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Ten years have pass since the tragic incident that happen in the old Nasty Burger explosion, as well as the lose of Jack, Maddie and Jazz Fenton's, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, and some teacher no one was going to remember. Danny Fenton, the only surviving family member, now live with only the pain of his family death to haunt him, as he was then forced to move in with his arch-enemy Vlad Masters, as he was the only person left who Danny felt could possibly understand his situation. Completely taken over by grief and  desperate to free himself from the pain, he ask Vlad to do the unthinkable; removing his human half so that he can no longer feel human emotions such as pain and sadness. Despite how dangerous it was, Vlad for once honor his choice, no longer were there any evil motions in his heart, using the Ghost Gauntlets to separate Danny's ghost half from his human half. The separated Danny Phantom, now free of the conscience of his human half, in a surprise turn overcame Vlad and took the Ghost Gauntlets. He removed Vlad's ghost half and merged with it, but was overwhelmed by the evil in Vlad Plasmius. This resulted in the birth of Dark Phantom.

His first act of malice was to murder his human half and destroy Vlad's entire mansion. He then went on to unleash ten years of pain and destruction upon both the human world and the Ghost Zone. For the passing years, he had fought against both mankind technology and the horde of ghosts, crushing all like bugs to him and slowly his power and reach to new level beyond any ghost could imagine. Now, the Earth has been ravaged and turn into a barren wasteland, with barley any humans or wildlife's remaining. The only city that still stand was Amity Park, as it was modified into a heavily fortified city and has become a bustling future metropolis. Civilization had grown in vast technology, now having flying cars all over the city and all the structures has been altered to match their futuristic technology. It is protected by a huge ghost shield, operated and run by Damon Gray, who had lost both his left arm and right eye during the long battle against Dark Danny. His 24-year-old daughter Valerie had grown from the long, harsh battle she went through and now has become the city's sole protector from ghosts. The ghost shield was nigh-impenetrable and had protected Amity Park for ten years, but that was now going to come to an end. Far from the dome city, the menacing Dark Danny stand upon a destroyed building with his loyal servant, the Fright Knight, at his side. He once serve the former King of the Ghosts, but after his battle against Dark Danny, he has now become a loyal servant to him and prepare to wage war against the remaining humans.

He has change much than how the young Danny Phantom once look, as he is taller and much more muscular than his younger self. He has snow-white flaming hair with a ponytail that blazes into a fire, light blue skin, and red eyes with dark lines around them. He has pointed ears, fangs, and a goatee. He wears a black jumpsuit with white trim, a white belt, black gloves, and white boots. He wears a cape which is white on the outside and black on the inside. He wears his logo, a white "D" with a black "P" inside it, on his chest. It wasn't just his appearance that has change, but so did his personality. While most of Danny old enemies have at least some degree of morality (despite trying to harm him), Dan possesses no such trait at all. He has now become sadistic, cruel, and cold-hearted, to the point that he is more than willing to kill even the people he once cared about to get what he wants, including his only old friend Valerie.

"My, look at that little snow globe over there. Those peon's believe that they are safe, that they can live such a peaceful and relaxing life, without a care in the world." As he gaze at the protective city with such emotionless eyes, he rose up in the air, follow by his servant behind him. "It like they believe that the worse is over and all will have a happy ending," as he said it, his stoic face finally reveal such a sinister, twisted smile on his face. "...Let us remind them how wrong they all are."

While he said it, it wasn't the first time he was reading to attack the dome, only for his past efforts to come to a complete failures. He had try blast, smash, and even phase his way through, but it was obvious that against the Ghost Shield, he has no chance in getting in without his human half, to which he had killed a long time ago. But now, after years of training and growing powerful, he acquired a new power that could be strong enough to destroy the Ghost Shield and pave away to his to the city own destruction.

Just as he prepare to soar toward the dome and begin his assault, he felt a strange surge going up his noise and then red wisps of mist come out through his nose. He halt his flight and look around his surround, for it was his Ghost Sense that got trigger by the presence of another ghost. It was obvious it wasn't Fright Knight, for he was by his side, yet who else could possible in the human world.

"Master, what is the matter?" Said the loyal knight, who raise his sword for action. Dan didn't need to turn his head to his servant, as he was too busy to look around to located where this particular ghost was.

"It would seem that we aren't the only ghosts in the world." His word caused the knight to act so surprise, as if he mad somewhat of a bad joke.

"But that is impossible! No ghosts would dare to enter to the human world without your permission, as you cripple and crush all who try to challenge you." Fright Knight word spoke true, for most of Dan former enemies had been crushed and beaten so hard that they never dare to leave the safely of the Ghost Zone as a reminders, else he could do much worse to them than they can possibly imagine. However, this presence was a bit different; the ghost was a bit farther away from them and yet he could tell that the ghost isn't the usual kind of ghost's he had meant over the years. However it was, it was very strong, yet confused at the same time.

"Whether or not doesn't matter at this point; I will not let some fool try to interrupt with my plan of bring destruction." He slowly descended downward to the ground, landing at what remain of a road and once more felt another senses. Before the sense was rather weak, but now it grow a little bit stronger, meaning he was getting closer. He look back at Fright Knight and pointed his finger at him with authority.

"You will stay there until I return. I will deal with this annoyance myself." Fright Knight tried to argue back, but then he remember the last time he did argue back and how it caused his master to become rather annoyed, a lesson he learned painfully well afterward.

"As you command, my Master. I shall await for your return." Dan didn't need to say another word, flying off toward the source of the strange presence.

