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Joey: "Come one, get in or we will force you to go in chicken!"That big, bulky guy is Joey.  Joey, with a group of teenager followers, screaming and yelling at the poor young boy near a tall, old mansion on the middle of the night; that poor sucker is me. I have notice that tonight had a full moon; it was bright, but the color was red like blood.

Paul: "Okay, am going. *gulp*" Now some may wonder 'What the hell is going on; why am I force to going into this old mansion and why there is a group of screaming teenagers?' Well it all started this morning at the park in the city of Tombstone...

I was wearing my orange jacket with pumpkin face on it; it was an average for me, standing around in the park, relaxing from doing so much homework and plans something Halloween (which is today). However, most people in Tombstone City hate Halloween; most families in Tombstone never celebrate (expect my family). The reason people don't celebrate Halloween because of an old folktale; Long time ago this city was a village and it was ruled by a group of witches. Most people were turn into animals or stone, other were used as test subjects for their magic or they do it for fun. The villagers were about to give up hope till a warrior came and kill all the witches with his magic sword. One by one they were hunted down by the warrior until there was only one witch left; before he could kill the last witch, he was kill by a disease that no one knew how to cure it back then. Some says that the witch is still alive and lived in an old mansion, but most never go in and check if it was true or not. But to the main point, the village decides to never to celebrate on Halloween ever again. Now back to my life; I was enjoying my afternoon until Joey came behind me and push me out from my chair.

Paul: "What the hell man, what did you do that for?" I was a bit angry when I was awake from  my rest, but my mood change from angry to fear, as I face Joey;  AKA "Mister Big and Scary". He was so big, that he was almost the size of a bear, and has the strength of a rhino.

Joey: "Oh, it would seem we have a tough guy here. So, planning on doing something on Halloween night?"  He tone was loud and cruel, meaning that he has something up in his cruel, sick head.

Paul: "What do you want Joey, I don't have time talking with you." I wasn't going to stick around and see what he has in plan, so I decide to leave, but act kind since I am not the type who is rude or mean to most people.

Joey: "oh, I though you want me to remind "you" that you had to go to 'the Witch Mansion', to prove everyone that there is no witch in it." The moment I heard what he said, my heart skip a beat; then my face turn red and I felt so mad. That bastard Joey, what the hell is he planning?

Paul: "What are on earth are you…?"

Joey: "Oh, I even told everyone that from school that you are going into the witch mansion, just to remind you." Now that he mention it, it was strange how every teenager from my school acted when they see me; they act scare yet most give me a thumbs up or a sign saying "you can do it Paul." I couldn't believe how Joey could do all this on only a day; I just don't understand why he would do this in the first place.

Paul: " …Okay, why are you doing this?"

Joey: "Well for one, three years ago you got a picture of me wearing a pink itch costume and show it to the whole school…"

Paul: "Oh yeah, that was funny. I mean, why were you wearing that anyway?"

Joey: "It not important! Anyway, if you don't come tonight at the witch mansion, everyone will get piss and they will get your head."

Paul: "So I have no other choice, do I?"  

And so here we are, at the mansion with the whole group of teens and Joey, including me, as I prepare to enter the old, spooky mansion; I am hoping that I don't actually met the witch. You know, if I had a choice between entering a spooky house and end up meting the evil witch, or run away and being known to everyone as a coward, I would chose running away. Expect the problem is that I am surrounded and there is no way of escape, so I guess I really have no choice.

Joey: "Come on, what taking so long!? Are you having second thought and want to go home with your mommy?" Okay, I had it with him; I like to show him and everyone who boss around here.

Paul:  "Alright, I am going in and I will prove there is no witch or anyone else in this mansion!" I am scare, but I mustn't show any fear around Paul and everyone else. I walk the stair, slowly and carefully; these stair look very old and decay, they could easily break and I may fall on one of them. I soon reach for the door; the door had strange symbols and a face of a young girl on top of the door; now that was strange.  As I open the door, I could hear the crowd cheering for me as I get in. When I close the door, all the sound outside went silence, as if I was no longer on earth. The inside of the mansion was dirtying; this place hasn't been clean like for…millennium. There is a rocking chair, a fire place with two monster faces at each side of the fire place, an old record player, even a picture of Elvis in his 30; I wonder how the witch could get this. I lift the living room and made my way up the stairs. As I walk the stair, turn my head to see a skeleton face.

Paul: "Ahh!" I nearly fall, but grab hold on to the stair case. I look at the skeleton face again, only to realize it was just a painting. I took a moment to calm down, and then began moving again. After I reach to the top of the mansion I notice that the atmosphere was dark and eerie; there was only one hallway and that leads to a door on the other side, but the hallway had knight armors at one side and a cougar on the other. There were different painting, each had a woman in it; I bet that each painting hold a witch and the years they were. As I finally reach to the end, I notice one picture had a very old woman, and the year she died was 2000.

