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Tom woke up and find himself in a cage,and inside a cave. The bares were made of some what...enegry beam. When he touch them,he was shock and got hurt in the process. when he look at his hands,they were small and gental. Then he found a mirror behind him and saw a girl with yellow hair,blue eye and dark skin. The girl also had a big hip,large butt,and huge Breast. But as he get closer to have a better look,there was no one as in the mirror,only a woman. Then he know that woman,Harribel. Tom jump back,to get away from her. But she did what he had did,then he get closer and touch the mirror. Then the worst thing has ever come to him,he is Harribel. He had some way become her. Then the bares were gone and someone walk in. He had a white coat,a hole in his chest,has black hair,yellow eye,and a bone that look like horn on top of him. Then Harribel recongize that person,he is Ulquiorra. "Come,our master command us." Halibel notice that there is no one else here in the room,but did not to get harm or worst. She follow Ulquiorra and they walk up the stair. After a long walk,two of them were in the room with a large table,and there was eight people on their seat. She recognize all of the. First is Coyote Starrk,then Lilynette Gingerback. The second is Barragan Luisenbarn. the third is herself,Tia Harribel. The forth is Ulquiorra Schiffer. Then the fifth,Nnoitora Jiruga. The six,Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. The seven,Zommari Leroux. The eight,Szayel Aporro Granz. The nine,Aaroniero Arruruerie. And the tenth,Yammy Riyalgo. Tom(Harribel) was shock that all of them were here. Then a man in black coat came in and seat at the leader thrown. "Welcome,i hope you like the 'new' you,Harribel." Tom felt angry and hatred at him,thinking he was the one that made him into this. "How dare you! I didn't ask to be like this,i want to turn back now or..." But then all of the member look at her and were ready to attack. The stranger raise his hand and all of them seat down. Then she sit down. "Now now,I know you may be mad at this idea,but it was your friend wish,was it not." Tom forgot about that,but his wish was a bit different from this idea. "Now,you will listen and obey everything i sad. And don't think you can resist. The people in this room use to be like you. When i change them,the got mad. But then they accept the new them and let go of theie old self." "So,are you going to control me too!" "No,the new you will take control of your new body. If you don't,then your friend will pay the punishment instead." Tom didn't want to drag Anthony into this stitution. "I..will obey." The stranger show a evil smile under the black coat
Over the years,Tom was gone and Harribel has fully took over the body. She follow and obey her master command. But one day,the stranger call all his servent to the thrown room. "My fellow warrior,it would seem there is someone more powerful then me,i will chosen one of you to kill the target." It took five minute to decide. "I have decide to sent Harribel. Go now and kill the target." She bow to her master and vanish. Then she was at a town,in the city of New York. As she jump from building to building,she has reach her target. The target is in a tall building,in room 805. When she enter the room,it was dark,it mean that the target was not here yet. She turn on the light and fell to the ground. When she got up,she found a photo having the target with someone next to him. Then Her mind snap and memories flow in her mind. Then she got a closer look and the picture and know who is her target. It was her old friend,Anthony.
Tom now become Harribel and met the team. What will happen next?
firelord101 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009
cant wait til the next chapter nice chapte to
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