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Steampunk Faust Viii By Flight Of Dragonfly-d3bpjp by Darth-Drago
Name: Johann George Faust VIII
Species: Human
Occupation: Shaman, Doctor, Mochirei
Scholar Class Shaman
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Furyoku Level: 12,500

Faust Final attack by Darth-Drago
* Feats:
- Faust VIII is the eighth-generation descendant of the legendary Doctor Faustus, who made a deal with the devil Mephistopheles for his necromancy skills along with youth and riches for seven years in exchange for his immortal soul.
- When his beloved Eliza was killed and his medical skills couldn't save her, he decided to practice the dark arts of necromancy and became a Shaman with the goal to resurrect Eliza back to life.
- Have killed other Shaman's before his fight against Yoh.
- Fought against Yoh and won, later was close to killing him only to be stop by Tao Ren.
- In the manga version, Faust actually replaces the missing portions of Eliza's legs with his own after Yoh had cut Eliza legs off, confining him into a wheelchair.
- Join with Yoh and his friend and participle in the Second Round of the Shaman tournament.
- Took blows from the members of Team Ice, yet he was able to overwhelm them with his Oversoul, along with Ryu and Yoh.
- In both manga and anime, was involve in many fights alongside with Yoh and his friends.
- Fought against Radim of the Ten Patch Officiants, and though he end up dead,  his song "Funbari no Uta" was able to support and energize his team.
- Came as a spirit and support Yoh near the end of the series.

* Abilities:

18 by Darth-Drago19 by Darth-Drago
- Medical Skills: Faust's mastery of the medical arts allow him to operate on the human anatomy and took him a minute to cut open Manta without harming him (only open the skin). He also became Yoh team doctor and will do his best to help out his friends if they are damage.

5 by Darth-Drago6 by Darth-Drago
7 by Darth-Drago8 by Darth-Drago
-- He is also able to patch up his own wounds in the middle of combat. He can do (often painful) things no normal doctor can do to themselves due to the fact he is a heavy user of morphine. Before every fight, he pumps enough morphine into his system to make him feel completely numb for a few hours, which allows him to repair any damage to his body without the hindrance of pain. One instance of this was when Yoh broke his leg during their fight, and instead of letting the bone heal on its own, Faust tore the broken bone right out of his leg and had Eliza bring him another similar in size. Afterwards, Faust replaced his missing bone and was able to stand within minutes. A second instance was when the shamans were dropped out of a plane to be tested on how they would survive the great fall. Faust passed by Horohoro, laughing about how he had injected so much morphine that he would not die from the impact. He would just let himself fall, stitch himself back up, and be on his merry way.

15 by Darth-Drago
- Necromancy: The art of reviving the bodies of the deceased, is Faust's most important shamanistic technique. He is able to animate large numbers of human and animal skeletons, but cannot by any means, arcane or scientific, bring back the dead. It should be noted, though, that during the finals of the Shaman Fights, Faust does indeed master the art of resurrection, allowing him to actually revive the dead, as long as their bodies are not damaged beyond repair.

-- To animate the remains, typically skeletons, he uses the skill "Bone Dead Reborn", which calls nearby spirits to inhabit buried skeletons, which he can then fully command. Because Faust specifically specializes in necromancy, he can do this with only minimal furyoku, giving each skeleton only enough to allow it to move.

-- His skeletons have a powerful vice-like grip, and each skeleton has the strength of an adult male. Even his opponent in the preliminaries, Asakura Yoh, could not break free of the grip until a surge of pure desperation gave him barely enough strength to escape.

-- After his death,
he is able to revive himself as a Spirit, a feat he had earlier stated was impossible due to lack of Furyoku.

15(2) by Darth-Drago
- Talented Singer: Among other abilities, he seems to be a talented singer. He is first seen at the river bank during the start of the second round, singing with Eliza and how he lost her and later, while fighting Radim, he successfully copied the attributes of the Patch Song to create an advertisement for the Team "Funbari Onsen", called Funbari no Uta to energize himself and his teammates.

