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NarutoShippuuden3 by Darth-Drago
-Class: Berserker
-True Name: Naruto Uzumaki
-Title: Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails Fox ,Child of Prophecy, Seven Hokage
-Gender: Male
-Other Qualifying Classes: Archer, Lancer, Rider, Assassin
-Alignment: Chaotic Evil
-Weapons: Chakra
-Crossover: Naruto
-Summoning Relic: A headband with the image of a leaf

Strength: B+/A
Endurance: C+/B+
Agility: B/A
Mana: C+/B
Luck: E/D
Noble Phantasm: B++/A

Class Skills:
-Mad Enchantment (A): Strength and constitution are increased to A ranks, and agility is increased a B-Rank. The user loses all self-control, and can only carry out the most basic of orders. Unless told to stop the user will carry out their orders no matter what. They also can't use any Noble Phantasms that require activation. When Naruto gave into his hatred, his body is cover in the Tailed-Beast Cloak and began to go through multiple transformation that rid away any trace of his humanity and simple desire of destruction. At the first stage, he is easily control without much issues, yet as he goes through multiple transformations he soon became harder to control to the point of having to used Commands Seals to undo the transformations.

Personal Skills:
-Battle Continuation (A): Strength of the Servant's vitality, which measures the ability to keep fighting while injured and to retreat successfully after a defeat. Makes it possible to fight even with deadly injuries. 
-Bravery (A): The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination.
-Fearsome Mein: (A): As Naruto began going through the different transformations, his appearance become more of the monstrous Nine-Tail Fox.
-Fire Retardant Secretions (B): Naruto Tail-Beast Cloak is boiling hot to the touch, that it can burn people from touching him.
-Instinct (C): The power to "feel" the most favorable developments for oneself during battle. At higher levels the Servant will instantly 'know' when they should attack, defend, and even retreat. Berserker has gained a sixth sense for battle that he can read attack patterns on the fly and act accordingly to their weaknesses.
-Mana Burst (A): From within Naruto, the Nine-Tail Fox has immense amount of charka that cause Berserker body to be cloak in chakra.
-Monstrous Strength (B): An ability possessed by monsters and beasts, temporary boost of the Strength parameter by one rank for a time limit determined by the ranking of this skill. Each time Naruto transform's, this skill gain a higher rank.

Noble Phantasms:
-Aura of the Demon Fox~Jinchuuriki Mode
*Rank: B
*Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
*Effect: By simply tapping into his beast's chakra, Berserker begins their initial transformation. He is surrounded by a layer of red, wispy chakra granting them enhanced strength, speed and healing. The beast chakra supplements the Berserker and he is able to manipulate the chakra to a certain extent, such as generate shockwaves through punches and roars. In this form, the jinchūriki's body undergoes slight physical changes. When Berserker enters this form, his eyes change colour and become slitted, plus his nails and canine teeth grow longer and sharper. Berserker hair also grows longer and spikier, and the whisker-like marks on his cheeks widen and thicken.

-Cloak of the Demon Fox~Version One
*Rank: B+
*Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
*Effect: Berserker forms a dense shroud of chakra around his body. The shroud, a translucent red with bubbles of chakra (reminiscent of boiling liquid) forming all along it, provides a degree of physical protection, but can also harm the user if used to a certain extent. The physical changes experienced in the initial transformation become more pronounced in Version 1 forms. The shroud that encompasses the Berserker vaguely resembles the corresponding tailed beast; paws of chakra form around his hands. Because chakra is malleable, the shroud can extend beyond the reach of the Berserker, often used to create chakra-arms that allow him to interact with his environment. The most significant manifestation are the tails that sprout from the Berserker body, up to the maximum number of tails that the corresponding beast possesses. As with the chakra-arms, these tails can aid the Berserker by grasping to his surroundings. For each tail produced, the Berserker gains an incrementally greater boost to speed, strength, and chakra. The beast's chakra will tend to be harmful: individuals near the Berserker will experience a slight physical discomfort; those who come into contact with the shroud will suffer a painful burn wherever they touch it; the Berserker himself suffer an increasing amount of corrosion to his body that can eventually damage body parts beyond the point of use. This shroud is typically acquired through a growing rage and/or the weakening of the seal that keeps the beast within his body, and consequently leaves the Berserker less in control of his body with each additional tail. While Berserker has never been observed to completely lose control of himself in a Version 1 form, they become more animalistic and aggressive. One advantage of this is that the shroud can act on its own, responding to threats the Berserker may not be aware of.

