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Last year, two boys name Larry and Steve, found a mysteries store and in it was a strange, mysteries old man. The owner of the store gives them costumes for their Halloween party, but one of the costumes had a magic spell on it. Steve, Larry only friend, wore a magical cat ear, that turn him into a cute, red hair cat girl, while Larry learn an important lesson between real love and fake love. So at the end of the day, both Steve and Larry fell in love with each other. But some wonder about the strange owner, and the question most people are asking themselves is where did the mysteries store vanish and will it return this year..?

Eric Louis, 15 year old boy (sophomore); he is you avenger "nerd", with geeky glasses,  light green shirt with pocket protector,  brown short,  and dark brown "old man" shoes.  He has brown eye, black hair; his height is 5.0 and many call him "round boy" because…well he was a bit chucky. And just like many nerds, they all have bullies bugging them all the time. Pal Truman, 17 years old man (senior); a jockey and the leader of a football team; blond hair and black eyes; wears a red-white mix jacket and blue jean. Pal has bother him for three years (both school and vacation time) and has stolen his best friend Zeke Bryant; 15 years old (sophomore); male, also wear a jockey jacket and blue jean; has black hair and blue eyes. Although he is the same age as Eric, he is one of the most popular guy in school (because he is handsome and athlete), so Pal made him part of his team to get popular. Zeke hasn't talk to Eric or even get close to him after he had join Pal team; it was as if he wants to get rid of him from his life.  Eric couldn't stand his life; although he was the smartest student in his school, Pal and his gang will never leave him alone. But that is all about to change on that Halloween night…

Eric was running away from Pal and his gang; Pal was going to make him wear some cheerleader clothing, but Eric heard about his plan and decided to leave school early to escape from Pal, but Pal somehow knew about his plan and now he and his gang are chasing him down an alley. Eric was almost at the end of the alley way, only to see a dead end.

Pal: "Ha, we finally got him boys." Just as Eric was about to give up hope, a strange mist cover him, and then he disappear right in front of Pal and his gang. The next thing Eric knew, he was in a strange store with so many weird stuff; a crystal ball, a monkey hand, a magazine cover about "hottest monster", and an owl starring right at him. Eric quickly get, wondering where he is, but when he turn his face to the right, a stranger wearing a hood and only red eyes and a big smile was right near his face.

Eric: "AHHH!" Eric jump back in fear and try to use the door, but it was lock.

Stranger: "Oh, sorry about that; didn't mean to scare you." Eric soon slowly relaxes and walks toward to the stranger, although he doesn't trust him.

Eric: "Okay, first off where am I and who are you?" The stranger could only laugh at the boy question, which only made Eric even angrier. "Stop laughing!"

Stranger: "Now now, I know your problem with the bullies and that you want power."

Eric: "Wait…how did you know…" The strange stop him before he could finish his sentence, only showing a smile on his face.

Stranger: "I have something that could help you get rid of Pal and his gang for good." The stranger went to the back, and then five minutes later he came back with a fake vampire tooth in his hand.  "Here it is, this will be the answer for your entire problem." Eric took two minutes looking at it, and then looks back at the stranger.

Eric: "You're kidding me, right? Because by the look of this fake vampire tooth, I think you are insane and crazy!"

Stranger: "Trust me; wait till the moon rise and everything will come to you. Just one thing though…is your friend one of that gang that tries to hurt you?"

Eric: "Okay, how much do you know about me?"

Stranger: "That is my little secret. Anyway, you must be very careful; once you wear those teeth, there will be no turning back and your old life will be gone forever." This warning scare Eric for a moment; what did he met when he said 'your old life will be gone forever'? "Okay, have a great day."  The store began to get dark, with the stranger vanish. Eric opens his eye and finded himself in the middle of a park near his school. Eric spent tens minutes figuring out what just happen just back in the store. Eric soon got tired and decided to go home. As he was getting close to his house, Eric heard laugher coming from the other of the corner. Eric walks up close to the end of corner and spotted Pal and the whole football team (13 of them); they most have been waiting for him to home and get the surprise attack from them; he also spot Zeke with them, but unlike the rest of them, he look down and sad.

