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Walking down this street to his home afternoon, Anthony Dixon (17 years old) has visit his friend house to talk about Halloween Night party at their high school tonight. Anthony is wearing a black shirt with a wolf on it and a gray jacket under it, a jean and black sneakers.  He has black hair, green eyes and has a bandage on his nose due to getting a broken noise about few days ago after getting punch in the face by a dude. One of the reason being that he has been trying to find a date for the Halloween night party, but all reject him and he even accidentally ask out the due girlfriend by mistake. He and his friend Joe Murray (green hair, brown eyes, age 18) had made a club known as the Superstitious Detective to discover strange and unnatural event for 5 months; sadly those two are the only members of the club, while other students would only come to the room just to studying their homework’s. Most of their cases are about a mysterious and mystical store where strange event happen inside and rumor said that a dude got something from the store and transform into a “vampire”.

Anthony had finally reached his two-floor house and reach in his pocket to open the front door. With his parents still out on their jobs, he was given the key to the house and was told to call them when he returns home. Just then, right near the front door was a strange cage and a note right on top of it. He took the note off the cage and read it.

“Dear customer, you have been selected by your personality and pure-heart to own this very special gift. I also heard that you were part of a special club that was investigating about a mysterious ‘store’ and have decided to give you something to prove about it existence. Inside this cage is something that human only believes in legends and myth. This package will not only change your pervasion of thing, but also change your life forever. Sincere, Mr.Z”

Having finished reading the note slowly, Anthony was mostly suspicion about the part about the very same store that both he and his friend were trying to find for so long. He soon comes to the conclusion to believe this to be a prank by some of the students who believe him to be silly and crazy; even some of the girls he try to ask out reject him and called him insane about the supernatural. As he open the door, he try to look inside the cage to find out what really inside, though it was dark and hard to see anything, he could hear the sound of a whimper that only a dog makes. He could feel like he was wasting his time and decide to just take the cage and leave it in the family room, after all how dangerous could the dog be. He gently places the cage near the dinner table and began walking toward his room upstairs. Since he work all day helping Joe research and having his nose damage, he decide it was best to rest for tonight. He quickly changes his clothing, close the window so the light does bother him and place the alarm to wake him by 7:00 pm. But alone down stair in the dark room, the once quite cage began to shake as the sound within the cage change from silent to a growl and two glowing blue eyes.

The night had finally arrived as the moonlight light shine through Anthony windows and brighten the room. It only took a few minutes later till his alarm started and awake from his dream. He slowly moves around the room after getting out of his bed, only to hear his phone and soon found his mother was calling him.

“Hello mom, what up? What! But you are going to miss the whole party tonight. Yes mom, I know you have a busy schedule, but who going to pick me up tonight once the party is done. Alright, I guess I can walk all the way home. Love you to mom.” He places his cell phone gently down on the table as he felt thing were just getting more difficult, like the world was against him. It was soon time to get prepare for tonight, but first he would need to visit Joe to tell him about happen this early afternoon.

As he started to put his pants on and try to reach for his shirt, a loud crash and some scratching sound came from down stair and got Anthony attention. “What the hell? Oh crap, the pet!” He quickly put his shirt on and ran toward the door. As he left out of his room, he realize he had no idea what can of dog he got inside his house and needed to be caution.

He slowly approaches the stair and took a peek to see what was happening down there. He could see some claw marks, broken glasses and cottons all over the floor. He walk down the step very quick-like, for whatever did this was no mere dog or puppy and did not want to confront it. He could see the front door, his only way out and plan to get help once he walks out that door. Little did Anthony knew, right close to his room and down the hallway was all cover in darkness due to the fact that there was no window or moonlight to reach it. But within that darkness laid two, glowing blue eye starring right at him and release a low, but noticeable growl that caught Anthony attention. The boy slowly turns his head and his eye give the hint of fear in them, as the creature walk out of the darkness with it front paws showing it claws and it canine face bearing it fangs.

Just from looking at it, Anthony have realize that he was facing one of his worse and terrifying fears in his entire life; a wolf. When he was young, He had his first experience with wolf during the time with his parent out camping. He was only 7 and he got separate from his parent one night and had a run in with a young puppy wolf. He saw that it was being chase down and attack by other wolves and try to save it. After grabbing the pup and taking it away from the attackers, he presume it was safe for him to gently pet the puppy till a adult wolf appear and scratch his arm with it razor claws. That moment change his perspective of wolves as monsters and he mange to run away from the beast. Eventually the parents had finally found him hiding the lodge and take him back home.

