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On the night of Tom house,outside his yard,Tom(has black hair and brown eye) was wating for his friend to come.  Anthony(has black hair and black eye) walk out the door and meet his friend outside. As they look into the sky,where the star's are,Tom could hear his friend making a wish. "What are you wishing for,Anthony?" "I am wishing that Halibel,the female espada,was here and i could date her." "Huh? Why her? Is it because of her big breast." "No! It because i feel sad about her. She was kill by Aizen,when all the espada were kill in the end. I had feeling for her. Plus,think what it be if the espada were here." "Yeah,but it could be dangerous." Then as the time was 11:30,Anthony left Tom house and left for home,while Tom went to his room. As he was getting ready for bed,he though there was someone in his room. Then he fell and turn to see want cause his fall. He look down to see a sword,a sword that belong only to the character of 'Bleach",Halibel. As he touch the sword,enegry began flowing from the sword to him and cause pain all over his body. His hair turn yellow and grow,but are tied and are on his shoulder. Then his eyelash turn yellow and his eye are blue. Then his clothing change as the shirt color turn white and grow till it reach his face and reveal his chest,and had long sleeves. And his pant change as it color turn white reveal his hip and had a rope around his hip. Then his white skin turn dark and moan as his organs move around his body. His butt flare out,so did the hip and the waist went inward. His stomach flated and his skin was smooth. Then he yell as his manhood and try rubbing it,but it was to late,it was gone. Then his hand grow a glove on it,but felt his hand shrank,and feel the fat flowing to his legs and making it slender. Then the enegry went to his face,as the enegry turn liquid,then turn hard and realize it making a mask. He didn't want to look at it,but the felt his nipple was cover in bone part. Then moan as his face turn softer and his face became Halibel face. As he moan,his voice become Halibel voice. Then he moan louder as the bone on his chest sent enegry to his chest and watch as his chest grow and feel pleasure coming from it. Then felt and explosion in his chest,cause the chest to grow larger and faster till it was double D cups. Then she felt sleepy and fell to the ground. Then someone came to the room and took the sleppy Halibel outside and vanish. Then the stranger was in a cave and lock Halibel(Tom) in a cell. But she was not alone. There are ten cell's and there are ten espada in it.
This is my first transformation about Halibel. This half of the story. Hope you like it.
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firelord101 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009
it was really good
AngelicDemonSlayer Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009
New story or continuation of the other bleach story?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009
It just something that came up to me. Don't worry,the Zanpakuto story is still going,it not over yet.
AngelicDemonSlayer Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
So far so good.
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September 28, 2009
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