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Dragon Knight Chapter 1

The field was full of tall, smooth grass; the air was cool and the sun was radiating wave of heat. In the center of the field, a young, delicate girl with long, black hair with a small, blue stone on her forehead and her smile, it was...

Andrew Mom "Andrew, are you listening?!" From shout of his mother, the young boy jump out from the bed, nearly scare out of his life. The boy scan around his small, cramped room, realize that he was back in reality; though strangely 'dream' he had felt more real than just a dream, but soon shack his head as he he decided to move on. As left his room and began to go down the stair, he could hear noise coming from the family room, which only mean that mom and his older sister, Mary, are fighting about Mary new boyfriend again. He always hated how they fight and that in the middle of their fight, they would involve him in it, pressuring him to choice which side he on; but today, he just going 'skip' breakfast and just go outside to have a walk.

After quietly leaving the house, Andrew began his walk to around the town, noticing that today Miami was getting hotter than usually, he would prefer to go in the north and see snow, but Miami did had nice view, including the ocean, about 30-miles from his house. Andrew soon come across to one of his friend Lee, wearing his avenge brown shit,blue jean and his scientific glasses; unfortunately Lee is surrounded by a group of thugs (3) that goes to his school, and they look like they are about to beat the life out of Life. With no time to think, Andrew ran as fast as he can, charging at one of them and made the thug crash to the wall. While the other two ran toward one of them, Andrew pick Lee on his feet and both ran as fast as they can away from the thugs. After few minutes of running, Andrew and Lee finally stop to take a few minutes to catch their breath.

Andrew "Lee, what were you doing with them?" Andrew say in a calm, but concern tone.

Lee "Nothing; i was just getting another comic book for my collection, when i end up meeting them and cause one of them to drop their food and...well actually i did something to them."

Andrew "Look, you should really stand up for yourself and tell them to stop bothering you."

Lee "Yeah, and then they can rip out my spine so i can't stand up anymore!" Lee spoke sarcastic in his tone.

Andrew "Alright i get the point, but they only pick at you because you alway let them do it. Anyway, i had the strangest dream..." As Andrew was trying to explain about the dream, the thugs soon appear, ready to have their pay back. As Andrew and Lee were corner, The thugs grab Andrew by the shirt and push him to the wall.

Thug leader "You think you cold push me down and you dare take away my practice dummy! Do you have any idea who you are messing with?!"

Andrew "Well actually no, and i really don't care who you are, but i am not going to let you beat up on my friend." Just as the leader was about to punch Andrew in the face, a dark storm cover up the whole city, blocking out the light and suddenly the ground began to shake, causing the people in the street to fall to the ground. Strange, red marking appear out of nowhere, cover everything in it and as he began to spread the building began to break down and the people were cover in darkness. The thugs began to run away, while Andrew stare at the strange phenomenon occurring; Lee soon began to panic, which caught Andrew attention and grab Lee to calm him down.

Lee "Wh...what is happening?!" Lee said with fear in his voice and his eyes had not blink for about two minutes.

Andrew "I don't know, but i don't think we should stay and found out."

Lee "Wait, what about our parents? We can't just leave them?!" Andrew agree and soon both left to Andrew house; but as they reach to the house, the strange marking had cover the house, and Andrew could hear the scream of his family. Andrew mind stop ticking and fell to his knee; what is going on, why was this happening and of all thing, why my family?

Lee try to get Andrew to get up, but fail and instead stare to the darkness as it began coming to their direction. The darkness began to surround them, but a strange light above them appear and then their body began to float in the air and they were ascending to the sky.  As they got closer to the light, both of them began to slowly lose conscious till everything went black.

Andrew felt something was poking him and as he slowly open his eyes, he got poke real hard from the stomach and quickly get up, if it wasn't for the fact that he was tie to a tree. He turn his head toward an girly scream, where he found Lee, wake but also tie to another tree. Andrew soon got poke again in the face, only now piss and annoy.

Andrew "Hey, what the heck is going on and what do you think..." But was stop by the sharp silver-tip spear, which nearly made him shut-up. Andrew turn his gaze to the one wielding it; to his surprise it was a young, tan man with raging clothing (wearing a leather pants and shirt, while have sliver earing and circle's around his hand) and notice that his ears were pointing, elf-like, his eye's were gold and he had strange black tattoo all over his body. The stranger once more poke him again with the spear, still annoying Andrew. "What...who are you and why are we tie up."

Stranger "..." The stranger didn't replay, only to piss Andrew and Lee began to panic even more from the situation.

