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Beb91c399e9c0398ef1c3883bf78df1b by Darth-Drago
-Class: Saber
-True Name: Godou Kusanagi
-Title: Campoine, Demon Lord, God Slayer
-Gender: Male
-Other Qualifying Classes: Archer, Lancer, Rider
-Alignment: Lawful Good
-Weapons: Authorizes of God's
-Crossover: Campione!
-Summoning Relic: A stone tablet of Prometheus

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: A
N. Phantasm: EX

Class Skills:
-Magic Resistance (B+): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Thanks to being a Campoine, his body can't be affect by any kind of magic, expect through lip contact. Only Divine Magic has any effect on him.
-Riding (A):  Creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind. 

Personal Skills:
-Battle Continuation (B): Makes possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long as one does not receive a decisive fatal wound.
-Bravery (A): Ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination.
-Charisma (B): The 7th Campione and thus has loyal, female characters at his sides who are also his lover, whether they are human or even God's.
-Divinity (A): Saber is a Campione, which is human who have the power to slay a God.
-Eye of the Mind (True) (B): Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning. 
-God's Authorities (A): By slaying God's, Saber is able to gain the powers of the God's he defeated.
-Kiss Transmit (B+): By transmitting information from an individual to himself through lip contact, Saber is able to absorb huge amount of information in just minutes instead of reading large quantity of books and taking years to learning all the information.
-Military Tactics (B+): Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized.

Noble Phantasms:
-Ten Incarnations~The Eastern God of War
*Rank: EX
*Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
*Effect: Godou won all of Verethragna's "Ten Incarnations" after defeating him. However, some Incarnations work only under certain conditions, and all of them can only be used once a day. Currently the time has dropped to half a day. Originally, these Incarnations could not be activated and used at the same time, however, since the fight with the Monkey King, Godou has learned the trick of doing two Incarnations at once.  At first it was extremely painful and draining on Godou to do so, but each time Godou performs the trick, it becomes easier on him to do so. There is confusion as to whether or not the ten incarnations are one or ten Authorities, as it has been called both in the story. Logically if following the rule of one power per god, The Persian Warlord is just one authority that manifests into ten of its gods incarnations for extreme scenarios to win. This would explain why the power of each of the 10 is weaker than a single authority.

-The Tempast~Call my Name
*Rank: C
*Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
*Effect: The Gale Incarnation gives Godou the power to go anywhere instantly, even traveling between the Netherworld and the world of the living. The condition for use is that someone there who knows him personally and is in danger must call out his name to summon him to that location.

-The Mighty Bull~Strength of Hercules
*Rank: B
*Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
*Effect: From the Bull, Godou gains immense strength, rivalling that of Hercules. Can only be used against something with inhuman strength, like a bear, or an object with a large mass coming at him, like a train or boulder. Grants no more strength than the amount necessary to counter the opponent. When facing someone with strength within human means, like a body builder, "Bull" won't activate.

-The White Stallion~Horse of Apollo
*Rank: A+
*Type: Anti-Army
*Effect: By using the White Stallion, Godou is able to summon a burning horse, bearing the power of the Sun to incinerate enemies. It can only be used against those who have committed great sins against the people. Godou even once used himself as the target of the attack in order to defeat True Lord Erlang, as despite his kind personality he has destroyed a great deal of public property. If used in conjunction with the Warrior Authority, it can allow the swords to merge with the Stallion to achieve the speed of light and become a wide area attack that can fire the blades miles away

-The Gallant Camel~Thunder Kick
*Rank: B
*Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
*Effect: Camel gives Godou an increase in combat abilities, leg strength, defense, battle instincts, and self-recovery. Godou can send magical power to his foot as he kick causing an explosion. Stated to be one of the Incarnations most associated with Earth, along with the Bull. The condition to allow it to be used is that Godou must suffer a certain level of injury.

-The Boar of Destruction~ Trample upon All Things
*Rank: A+
*Type: Anti-Fortress
*Effect: Summons a giant boar Divine Beast, which is believed to embody Godou's destructive impulses, to trample everything in its path.  Its power seems to surpass that of normal Divine Beasts, being an Incarnation of a god rather than its servant, allowing it enough power to injure or possibly even slay Heretic Gods. It must be targeted at a large structure or enemy for the Incarnation to be activated. While in use, Godou gains increased speed, defense, and strength, but it can only be used in a direct charge. Its roar is powerful enough to create shockwaves capable of shattering glass and damaging nearby buildings. At full power, these roars can even scatter the clouds in the sky. The Boar can be used as an attack or as a steed. The Boar can cover its body in intensely burning flames. If Godou attempts to banish it before its purpose is fulfilled, it might fight against him. This indicates Godou has yet to fully master that Authority.