The creature was cover in silver fur, and it was three time the size of any normal dog or wolves he ever seen from either television or the zoo. The wolf walk slowly, but closer to Anthony and the boy could hear the beast louder as it show more of it fangs. The moment the beast took another step, Anthony rush down the stair in great haste, but the beast jump off from the second floor and landed on the table, which the table was crush and destroy by the silver wolf. Anthony could see the door and ran toward it, but the beast leap right on top of him and landed right in front of him, once more the beast bare it fangs and starred at him with its blue eye. Anthony could image the beast devouring his whole body; what a horrible way to died, and in his own house. The beast tackle him, and Anthony close his eye, for he desire not to see the beast biting off his flesh, blood splaying on the floor and a part of his body bone on the creature jaws.

Few second had pass and only he could feel was as if someone is slapping him with wet, soft newspaper. He open one of his eye to see what the happening and could see, to his surprise, the beast was licking his face with great passion. Anthony move away from the beast and wipe away all the slime off his face, while the beast just stare at him, but this time like a cheerful dog saying hello to his master and it even wag it tail in joy. Anthony just couldn’t understand; that creature was a wild, dangerous beast, yet act like a train, loyal dog. Just then, Anthony notice that the wolf has a collar on it neck and try to move closer to it, though he was still afraid of it. He carefully analyzes the collar and could see only the word “Eva” on it.

“Eva? So I guess he is actually a she. Whoever sends this creature to my home, could not be any ordinary person. I need to tell Joe of this quickly.” There was a problem to his plan; the wolf itself. Whether he goes, either to his room, the kitchen or even the bathroom, Eva would follow him no matter where he run or hide. It wasn’t following him because it thought of him as prey; rather it was as if it had fallen in love with him and wanted to have his attention all on her.

To test his theory, he asks Eva to get the shirt that was leave in his room, and like lighten she quickly ran up the stair and return with his shirt in it jaws. It even wanted him to reward her and when he tries to pat her head, he could already guess that this wasn’t what she wants. He quickly realize that this wolf was trying to act like a human; it was too smart to know which shirt he wanted to wear and even how she folded the shirt on the floor like a present. Already he had reached his limit as he can’t spend anymore near the wolf because of his fear and wanted just to leave the house. But if he does, there the chance the wolf may follow him and it could cause a panic in the street. He soon believes that it obedient could be the trick; he places a rope around her collar and commanded her stay in the house until his return him. All Eva did was just staring at him, thinking she get it and walk out the front door with no worries. The moment he had left, the beast just stood there doing nothing but just stared at the moon outside. Just then it body began to change as it grew bigger, it paws became hands and even stood up with it back legs…

An hour had soon passed and Anthony had finally arrived to his friend Joe house with no problem. He knocks at the door and waited till his friend open the door. Anthony notice that Joe was wearing a devil costume with the spear and red tail. “Dude, glad you could come to my simple home. So shall we continue up where we last stop before going to the party?”

“Actually, funny thing you should mention about that…” Anthony walks inside Joe home as he began to explain everything to him. But right outside the back yard of the house, a silver beast had reached one of the windows and could see them in the family room. After Anthony had finished his story, Joe just looks at with a mix of shock and suspicion.

“So let me get this straight: This Mr.Z, owner of the store we been trying to find, hand send you a wild wolf that was train and has a huge crush on you. Dude, don’t get me wrong, but this whole thing sound a bit crazy to be real. Are you sure it just a simple dog or something?”

“Come on Joe, you know me; I wouldn’t lie to you something about this big. Sure, I too was suspicion about the owner somehow found his home and tell him about his existence being real and all. But right now there is a silver wolf living inside my house and you know I am afraid of wolves. I don’t know what to do with it.”  Joe give him a soda help him to forget and hopefully calm him down, as he was shacking crazy after spending so much time with a dangerous beast (though Anthony made it sound like the beast was really more peaceful than he thought it to be).

“Okay, I believe you man. If this wolf is giving such hard time, why not just lure it back to it cage with some bait and problem solve.” The way Joe said it, it seem to be a simple plan; after wall, the wolf seem to be very obedient since it has a crush on him and it could be done within few minutes.

“But I think we would need to put that plan on hold first. We are needed in the party, since we are the only guys who know how to operate the radio. It a good thing we study how to operate some machines during our second grade at high school. Now wear this mask, since you didn’t bring your costume on your way here.” As Joe past a paste werewolf mask to his head, Anthony could relax knowing he had a friend he could count on when he was in trouble.

Joe left Anthony alone to relax and come met him outside when he was ready. Anthony could see a beautiful full moon just outside one of Joe window and that theme fit perfectly for tonight Halloween. Anthony holds the mask on his hand and walk toward the front door to meet up with his friend for this spooky night. As he passes down the front door he could see his friend standing right in front of him, but Anthony notice that Joe was starring at something above his house. Anthony walk next to his friend to find out what Joe was looking at, but the moment when he did look up he wish he never did. Right on top of Joe roof stand a strange, furry creature that glaring at them with it blue eyes. It leap of the roof land few feet’s away from them, allowing them to see the creature better once the moon light pass through the clouds. Joe was just paralyzed from complete fear by the sight of unknown, but real monster just right in front of him and it was a terrifying monster indeed. However Anthony too was afraid, but notices the strange resembling to the wolf he had in his house. It had the same silver fur and blue eyes, but it was standing on two legs, it was twice the since of any adult there ever seen, and the creature body was in fact female easily (had a figure and boobs) but was as fit and buff like an Amazon they seen in the comic or anime.