Eric: "Mm…I could leave and find some other place to live till they leave this area or…" Eric pull out the vampire teeth that the stranger gave wonder and remember him saying that this thing could help him get of them for good. He had to choice; run and hid, or us the teeth and have his "life" be gone forever? "Aw, I don't a crap anymore; I am going to die either way."

Eric put the vampire teeth on top of his real teeth, and then waited to see what happen next. After ten minutes had pass, nothing happen; he didn't feel anything different, so he decided to remove the vampire teeth off him. But as he tries budging off the teeth, he began to feel pain from trying to remove them.  Then a wave of pain course through him body; if he were to yell Pal and his Gang would hear him and attack him, so he decided to hide behind an alley where no one can see him. Then he began to feel his heart began to beat faster and faster, making him feel uncomfortable until finally…his heart stop beating. Eric eye became empty and his entire body stood still, lifeless; then he began move and fall on his back, dead. Suddenly his entire began to glow and then he his height began to grow from 5.0 to5.6 feet tall.  His chucky body began to go to a metamorphic transformation; his fatness were all suck into his body and his entire body began to crack and snap as his waist went inward, his hip began to grow, giving him "love handle". The next change was body hairs; they all fell off, while his skin began to get smooth yet cold. His body shape gotten more feminine, then his butt made some "balloon" sound as they began to grow big and round while his chest began to flourish into soft, round ball-like boobs (B-cups). Then odd transformation kicks in; his one black hair turn white and began to grow long till it reach his back and his ear grew long and elf-like. Next a "pop" sound from his pants and came out a long, thin tail with an arrow on it, and then another "pop", only this time from his back, grow out two small, bat wings. Suddenly one of Eric finger began to move; slowing Eric body began to get up and as it stood up, it eye were open, only to be red eye instead of brown.

Unknown: "Ha ha, this power…this body, it amazing! I could do anything! But first thing first, I have to get rid of those "fresh meats" that had been bothering my old self." This cold yet young female voice came from Eric body, and then shows an evil smile with two small fangs showing. She notices that her hair was too long, so she pulls out a few of her hair in order to make scarves and give her a long pony tail. Then she removes her old green shirt and began reaping of her shirt; she made a bikini that show off 75% of her skin. Then her wings grew bigger and flew off into the sky.  
Five minutes before Eric transformation:

Gang member one: "So how long must we have to wait for that nerd?"

Pal: "We will wait till he come, even if we have to wait all night." Pal throws a rock at one of his team member at of anger.

Zeke: Are you crazy?! You can't expect us to wait here all for just one guy?"

Pal: "He is not a guy; he is a "Nerd"! He just a weak, pathetic creature, who think he is a lot smarter than all of us! I am just going to show them who that we are on top of the food chain."

Zeke: "You can't hurt him! You made a deal with me; I promise to join your sick team in exchange that you will never hurt Eric. So let leave this place and give Eric a break." Zeke reach out his arm and try to grab Pal hand in agreement; however Pal move his hand away and punch Zeke in the face.

Pal: "Look here, I don't care about our "deal", I am going to beat the hell out of that nerd whether you like it or…"

"RARRRRR!!!" Everyone soon stop as they heard a demonic scream coming from out of nowhere. The whole team huddles up together, to see who made the scream. From left to right, there was no one near their location, until Zeke look up and saw a strange creature falling from the sky. Everyone stood back as the creature land on the ground, only to be revealed as a young girl, but with wings and a tail.

Pal: "What the hell…it just a girl. You there, go and get that rid of that girl." One of Pal team member walks toward to the mysteries, but then the girl jump on him and bites him on the neck. Then she began sucking his blood, which scare the crap out of most of the guys.

One of the football team: "What the hell is she?! She is sucking his blood!"