* Shaman Skills:

12 by Darth-Drago
- Bone Dead Reborn: also its known in the English anime Bone Yard Crush by using the basic principle of his necromancy magic he uses his furyoku to bring forth skeletons that are buried in the graveyard ground. he only need to use one percent of his furyoku into each of the skeletons.

16 by Darth-Drago
- Bone Shell: using the skeletons from bone dead reborn he creates a massive hollow shell of bones. This defense is rather weak as Yoh was able to bust through it with little effort.

- Skull Scrimmage: Faust moves the skeletons from bone dead reborn in a high speed line like a football scrimmage.

20 Ton Skeleton by Darth-Drago
17 by Darth-Drago
- 20-Ton Calcium Giant: One of Faust strongest attack, in which he combines thousands of skeletons into an enormous giant, which Faust can manipulate with his spiritual power and is about 12730 KG. He is also able to use the bones lying in graves to create cages to encase opponents.

040-ElizaFaust by Darth-Drago
* Spirit:
- Name: Eliza Faust
- Classification: Human Ghost
- Partner to Faust VIII
- Furyoku Level: 3,000

025 Frankensteiny by Darth-Drago
-- Name: Frankensteiny
-- Classification: Animal Spirit

-- Partner to Faust VIII
-- Furyoku Level: 200

Faust1 by Darth-Drago
* Medium:
- The Remain of Eliza Faust: Faust carry along with him the skeleton of his beloved Eliza and place her spirit inside to make Eliza materialize.

Over Soul Description By Water Frez-d9yuima by Darth-Drago
* OverSoul:
- An Over Soul is the metaphysical construct of an apparition using a shaman's furyoku and a medium to gain corporeal properties. An Over Soul 'actualizes' the knowledge and memories of an apparition and allows their memories to manifest essentially as magical powers. They are composed entirely of furyoku and being so, there is no actual matter. An Over Soul can only be damaged by another, this renders all form of conventional weaponry useless, as there is no matter to interact with. While any spirit can be molded into an Over Soul, their attributes depend solely upon the spirit's ego - or identity. Depending on its ego, the ghost can be molded by the shaman into any shape or form the shaman desires, enabling the direct display of its abilities to protect the shaman.

- Human ghosts usually make poor choices for an Over Soul due to their egos, but can evolve over time into higher spirits - spirits whose souls have been refined over hundreds of years and have attained their purest form. While the exact design of an Over Soul depends entirely on the shaman's imagination, it's also important that the shaman uses a medium which best symbolizes the spirit's abilities, such as a katana for Amidamaru who is a samurai.

- In regards to strength and integrity, an Over Soul's durability is proportionate the amount of furyoku charged as well as the shaman's level of concentration. It is important for the shaman to keep in mind that although the mass of an Over Soul remains constant, furyoku is consumed anytime it is used to create matter, like ice, which consumes furyoku in itself. Furyoku is only consumed when the "body" of the Over Soul is compromised. At this juncture, the Over Soul is charged with the proportionate amount of furyoku necessary to maintain its integrity, depending on the degree of damage sustained. If an Over Soul absorbs enough damage, it breaks and dissolves along with all furyoku used in its creation. Therefore, a shaman must consider how much furyoku to charge their Over Soul with during each engagement.

- The sizes and shapes of certain character's O.S. often change since their introductions, some without any explanation. This could be attributed to the mental imagery a shaman uses to envision the form, size and ability of the Over Soul. Yoh's Spirit of Sword, for instance, has changed throughout the series since being introduced in volume 15 of the manga, with a defined blade and the inclusion of a large hilt.

* O.S. Skills:

O.S. Dea Eliza by Darth-Drago
- O.S. "Dear Eliza":
-- Type: Spirit Type
-- Medium used:
 Skeleton remains of Eliza Faust
-- Abilities: 
The principal O.S. of the necromancer, Faust VIII. His necromantic Oversoul is the product of years of study from the grimoire left behind by his great ancestor, Johann Georg Faust I. With the magic acquired from its contents, Faust is able to vividly recreate the semblance of life in the corpse of his deceased wife Eliza, and reanimated her body by integrating her ghost with her skeleton and fleshing them out with Furyoku. However, necromancy can only reanimated corpses, and will not work if the ghost has any will-power remaining. To that extent, "Dear Eliza" is nothing more than a glorified doll, with no will of her own. Although not very strong, 'Dear Eliza' is fortified with pure Furyoku and wields a huge hand-made staff affixed with a giant razor blade with the oversoul extended over it, making her particularly lethal at close to mid-range combat.