“Anthony, is it by any chance that monster is Eva, the wolf you told me about?”

“W-Well it does resemble Eva, but she wasn’t like that when I left her alone home.” The creature soon spotted them and seems it is ready charge at them. Joe grabs Anthony by the arm and together ran away as the beast unleash a great howl and chase them down.

“Dude, the owner didn’t give you any ordinary wolf; he gave you a real, breathing werewolf! It must have change when it seen the full moon. But what I don’t know is why is she hunting us down for?”

Running pass the street, the duos could hear the sound of people and children saying ‘trick-or-treat’ just on the opposite side of the neighborhood. Realize it would be bad if the monster were to be seen by the public eyes; it was decided run down toward the less populated street and hopefully lose the beast. But Anthony could see Eva the werewolf jumping and leaping from one roof to another, and she was right on their trail. The only path they think the creature wouldn’t follow was down the alley which would soon lead to the safely of their school. Just half-way through the alley and the boys seem to have finally lost Eva, but while Joe was had pass in front of him, Anthony could hear a loud howling coming right above them and to his horror the werewolf was right on top of them. The beast crashes the trash can with it weight and block Anthony path through the other side.

“Joe, help me man! Joe!!” As Anthony cried out for his friend for help, but he quickly realizes that Joe was already gone. Anthony was now alone, facing the monstrous beast right before him. Before he could even run or scream the beast leap at him and place both it arms around him, giving him a bear hug. He could feel the beast licking him, as if it tasted him first before it would devour him. It was bad enough that he was afraid of wolf; but after being hunted down and about to eaten by a savage werewolf, he had now finally lost the well to contain his fear and relenting try to escape from it claws. He manages to push the werewolf away from him and fell to the floor.

“Get your filthy, monstrous paw off me! Get away from me you savage, murderous beast! I knew you try to eat me from the moment I brought you in my home and have been trying to trick me. You monster are nothing but stupid, ugly, sick, twist animal that love nothing but to kill innocent people like me. Your kind should be better off dead and wipe out from the face of the earth. I don’t ever want to see your face ever again monster!!”

Having finally release all the anger, fear and hate toward the object of his fear, he no longer had any regret for the next few minutes once the beast kills him in a savage hunger and would rather close his eye before that happen. Few seconds had pass and strangely nothing has yet happen at all. He open one of his eye, to at least see what was going on and all of the things he seen, this was one the most weirdness moment he seen yet. He thought the beast would be piss off from his speech and would kill in a heartbeat; but no, Anthony could see tears flowing from the beast face and the way the creature reacted was like it was reject by it lover. The beast ears lower down in shame and leap into the sky, but not before turn it head toward Anthony one last time, tear still be see on the creature face. The beast was gone and he was safe now… but why does he still feel like something was broken. He check his limbs and bone, but none of them were injure or broken. The only place the pain was emitting from his heart.

Eventually Joe had regained back conscious and notice that Anthony was alive and unharmed. Joe asks what happen, but Anthony didn’t respond nor did he even want to talk about it right now. With madness now seem over, the boy decide to finish what they started: counties going to the party. On their way there, Anthony could still remember that painful expression on that beast…no, her name is Eva. Did he just overreact because of his extreme fear of wolf? What proof does he have that Eva came to Joe house to kill him. What if she just did all this just to see him? He rarely knows anything about the wolf, but for just that mere moment he believes she never had any attention to kill him. The more he thought about Eva, more he realize that he in the end he was just a jerk who didn’t even care about Eva feeling. They were close to reaching their destination, but Joe began to be concern about his friend as he feels something eating at him and had to talk to him.

“Dude about the were… I mean about Eva, am sorry that you had go through such experience. You can’t blame for what happen, she was a werewolf and let face it man things wouldn’t go well. I think it was wise to get rid of it; we were lucky that no one had seen her and send in the SWAT to hunt her done to kill her, or worse do some horrible experiments. Okay, I this isn’t the kind of inspiration speck people would use to cheer up your friend. *sign* the point is that you feel guilty man, but you have to move on man. I just don’t want to see you like this.”