Paul: "So this is the witch that lived here. It too bad she dies. So I guess I can leave this mad house." I decided to check on the next painting before leaving, however the painting was completely blank. Suddenly the door near me open up; I wanted to run, but I felt like I must go I it and check on what inside that room. I try to turn, but my body began to move on its own; I try to gain control, but the more I try to gain control, the more my body began to move faster. Then I enter the room and before I knew the door slam and lock itself. I turn to the door and turn to the rest of the room, only to be surprise that the only thing in this room is a big black pot and a long, wooden staff with a red crystal on top. My body won't even budge; an old, eerie voice came from the stuff and began to float on air.

???: "At last, someone had the courage  to enter to my domain. It been too long"

Paul: "Who there!? What do you want from me!?!" the voice only laugh at my question.

???: "You poor child, let me explain. You see over the year I began to age slowly, but I know that eventually I would die. So I decide to put my soul in this staff of my, then I would wait for someone to enter my room and touch my staff: once that happen I will transform the host body into something 'comfortable'.  However, no one came and I had to spend ten years in this hell hole. But now here you are; now I can finally be reborn and rule this land once again."

Paul: "No…I wouldn't let you do this! This is my body, not something you can just take and keep it for yourself!?"

???: "Ha ha, am afraid you have no choice. Now, once you touch the staff, my essence will flow into your body and both our soul will merge together. We will both become one different person; this person will gain a new body and will have incredible power that can conquer the whole world."

Paul: "You would risk your life just to become someone else? You're insane!"

???: "True, but if I were to be the same me, the chance are I will get my same, old body and be even weaker. Enough talk, let began the rebirth of a new witch!" The staff teleport into my hand, then a giant symbol appear under me. As it rises up to my head slowly, my entire body began to go a quick transformation. My legs lost all their hair, so did my arms and chest; I could feel my skin becoming smooth, like I inside a huge jelly. I could feel like all the fatness began to transfer into my chest, causing my body to be slender while my chest began to grow till it was D-cups; it felt alien, yet wonderful, like my chest was blooming and I could felt the pleasure all over my body, I nearly moan and I sound like a girl.  My butt began to inflate, but not to big (they were also a bit uncomfortable). I began to feel great pain coming from my crotch, like something was sucking you-know- what; then the pain stop, which mean my "manhood" is gone, but I couldn't care. My waist went inward while my hip went outward; my nails grow long and had the color black. The finally change was my face; my once manly face change as my lip change red, my nose shirked, my hair grow long and turn from black to white like snow, and finally my eye turn light blue. Before I knew my clothing also change; it was a bit embarrassing as this clothing show more of my skin. The color of this clothing was black and I had one metal on both of my panty hose and the other between my chests. Suddenly, before I knew, I felt like..a how different person, and not just physical. I crave for power…I wanted more!  Fuck my old life, the only thing I care is power.

???: "Yes, I need more power! But first, it times to meet my 'people'. Heh heh." I walk up to the window, to see the town and the people outside. I began thinking where to begin my first strike. Mm…where to begin…

Joey: "Where the hell is taking Paul so long!? If he doesn't hurry up, I am going to beat the hell out of him the moment he gets out of that mansion!"  Ah ha; I found my first victim. I aim my staff at Joey and with a single blast from my staff, I had transform Joey into an eleven year old girl. Soon everyone spotted me and all began to scream from my attack. I look at them; they are weak and feeble. I show an evil smile to them and said "All of you are now my puppets! This land is now my domain! HA HA HA!!!" The new age of mankind slavery had begun.
This another Halloween. This time no old man and/or romance. This is tru horror; the witches has return.
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mossagateturtle Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
And if something bad threatens the world, the Mystical Five comes to the rescue.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Oh, who are they? I would like know these Mystical Five.
mossagateturtle Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, they're the protagonists of my fanfic, Mystical Friends.
The group's leader, Christopher Thompson / Crystal:
Matori Summers, as a Magical Girl also known as Aurinia Amethyst:
Agate McCartney, vampire, and the group's strongest member:
Joey Omori, a.k.a. the Green Ninja, Agate's boyfriend and a vampire ninja:
Mira al-Rashid, the Gryphon Mistress. Summoner and bo-staff fighter (she has a tendency to avoid fight):
HunterD2001 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
NESWolf20 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
very cool 
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool story
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i am the grammar Nazi! the story is good, but your grammar is bad
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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o0 you should do a series off of this
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