense boost in physical strength, durability, speed, flight, and the ability to manipulate his hair at will.
- When activated, Jinbei easily defeated many Mushikari which some Mushibugyo couldn't defeat.
- It was later revealed that this power was inherited from his mother, who had some past connections with the insect hunters, and only activates when he is on the brink of death and has come in contact with the eternal insect or someone who has obtained its power.
-After Jinbei fully control the ability, Jinbei became one of the strongest member of the Mushibugyo.
- He can fight and take blows from Sanada, the most powerful of the Insect-Man's equally.

Jinbei Hidden Power giant arm by Darth-Drago
16 by Darth-Drago
Spike Attacks by Darth-Drago
12 by Darth-Drago
* Supernatural powers:
- Not only did the Demon Fox Mode give him an unnatural power boost, he can come be manipulate and transform his hair's into various things that has different abilities.
- The "Hand" form can use to either hit someone really hard with a giant hand, or to capture foes with one of it fingers and choke the life out of it target's around their necks.
- The "Spike" form cause a ball of spike's to burst out and fire dozen of giants spike's all around the area.
- The "Glide" form allow him to fly in the sky.

Weakness by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- Despite his strength and abilities, he can still be killed.
- His Demon Fox Mode seem to only trigger when in a near-death state and with the power of the Eternal Well or Kuroageha hair's.
- He is far too kind and noble, willing to risk his life for others and even breaking rules to do so.
- His greatest enemy is himself, being that he isn't that much smart and always misunderstood or misread the situation or even what people say sometime.
-- He attack Hibachi when he thought of her as a enemy, and then later believe she was an imposter.
-- Another example was that when Mitsuki appear to Jinbei as the enemy, he had thought that she was being forced to do this, which only made Mitsuki more piss.
-- He hasn't found out that Kuroageha is in fact the Mushibugyo (he eventually did inside the Eternal Well in the manga version).
--- Even so, he isn't an idiot when it come to battle and can learn to adapt in dangerous stituation

Untitled by Darth-Drago

From the Mushibugyo Office, Jinbei Tsukishima has come to Death Battle!

- I do not own this character. Series: Mushibugyo!

Please share you thought or opinion on who would face this character.

- PS: I may update this if there more information's. Please share some information's you may have on this character.
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