-The Adolescent~Stay by my Side, Forever
*Rank: B+
*Type: Anti-Unit
*Effect: Allows Godou to enter a calm state of mind and grant the divine protection of the god of Victory to others, giving them the vitality of a Campione, and magical protection. The ritual requires Godou to breathe the protection into the target via kissing, this process causes intense pleasure which Godou has mistaken for pain. People under the protection of the Youth can harness it to gain increased abilities. The condition is that the kissing partner must let go of her worldly bonds and pledge her soul to follow Godou for all eternity or else the Youth will not be in effect. It is unknown if it also grants the power to give them absolute orders, as Verethragna could.

-The Bird of Prey~Wings of Punishment
*Rank: B
*Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
*Effect: The Raptor Form gives Godou godspeed, or god-like speed, as well as a body of extreme lightness. It can also slow him down just as much. The condition in using this is that he must be attacked by a quick strike exceeding normal parameters or stating the chant. (Things like bullets, ambushed by crazed wild beasts, or an attack from an accomplished martial artist are sufficient to activate the Raptor.) While using this Form, as long as he can carry it with his two hands, objects will become light as well. If Godou over uses this ability, it will cause him extreme chest pain and paralysis.  A short use, however, doesn't cause this problem. Normally moving at god-like speeds would cause complications such as air friction. However, regular speed is simply moving from point A to point B, whereas 'god-speed' is really the ability to move from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible, allowing users to defy the laws of physics, such as slowing their speed of descent.

-The Miraculous Ram~ Resurrection from Death 
*Rank: A
*Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
*Effect: The Ram offers miraculous powers of recovery that allows him to resurrect himself from the dead, and recover from his injuries in the process. The effect is not instantaneous, and it will take some time before he awakens. Two and a half hours has been the fastest time. It must be activated before the moment he dies, or he will die permanently.

-The Heavenly Goat~O' Guardian of the Righteous
*Rank: A
*Type: Anti-Army
*Effect: The Goat grants absolute control over Lightning, allows him to listen to the hearts of the people, and bestows to him priestly authority, great magical power and wisdom. This also grants him the ability of Psychic Sensing. Godou may only use this power if there are people at the location who wish to stand with him and be his strength, only then will it activate. To truly wield its power, Godou must act as a king towards those people (which backfired and he was seen as a Frightful Devil King). It was mentioned that the Goat avatar not only drains energy from both the user and the companions but also drains them of their "life force," making it potentially lethal if used too much. It can also affect a large number of people depending on the power used.

-The Warrior of Justice~The Sword of Victory
*Rank: EX
*Type: Anti-Unit
*Effect: Allows Godou to create a Reality Marble that is a field of countless Golden Swords that have the ability to remove the divinity of any God, making them a mortal, thus negating their divine Authorities. In other word, it has the power to remove or negated the Noble Phantasm of a Servants and render them vulnerable. Godou can only use it if he has sufficient knowledge of the enemy, or the divinity the enemy's Authority is drawn from. The Golden Sword is made to fit the specific god (or the Authority of the god in the case of a Campione) he is facing, using the knowledge of that god. If necessary, the Golden Sword can be adapted to affect a second god, though only if the two gods share enough characteristics such as both being earth gods or gods of steel. However, the sword will be less effective on the second god. Adapting it like this is difficult and draining for Godou. If the Heretic God manifests different aspects of itself, the sword created will only be able to negate one aspect of the god, leaving the other untouched. It is suggested that the sword can exorcise Heretic Gods from those they possess. The Golden Sword can also be made into an organism such as a ferocious Golden Snake, the Golden Snake can also be use as a steed to use to fly. Also grants him increased combat skills by allowing him to see through his enemies' attacks and magic, magnifying a Campione's natural's instincts. The power of the Warrior can be combined with the Authority of the White Stallion to create a Blade of Light, infusing the blades with the power of the Sun, and increasing their speed to that of light-speed, surpassing even regular godspeed.

This character is not own by me.

Belong to: Campione!

The Saber class of Fate/Dream.
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