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The owner: "Mm…I can sense a "needy" costumer nearby; I guess it time to welcome my new costumer." The mysteries owner has been waiting for two hours for a new costumer after his last costumer; the vampire girl. Now, he senses another costumer coming to his door; the boy name is Anthony Dixon. He is 16 years old; wears a black shirt with a wolf on it and a gray jacket under it, a jean and black sneakers.  He has black hair and green eyes; he is the most popular kid in high school, but he has a problems; he is very shy to girls. He try his best to ask a girl, but end up running away and fall on his face.  The other problem is that he has a young wolf name Eve; Eve has white fur and she was save by Anthony when he was 13 years old and she was crush under a falling tree. After that, he had kept Eve at his house, treating her, and then decided to make her a member of the family. However, some female students at school began to get worry and scare because of Anthony pet wolf, since it can became dangerous and decided to get away from him; they like him, but they don't want to get near his wolf, since Eve is really protected and doesn't like other female being near Anthony.  Seem got even worse when Anthony need to find some for the high school Halloween party tonight; he try to find some girl for tonight, but all refuse him. He was about to give up, until his friend, Joe Murray, told him about a "special" store. Joe is 16 years old, like Anthony; he wear a red-black shirt with a grim reaper on it, a brown pants and sneakers. He is blond and has red eyes; he is Anthony friend since they were fresh mate (9th grade). He is good with math, history and science and most ask him for help. He has some problem with animals, even with Eve; she mostly attack when she see him.  But one day, he discovers a "strange" store near the alley way, and heard rumor that there was a "cat girl" last year, then a "vampire girl" two weeks ago. Now Anthony and Joe decided to find the mysteries store and maybe find someone who can help them…

Anthony: "Hey Joe, is that the store?" After an hour of searching different alley ways, Anthony and Joe had found the mysteries they had been searching for.

Joe: "Good, now we must enter the store and ask the owner for some help. Now, be silent and let me do all the work."

Anthony: "Um…okay." Both Anthony and Joe enter the store; the store was quite weird with different statues and weird artifacts.  At the counter the owner, his eye as red as blood and his smile that nearly creep them out.  

Owner: "Oh, I was expecting you Anthony. So, what do you want from me."

Joe: "Well, we want your help and…" Joe was smack by the owner before he could finish; he has pay attention to him, not even looking at Joe.

Owner: "I was talking to Anthony, not you.  Now…what is that you want?"

Anthony: "Ah, well I am looking for a girl to take at the Halloween party, but all refuse me because I am shy to girl and…"

Owner: "That you have a wolf for a pet? Don't worry, I have the answer right here." The owner gave Anthony a small, white jelly bean and places it on his hand. Both were shock…well actually confuse about the whole thing, and then began to laugh together.

Anthony: "You got to be kidding me? How is this bean going to help me get a girl?"

Owner: "I can't tell you how; you must figure out on your own; after all, you are a kind kid and I think you will find your answer. Now take it and leave." Anthony did what the owner said and leave. However, Joe was very piss and grabs the owner by the shoulder.

Joe: "Why!? Why does Anthony get Anthony get anything, even if it just a bean, while I get nothing?!" The owner only laughs at him, then suddenly he vanishes, so had the store he was inside. Joe got even mad and storm out the alley.

Meanwhile Anthony had return home, only to be push down and being lick by Eve, his pet wolf.

Eve (English): "master, you have returned. I hope you had a great day master."

Anthony: "Okay girl, please stop. You are licking me to death." Eve had been licking Anthony for five minutes, and then finally stops and let him go. Anthony smooth brush her soft, white fur with his hand, then went to his room to change. After ten minutes, he came out and was wearing a monster hunter's costume. "So, what do you think Eve?"

Eve: "It looks great on you." However, to Anthony she only said (Bark bark bark). Then he looks outside and it was getting dark.

Anthony: "Oh no, I must be late for the party; all way, I guess I am going alone." He took out the bean that the owner gave him; Anthony feel like he was trick and got really piss about this. "I search for that store and this is all I get? 'This bean will help you', yeah right!" He threw the bean to the floor and march up to the door. He was stop by Eve, giving him the puppy eye and soft bark.

Anthony: "Am sorry girl, but I can't bring you. The students will freak out if I bring you along; please stay here and behave."

Eve: "No, please take me with you! I can behave; I can be this "date" for your party." But Anthony left the house and locks the front door. As Eve began to lie down, began to make wimping sound, she notice a bean on the ground. Her stomach began to make sounds, making her feel hungry, and the bean look tasting to her. "Well it would be a shame to leave a good looking bean gone to waste." Eve got up and walks toward the bean, then lick it and shallow the bean down her throat.  Then a strange, eerie feeling all around her body, making her barks painfully. Then her body began to twist and change, causing her to makes a long and painful howl; her body began to twist and turn, causing her howl even louder in pain.  Her entire furs vanish from her body and the whole body gains the shape a human girl; her chest began to grow two orbs till they were D-cups. Her wolf mouth began to shrink until it was a soft, human face while her small black nose began to grow and change into a human nose. Her skull began to grow white hair till they reach her butt, giving her a long white mane. After the transformation was done, she opens her blue eye to see her hands different. She gasp that her body had change, but notice that she has made a word; she can actually speak for the first time of her life.

???: "So, do you love your new body?" Eve turn around to see the stranger (the owner) behind her. She show off fangs, ready to attack him, but the stranger keep dodging her till she finally give up, since she can't control her new body so well. "Now listen, for I will not repeat it; you have 24 hours to be a human until the sun rise up. If the sun rises up, you will revert to a dog again. For now, I have left out clothing for you; you don't need a costume since you have fangs, claws, ears and a tail of your former self. Now there is a warning though; you mustn't get angry, for if you get angry you will transform into a fearsome beast, so be careful of your temper, okay? Now get dress, if you want to meet Anthony in your new form. After that the stranger disappears, leaving a confused wolf girl alone. After five minutes had pass, an idea appear to her.

Eve: "I get it; I gotten get a kiss from Anthony before sun rise. After that he and I will finally to be together at last; no more be an animal to Anthony. No more having to wait for him to come home. No more having to be misunderstanding about my feeling to him! I, Eve, will finally show my true feeling to him, this I swear!" After that she got the clothing and end up wearing a very small, twist shirt and a blue skirt with black strip. Most of her remain furs are on her right hip and her lower left leg. She opens the door with her new hand march out the door to complete her goal.
This story is about a wolf-girl. This also has romance.
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floopygoober Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
This is really I'd I'm excited to see what happens
netsurfer77 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*blinks*i just noticed it says part 1. where is 2 and 3?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Ah yes; last year I was planning on finishing it before October, but than I was given a pill of work from college and eventually forgot to finish it at all. However, on this month, I am planning on remaking the Halloween: Werewolf story and even doing a new Halloween story soon. So be patient. 
netsurfer77 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*pouts*but work like this is hard to be patient with.[joking]
Paprika1 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
Thank you.
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010
Thank you, am sorry i couldn't finish this story earlier.
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem!
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