Anthony could understand what his friend trying to say, but even so when he looks at the moon it still remind him of Eva. Finally reaching toward the end of the alley way, the duo could see their school just the two blocks away. Joe could still tell that Anthony was still bother, but hopefully he would eventually forget about after the party. But right behind them a mugger appear right behind the shadow, quickly knocking Joe out (again sadly) and quickly pin Anthony to the floor with a gun to the face.

“Alright punk, give me the money or you’re going to have a lot of hole in your face!” It just one trouble after another; he was hunted down by his newly pet werewolf, broke the werewolf heart and felt guilty, and now he was going to be shot in the face by a mugger. Maybe it was his punishment just for even living in this world.

He could hear the mugger about to shot as his finger is close to the trigger, and deep within himself he felt that there was something he needed to do something. He wanted to see Eva and tell her he was sorry. He didn’t care if she was a werewolf or even a monster he want to see her and he can’t die, not like this.

“EVA!!” Anthony yells from the top from his lung, calling for her even if she wasn’t here at all. The scream only seems to enrage the mugger even more and already prepare for the shot.

Time seem to slowly down as the bullet pass out from the gun and go directly to Anthony face, till a dark figure appear from the sky with moon behind the figure. The unknown figure had managed to grab Anthony in the last minute with such speed and place Anthony safely on the ground. The mugger was surprise by what just happen, but he quick to pull his gun and aim it at the dark figure, but the dark figure was it was so fast that in mere second had dodge the bullets with ease and was already at the mugger, slashing him with it claws as finishing blow. At first Anthony had presume it was Eva who saved him, but notice she smaller when they last met (still taller than him) and she seem to have less fur all over her body. As the moon brightens the room, he discovers the figure appeared to be human, but strangely has a tail and ear of a wolf. The woman had tanned skin and seems to be wearing shirt and skirt; he could even see some fur coming from the lower part of the body. What really got his attention was long, flowing silver hair, those blue eyes and that collar.

“Eva, is that you?” The person seems to respond to his word, slowly approach him till she was close to his face and suddenly slap him in the face with her hand. Anthony could feel such strength just from such soft hand, turning at her with confusion on his face.

“You hurt my feeling when you call me a monster and began yelling at me, so how did not know you were going to get slap from that.” Anthony understands where she getting at and he too would still be anger after being call a monster.

“Eva, am sorry for yelling at you and hurting your felling. It just when I was young I was attack by a wolf for saving a pup and got injure in the process. I just hope you can forgive me.” Eva expression quickly changes from scold to a small smile on her face.

“Anthony I can forgive you, after all you once save my life.”

“Huh, what do you mean? Have we met before?” Just then Joe slowly regained conscious once again and notice the two talking to each other.

“You deserve to know who I am and why I came to see you. The forest where your family came to camp was actually a place home for all werewolf kind to live in peace and hide from mankind. My family has the ability to change from human, wolf and werewolf; but they are time when we see the full moon and we are force to change into werewolf. I was only a kid 10 years ago and I was always bully by the other children’s just because I was the daughter of the chief of the pack. Then one day you came to save me from those bullies and like in the story you were like my knight in shiny armor. But then my father came and well…he attacks you. Am sorry for what my dad did, he was only trying to protect me because you were human and he hates human because they kill my mother.”

“We were told that human were selfish and desire to take out homes away. We try fighting back, but it may thing more complicate as time went by. But you were different and I really wanted to met, though my father against it. Eventually I decide to leave the safely of the forest and began my search for you. For years I been try to find you, but I never got your scent and it gets harder for the passing years. I almost give up and fear I may never see to thank you. But then a strange man name Mr.Z came and told me where to find you. He told me you were in a different country and it was impossible for me to travel since I don’t even own an ID. So instead he places me inside a cage and packages me to your home.”

“When I was inside the house I try to change, but the cage was so uncomfortable and I was too weak to even change. But thanks to the full moon, when I change to werewolf form I was able to gain back my strength, but I need to focus for few minutes to force myself to change since the full moon is out. Anthony…Am so sorry for everything. Perhaps I should have never come at all.”

Anthony was surprise by all this, and so was Joe. For the moment Anthony could see tears coming from Eva once more, but see her cry somehow made him feel angry and as if by instinct quickly place his arm around, giving her a hug.

“I don’t care about all that just happen or if you are a werewolf, you help me confront my fear and show me that people should learn to understand each other inside of fearing each just because we are different. Eva…I wanted to know if you like to join me to the Halloween Party?” Now Eva was the one speechless by Anthony propose to her and a smile could be seen right on her face. Joe continue to watch from the distant as slowly the two got closer to each other till both kiss each other on the lips. Strangely, did this Mr.Z do all this just to help Anthony out? What was this strange person gain from all this? This mystery seems to get more confusing than it was before, but that would be for another time. Joe finally joins the two and together began a new start of their life.
This a new, remade story that tell the about one of the classic horror creature and the return of the Owner, Mr.Z
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