Pal: "Don't just stand there, get her!" The girl ran toward three more guys; the stab a guy with her tail while the other two were both punch toward the wall, it was as if she had super human speed and strength.  Five more members decide to a jump pile on her, believe that all of them could crush her with their weight. However, the pile began to move and four of them went flying, while the fifth was in the hand of the monstrous girl as she began sucking his blood. The remain two decide to run, but both her caught by the demonic girl and end up slamming to each other and went out cold. Pal began moving backward and try to escape, but the demonic girl appear right behind him and grab him by the neck, showing her vampire fangs.

Pal: "Please I beg you, let me go. I didn't do anything to you, so please let me go." Pal was so scared that he wet his pants. He couldn't believe someone so strong, yet evil exists. He pulls out his gun (which he was holding all day) and fire at her head. At first she looks dead, but then she looks at him with an evil smile, as if laughing at his shame and weakness.

Unknown: "You actually believe you could kill me? Ha, that a laugh. Finally, I can finally finish you off for all the pain and humiliation you give me." But as she was about to kill him with her own hand, Zeke yell out from behind.

Zeke: "Stop!! Why are you doing this? What do you want from us?" The demonic girl could only laugh at him and drop the shock and scared Pal to the ground.

Unknown: "What do I want from you? I only want your blood. Now, do you have anything left to say before I kill you?"

Zeke: "…Yes. All I want to say is that I am ashamed; ashamed that I have never told Eric about the deal with Pal. I promise that I will join Pal team in exchange that Eric would be left unharmed.  I wanted to tell him about it, but what would he think of me if I tell him, so I kept it a secret."

Unknown: "You mean you were actually protecting him all this time?" The mysteries girl tone change from demonic to innocent."

Zeke: "Yes, so will you just…make it quick and painless?" Zeke close his eye, preparing himself for his death, but all he hears was a girl crying. He opens his eye to see the demonic girl crying; he was shock, yet confuse about this situation. "Um…is there something wrong? Is my blood bad for you?"

Unknown: "No it…Zeke I am so sorry, I have never realize that you really…care of me." It took Zeke five minutes to realize (well it was difficult to amended) that this girl could be Eric.

Zeke: Wait…but how…why you are…Aw, my head hurt." Eric simply laughs at Zeke, so did Zeke. But then thing get serious again and Zeke look at her. 'Eric, what happen to you? Why did you do such a horrible thing?"

Eric: "I…I wanted power and to get rid of them, but I let the power control me and kill two or three people because of that. Zeke, I think it best that you kill me. I can't knowing that I will keep killing people; please, just finish me up now." Zeke got up and grab the gun, then walk toward and pointed the gun at her heart. As she turn her head away, ready to be punish for the things she had done, she heard the gun drop and then Zeke hugging her cold body. "What…what are you doing? Why didn't you shoot me?"

Zeke: "Because you are my friend! No matter what you are, even if you became a vampire, your still Eric and I will help you no matter what." The moment Zeke finish his sentence, Eric heart began to pump again; her wings and tail vanish, so did both her fangs. Zeke and Eric were both surprise by the event; Eric began to act more girly as she curse were finally…well almost.

Eric: "Wait, why am I still girl?"

Zeke: Don't worry, we can work together to solve your problem; but first we need to give you a new name, since you aren't a boy no more."

Eric: "What about…Izumi?"

Zeke: "mm…I guess it will do; now let go in and get some rest. It had been one hell of a night." Zeke grab her hands and walk toward her house, unaware that Izumi face was red. They may not have realized, but the mysteries stranger appears, seeing the result of his work.

Stranger: "It seems another customer is happy. Now, time to find another customer."
This a Halloween story about a nerd becaming a cute, but deadly vampire.
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Lol jk but you need to work on your grammar
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Interesting story drago I am going to give it 4 out of five for tg stories but then again I am comparing this to the hundreds of others ive read so still good job my boy
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