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Thomas, once a muscular human who was fuse with a fox spirit, now a young female fox girl who mission is to find the mysterious person before time run-out lose her body to the fox spirit. But before she reaches her goal, she first needs to understand her powers. On 12:00 P.M, she saw two robbers trying to steal money from an old lady; she remember the power she used on her two ex-friends, called 'Fox Fire', by focusing the flame into her hand and made five pink flames. She then launches them at the robbers and cause their clothing get set on fire.

Robber#1: "What the…ARGH! My mask is on fire!!"

Robber#2: "Forget the money, let get the hell out of here!" Both robber let got the old lady peruse and run out of the park, then jump on a lake to pull out the flames. But this end up alerting the cops and arrest the both of them.

After finish that problem, Thomas decide to see if she could fly. On her first try she jump in the air, but end up falling on the ground face down. The second time she began to float, but only last eight second and end up crashing to the tree. On her three try, she learn that instead of flying she can walk in mid-air and find much easier than flying. Her next power was to created illusion; she used these abilities on the same two robbers who escape from the cop's. She peeks into their deepest desire and both dream of being rich, so she cast an illusion of a pile of gold and treasure chest in front of them. The fools chase after the treasure, but strangely could never reach it; finally the treasure's stop and both of them jump toward, but then the treasure turn in cops and end up crashing to them. After that the robber's are once again arrested and send to jail.

After finishing her tests and have only wasted the whole day, she decided now is the time to meet him before it too late.
It was 1:50 A.M.; it was already dark with the crescent moon high in the sky.  A two-story house, in the middle of two other houses, is the home of Chris; the boy was get bully by Thomas. Chris had planned to spend the whole night watching supernatural movies when his parents have to stay at work all day long. Chris was bewildered by strange but powerful creature that some people think doesn't exist when he was a young boy. He been reporting and analyzing many different creatures, some with amazing powers and others who exist with nature.  But what was supposed to be a quiet night change when the power suddenly shut down. It was because of a lighting strike that hit a transformer and few houses lose power in the process.  The next that happen came was a knock on his door; Chris didn't tell anyone he was alone and his parent should not return how till tomorrow. Chris musters up the courage to get close to the door and look in the peep hole only, to his surprise, a cute girl wearing a kimono. Thinking it was safe, he open the door to the mystery girl.

Chris: "Uh…may I help you?" He tries not to blush in front of the girl.

???  : "May I come in, there something I must tell you."

Chris thought: Could she be…in love with me? No, that not right. "Sure, you welcome to enter." Chris closes the door while the girl found a chair and set down. Chris grabs a chair and sits next to her. "So, what is that you want to talk to me?"

??? : "…What I am about to tell maybe unbelievable to you, but it is the truth; I am Thomas, the one who bully you since high school. I been fused with a fox spirit and transform into the very thing you see before you." Then she revel her tail and ears to Chris; after that she summon five flames on her hand launched them around the house, lightly the house up. All Chris does is look at her without blinking for 2 minutes, then stood up and to her surprise his eye were looking sparkling and grab her hands.

Chris: "This is so awesome!! To imagine meeting a supernatural being in person, this must be a dream come true!"  But then he bend his head and let her hands go, as if his emotion had quickly change from being happy into misery. "However, of all supernatural beings, why did it have to be the one person I hate the most?"

Thomas: "Hey, you think I ask to fuse with a fox spirit and turn into this?! Now I only have an hour left before I lose my body and be gone forever!" Chris and Thomas stare at each other with anger in their eyes, few second later Thomas gave up and turn bend her head down while Chris is still furious.

Chris: "So, what do you want me to do with your problem?"

Thomas: "Nothing. There nothing you can do to save me."

Chris: "Then why did you come here? There must be a reason to that?"

Thomas: "I came to say…am sorry."

Chris: "Huh?"

Thomas: "Am sorry for bully you; for everything I have done to you I am sorry. I know that words won't fix everything I have done to you and others as well, so I decide that before I complete vanish from existent, you can do to me want ever you like to me. Just make it quick." Chris was surprise from everything she said and almost fell from his chair backward. After that, Chris was strike by a though he always wanted to know.

Chris: "So, then may I touch your tail?"

Thomas: "If you want, then yes." Chris got close to Thomas and touches her tail; it felt like petting a cat or dog, but the tail was much softer, like you want to sleep on. But notice that touch or holding the tail is causing Thomas to moan, as if holding the tail is giving Thomas feel pleasure. Chris touches it again, which Thomas moans like a girl even more, making Chris to blush. He decide to stop doing, since it feel not right; he believe that one day that Thomas get what he deserve, but now seeing 'her' like this, and the fact that she will vanish with an hour, feel just wrong. For once, he remembers his mother words "look into that person point of view, maybe then if they have a bad time you could help them out." Chris decided to embrace Thomas into his arms and he could feel the warmth of Thomas small, female body.

Chris: "Look, I know I was angry before, but that was because I was thinking only the past, how you once treated me and I didn't think of how this whole thing affect you today. But I want to know is why would you bully other people?"

Thomas: "Back then all I wanted was to be popular, because I was sick of being alone. I tried doing good deeds, but no one notices me, so I decided to give people fear and soon I was surrounded by other people who were like me. But I was wrong; I realize now that I was still alone, even if I surround myself with people. Nobody wants me as a friend." She closed her eyes and tears began to flow out of her eyes.

Chris: "But Thomas, you do have a friend now; me." Thomas open her eyes in shock, her tail began to move left and right in joy. She felt strange warmth coming from her heart; this was a feeling of friendship, or even something else. She turns around and hugs him back while Chris shows a smile on her face.

Thomas: "Are you still okay with me being your friend?" To answer that question, Chris place a kiss on her cheek, making her to blush from it. "Why did you do that?"

Chris: "I don't know, it just that I kind of like you." This made Thomas face to be even reddish. But then the five flame came together to form a fox with red eyes right behind them.

Fox Spirit: "Well done, I knew that you can do it." Thomas let go of Chris and face the fox face-to-face.

Thomas: "What do you mean 'do it'?"

Fox Spirit: "My dear child, this was a test if you can accept a new life and you past my making a friend."

Chris: "So wait; the thing that Thomas will vanish…"

Fox Spirit: "Oh that, I made that up. The truth was that I wanted to teach Thomas the true meaning of friendship, but I couldn't do anything since I am only a spirit; so the only thing I could possible think is fuse with her. Though your body has change, I can't erase her mind. I am sorry that I cause you so much."

Thomas: "It okay; if it wasn't for you I would never made a friend and still hurt other people."

Fox Spirit: "Good to here, but now I must go. And don't worry, in school and your parents will only remember that you been a girl since you were born, so there wouldn't be any confusion. I will be with you the whole time watching you to see how you would progress in the future." And with that, the fox began to vanish and suddenly all the power return to the house.

Chris: "So, what do we do now?"

Thomas: "Well I learn this before I came here." In a second, both the tail and ears were gone, making her complete human. "Now people wouldn't panic when they see me."

Chris: "Yeah, but you still need a girl name."

Thomass: "Mmm… then what of Kistune?"

Chris: "Well if you like it, then that fine by me." And with that ended Thomas problem, and begin the new life of Kistune.
The second and final part of the story. Sorry for not making stories for an long while.
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