Lee "Where are we!? What do you want to me!?" Lee kept on talking and asking more question. One of the question made Andrew realize something; where are they? Weren't they at the city, and it would seem that they are in the jungle. The tree look so beautiful and could feel the wind blowing soft and cold. The stranger, meanwhile, got closer and touch Andrew head and for a moment, felt his knowledge transfered to the stranger fingertip.

Stranger "So this is how you people speak, how pathetic. The better question is how you humans get here?" The stranger spoke, while still pointing his weapon on Andrew with a serious, cold expression.

Andrew "And where 'here' is? Wait...what happen to Miami!? What about our friends and family?"

Stranger "I don't know about this "Miami," is this some kind of weapon or person? It sound strange. Beside, you and your friend are intruding in the Divine Paradise and must be punish." Just as the stranger drop his guard, Andrew kick his leg, which cause him to fell to the ground, which Andrew finish with a kick in the face. Using his right leg, he move the spear close to him to grab and cut out the rope. Just as he began cutting the rope Lee is in, The stranger began to stand and pointed his hand at Andrew, which fire... well fire itself.

Andrew "What the fu..." He got hit by the flame, the heat was hot and extremely painful, though he it seem to burn his skin; this cause him to accidently fell behind and fell down from 3 feet, which cause the ground to break and reveal a old cave. As Andrew try to move, he could hear Lee scream once more "What...what can i do? Am stuck, my body feels in pain and what was that thing that guy did. And why do i feel a soft sensation in my..." He turn his head and spotted his hand on a soft ball. The soft ball soon turn out to be.. "Ahh!"

Andrew jump out from surprise, with his face become as red as a tomato; the the thing he land on was actually a female girl, with her clothing nearly ripped and expose. Andrew wanted to stare at her a bit more, but his friend was in great danger and he had too save him, but how...

??? "Are you the one i waited?" This got Andrew attention and turn back, to see the girl fully awake and already stand up, which now Andrew can see her 'curve' a bit more, trying to hide his reddish face. "Are you Andrew?" This surprise Andrew, causing him to freeze from this and look at her serious. "If so, allow me to help."

The strange girl grab Andrew with one arm and suddenly both him and the girl flew up to the air, just from one jump and both landed back where he was tie up. Andrew spotted the stranger ready about to stab Lee in the heart and in the last second Andrew grab the stranger by the back and push him to the tree. This caught the stranger a bit shock, but try to struggle to escape, but fail thank with the help of Lee. Andrew began to slowly choke the stranger, making him hard to breath.

Andrew "Alright punk, i am tried of this, all of it. First we got attack by thugs, then there was a dark storm that cover the city in darkness and..."

Stranger "Wait, the 'dark storm'?" The moment Andrew mention about the "dark storm," the stranger face turn into horror. showing fear in his eye. This also got the attention of the strange girl, though she didn't replay and only stared at the boy. Andrew look around, now confuse of the situation he had made.

Andrew "What, you know something of this dark storm?" The Andrew release the stranger, giving him sometime breath after Andrew was nearly choking him and turn his gaze to both Andrew and Lee.

Stranger "Well before i can explain, am Relaer, just for you to known. As for the dark storm, not much; but it was foretold by my people and the creature's of this land..."

Lee "Wait, what creature's!?" Lee interrupted Relaer explanation in fear and surprise, but was soon stop by Relaer gaze and shut up.

Relaer "...As i was saying, we were foretold of the coming of an evil god, once that was thought to be dead or forgotten, and was said that one day shall return and will attempt to conquer both Earth and Divine Paradise."

Lee "Wait, you mean we are not on Earth!?" This also made Andrew realize that, but try to calm down and not panic like Lee.

Relaer "Well, you are still on Earth, but Divine Paradise is actually floating on top on you world. Now back to the main point, it would seem that Earth was the first to be conquer so easily."

Andrew "Hey, was that an insult there?" Andrew rage only amuse Relaer a bit.

Relaer "Well it true, you human's are easily weak and are ant's to us. However, eventually we too will be conquer and consume by it." His once mocking tone soon turn serious and actually gloom like.

Lee "is there anything we can do to stop it!?" Just from one look at Relaer depress face and both of them known there isn't any. All was lose...

Strange girl "There is a way to stop it." This sudden news brought back Andrew, Lee and Relaer from despair and turn their hopeful gaze to the mysterious girl. "First, we must find help and we should first go to the North."
This is the first chapter and the beginning of the journay.

Here the Prolong [link]
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