Strength: A+
Endurance: A
Agility: A+
Mana: B+
Luck: C
Noble Phantasm: A+

Six Tailed Version 2 Form by Darth-Drago
-Rage of the Demon Fox~Version Two
*Rank: A+
*Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
*Effect: Berserker tailed beast's chakra being converted into a humanoid shape, granting the jinchūriki an edge in battle without completely releasing the beast itself. Using the jinchūriki's body as a sort of endoskeleton, a dark red, nearly black layer of chakra envelops them. The physical manifestations of the corresponding beast that are vaguely present in Version 1 states become far clearer in Version 2, in a way fully reproducing the beast in miniature: muscle mass increases and beast-specific attributes such as shells and ears become clearly defined. Because the shroud forms so tightly around them, features of the jinchūriki may be identifiable in Version 2. Entering Version 2 creates a great deal of energy, producing craters beneath the jinchūriki and destroying any restraints that might have been placed upon them beforehand. Strength, speed, and chakra are once again increased beyond the levels of the previous forms, the shroud remains a reliable defense against attacks, and other features, such as chakra-arms, are still accessible. It is even possible for the jinchūriki to create chakra-bones around themselves; Berserker forms a full skeletal structure in differing states of completeness all along his body that are attached to him by chakra-ligaments, but the bones serve no obvious purpose. Naruto has yet to knowingly enter a Version 2 form. As the seal that kept Kurama contained weakened over the years, he became increasingly susceptible to its influence. By fully submitting to the beast and his own rage, Naruto would grant Kurama full control of his body who then formed a Version 2 shroud around him. Naruto's ability to distinguish between friend and foe vanishes and he attacks in whatever way will enable him to defeat his target, oblivious to the consequences of the attack. The form itself carries a number of consequences for Naruto too, as its corrosive qualities burn away his skin and stain the shroud with his own blood. The regenerative abilities granted to him as Kurama's jinchūriki constantly heal the damage, but in the long run shorten his lifespan through the constant destruction and creation of cells.

Strength: A++
Endurance: A+
Agility: A++
Mana: A
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: A++

Kyuubi attack on Konoha by Darth-Drago
-Awaken of the Demon Fox~Nine-Tails Fox
*Rank: A+++
*Type: Anti-Army/Anti-Town
*Effect: Having fully remove the seal, Berserker transform into the Nine-Tails Fox Kurama, it powers beyond the imagination of humans. It whole body is nearly the size of a mountain, it roar can blast away anything close to it, and the tails are like extra limbs for the Nine-Tails Fox. To even used this form, The Master would need immense amount of mana's to even maintain it, yet has much harder time to even gain any control on it.

Strength: A++++
Endurance: A+++
Agility: A+++
Mana: A++
Luck: A-
Noble Phantasm: A+++

-Demon Fox Devastation~Tailed-Beast Ball
*Rank: A+/A+++
*Type: Anti-Fortress/Anti-Mountain/Anti-Town
*Effect: Tailed Beast Balls are made from an 8:2 ratio of positive black chakra and negative white chakra. Users must gather and balance this chakra in their mouths, shape it into a sphere (or a conical shape in the case of the Ten-Tails), and then fire it at their target. Most users fire their Tailed Beast Balls as-is, while others may consume the ball and fire it from their mouth as a beam. There is no limit to how much chakra can be put into a Tailed Beast Ball so long as the 8:2 ratio is maintained. Tailed Beast Balls are incredibly dense, such that when Berserker in Version Two consumes one, he starts sinking into the ground due to the increased weight. Despite how heavy they are, they travel rapidly once fired, enough to hit a target several countries away in only a few moments. Tailed Beast Balls are very destructive, creating explosions that are visible from far away and that vaporise almost everything in the blast area. The extent of the damage is dependent upon how the ball is fired and how much chakra it has, but at its "standard" size it is enough to destroy mountains. Tailed Beast Balls are comparatively weaker if a jinchūriki uses one without entering their Tailed Beast Mode, yet it is still enough to represent a serious threat to people and infrastructure.

This character is not own by me.

Belong to: Naruto

The Berserker class of Fate/Dream.
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GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
Not sure whose more dangerous to summon, him in this class or Kaguya.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
Kaguya was the original idea for being a Berserker, but then thought she had some abilities that fit more to being a Caster. Soon I had to find someone who was a berserker, which was hard as most characters like Guts were already taken. Then had the idea of finding a character who lost control and become a monster like Ichigo, and end up going for Naruto since he my favorite character.

If Kaguya was a Berserker, she turn into a monster and end up wrecking the whole country.  
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
I actually was referring to Naruto as a Beserker vs dangers of Kaguya in the Caster class. Obviously she'd be more dangerous as a Berserker since it would make her the 10-tails, but even if she's Caster she seems likely to make use the Infinite Tsukoyomi and make her Master her slave.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
Good point.

Anyway, I planned making the two team like the fate/apocrypha (Dream vs Nightmare) and trying to match the seven member against each other. Though I'm not making a story for them, I may as well also add the Masters of each Servants and at least tell the relationship between them. If for example you pick Berserker Naruto from Dream, who would you think would be a worthy opponent (beside the other Berserker)?
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
Not sure.
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