Faust VIII Battle Uniform by Darth-Drago
- O.S. Frankensteiny:
-- Type: Spirit Type
-- Medium used:
 Skeleton remains of Frankensteiny
-- Abilities:
After giving up his lower legs to Eliza, Faust was confined to a wheelchair and became unable to walk for the rest of his life. However after training with Kyoyama Anna he learned how to Over Soul the bones of his dead dog into a pair of legs.
This is done by splitting the bones up in the middle of the spine, so that the front legs are attached to his left leg and the back legs are attached to his right leg, both of them being attached with the spine. When first shown this seemed to put some restrain on the bones, but has not been addressed since. He can jump higher than any normal human and can avoid dangerous situations.

Mephisto E  by Darth-Drago
- O.S. Mephisto E:
O.S. Type: Spirit Type
-- Medium used: Skeleton remains of Eliza Faust & various medical tools
-- Abilities: After being recruited into Team "Funbari Onsen", Faust began training under Anna with the Cho-Senjiryakketsu. After mastering its contents, Faust's necromancy were improved considerably allowing him and Anna to truly return Eliza's spirit. Faust makes this O.S. by integrating Eliza's ghost with her bones and tools from his doctor's kit, creating a menacing and demonic giant O.S. nurse--a homage of the original Mephistopheles and his deceased lover, Eliza--complete with demonic wings and over-sized surgical tools for fingers. Her equipment are scalpels, scissors and sonds on her right arm and fingers, and an oversize syringe on her left arm, equipped with a ammunition belt. According to Faust, the 206 bones is picked with the utmost quality, to make over souling easier, and have a skin of protection formed with Furyoku of love. Of all the bones used, only the skull is Eliza's own original. As a gigantic Oversoul, Mephisto E wields monstrous strength, and everyone shivers when they see this demonic beauty.

O.S. Eliza by Darth-Drago
O.S. Eliza Operieren:
O.S. Type: Spirit/Armor Type
-- Medium used: Skeleton remains of Eliza Faust & various medical tools
-- Abilites: Faust creates this O.S. in order to compete against Team "The Ren". With a few pointers from Sati, Faust finally achieves the "true" power of resurrection through this O.S. While essentially an Armor-type O.S., Eliza Operieren is operated by the ghost O.S. of Eliza herself, making this Armor-type rendition similar like Faust's original "Dear Eliza". The O.S. consists of Eliza in her nurses outfit with surgical theater equipment attached to her back. Towards the end of the manga Faust begins to "wear" Eliza and the armor protrudes from his back instead. He could use the giant beam-light to fire bright light to blind his foe's.
-- Attacks:

8 (1) by Darth-Drago
--- Chō-Senjiryakketsu - Jugon Zonshi(1000 year old secret art - Forbidden incantation for preserving thoughts): After being unable to defeat death many times, Faust can finally, with this oversoul, create a technique that can revive even the dead, as long as their bodies are not too damaged. With this technique he can also remove any damage and fatigue and even regrow limbs, although the latter is a slow and painful process.

Ampule Hagen by Darth-Drago
--- Ampule Hagen: The claws on the left side opens up and Faust and Eliza fire hundreds of oversoul missiles that look like hypodermic needles.

4 by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- Despite being able to keep healing himself, he is unable to recover his furyoku's.
- If it runs out, he will be unable to form his Over Souls and will leave him vulnerable.
- Faust medium is only a skeleton and should it got broken, it will be unusable.
- He become
 emotional instability if Eliza is insulted or threatened.
- He isn't as physical strong as the other main characters.

18-19 by Darth-Drago

Faust ask you to bare with it until Death Battle is over.

- I do not own this character. Series: Shaman King.

Please share any idea's or opinions on who would face this character.
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Stein (Soul Eater) vs. Faust.

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