As he move ever closer to the source, he slowly notice the roads and destroyed buildings were now cover with newly grown vegetation's, and the deeper he goes the more vines and plants there are. This kind of infestations is an annoyance to him, as he recall causing all plant life on the world to whither away, yet this was very much the work the work of someone with ghost power's. It wasn't long before he come upon a giant tree that was as tall as a skyscraper and cover the whole ten miles territory. By all this overgrown vegetation's and the giant tree before him, it became clear that the only ghost would possess such powers was one of his old nemeses, Undergrowth. When the overgrown weed tried to turn the world into the largest garden, it was Dan who fought back the intruder and unleashed huge waves of destructions upon his plants. In the end, Undergrowth was force to retreat within the Ghost Zone and haven't been seen since.

"Ah, this jungle view does bring back some old memories from our fight, yet it seem that weed hasn't remember how that ended. If kicking him out didn't detour him, then I guess I will have to burn down him and his garden for good." Once more his Ghost Sense was trigger again, this time the presence was now located within the enormous tree.

As he slowly made his way toward the giant tree, behind him were a group of vines that creeped right at him, attempting to strike him. But just then, holes appear on Dan body just in time for the vines to go through him, as if he had expected a surprise attack. The vines were force to recoil back, giving Dan time to close the holes and at lightning speed grabbed one of them and crushed it with his bare hand. With his other hand, he began charging energies through it and then blasted the vines with rapid fire blasts, destroying any trace of them.

"How predictable. You better have something more challenging than that if you want to-" The ground below him cracked up and soon a giant, man-eating plant the size of a small apartment burst upward, smacking the former hero aside from the eruption. His whole body actually stop falling and reposition itself on his feet, a small grin could be seen on his face. "Well, I guess this is at least acceptable for now."

The monstrous plant unleashed dozen of vines straight at him, yet this powerful ghost flew around the coming vines with ease, barely interest of the threat. It was only by surprise attack that the plant open it mouth and in blinding speed swallow him whole and the fight had come to an end...or it seemed. Little did the Venus-Fly trap knows, Dan had went intangible and slowly was charging his body full of ghost power's, till he revert back to normal and than exploded within the creature head, scattering it into thousand of pieces. As what remain of the plant fell hard on the ground, Dan flew closer to the giant tree, yet he was now being attack by all kind of giant plants. Despite the army of vines and man-eating plants in his way, he made three clones of himself and blasted his way through the thick wall of vines with pure destructions. With one more explosion, Dan had burned away all remaining vines out of the way and already find himself standing near the giant, purple-leaves tree before him.

"All right, I am right at the heart of the jungle. So where is that big weed, or do I have to incinerate this tree myself?" He raised his right hand with glowing, red ball of ecto-energy and ready to fire, yet soon his Ghost sense was trigger once more, but this time he felt something coming toward him.

"How dare you, insect! You have destroyed my precious garden!" The tree in front of him open up it truck, creating a huge hole as a figure slowly emerge out from the tree. The being before him appear to be a woman around her twenties, wearing a rather skimpy, green shirt that only cover the chest and the side of her waist, while wearing long, light-green pants and a pair of green, heel boots. Most of her torso and legs were cover in blue roses, green leaves and vines, while her hand were cover in a strange, vine-like gloves and even has a leaf-like crown on her head. Yet it was her face that actually made Dark Dan hesitated for a moment, as her skin was as white as snow, her lip as red as rose, eyes that glow with bright green, and her was as lush, long and black as night. 

Dan was still lost by the woman in front of him, as for a second he felt the once human emotions that he believe he destroyed, but he quickly notice that there was something amiss about her. She almost look like someone he once known far from the past, but he couldn't figure out who it was, for his memories were feeling a bit cloudy at the moment. The only glimpse of memory he could remember was a girl who used to be by his side, though she wore only goth clothing. It took him a moment to imagine this woman wearing those clothing and soon an realization came to him.

"...That impossible....Sam? Sam Manson, is that you??" In his wildest imagination, he couldn't believe that Sam Manson, the girl he once befriend and then watch her death along with his family, was now standing before him, yet she look much different and now possess powers. In truth, he would have embrace her in his arm and cry out all the sadness he had since her supposed death; but he tore out that feeling a long time ago and she is now here enemy. But even so, he still can't lie that she has become rather attractive and does feel some sort of 'emotions' in him, but that will be over soon.

Meanwhile, Sam seem rather furious, as she look around what used to be her plants and the destruction the man has done to her garden. She didn't hear him saying her name, nor does she even recognize her former friend before her, only viewing him as the enemy of nature itself and someone she must destroyed. "My children' lovely children's! I could feel their pain, seeing how they all die, by YOUR hands! You are responsible to the death to my garden and destroyed my children's. You will pay for this!" Bursting from the ground, three new man-eating plants come forth to their mother side, ready to commence their attack at the evil ghost.

The sound of her threat only made Dark Dan laugh out manically, as it been long since someone had dare to challenge him. "Ha haha! That rich beautiful, but mere plants won't make me go running back like a coward. And despite being an old, close friend of my, I will not hold back in teaching you a lesson in meddling with my world." As one of the plant's fire straight at the man, he quickly turn intangible and avoid the first attack by going down to the ground. The other two were not able to sense where Dan has gone, unable to then notice him phasing back above ground and smashing the two plants from behind, as his hand glow green and enhance his attack. The remaining plant turn and in retaliation attempt to bite him, yet he used both hands to grab it jaws and without mercy torn the head of the creature in half. Dan simply tossed away the destroyed flower and shown such overconfidence against his foe.

"Come now babies, is that all you can throw at-" But as he try to finish his banter, he failed to reacted Sam attack coming right at him, as she kicked him hard in the face and send him flying. Just few meters away, Dan used all his strength in his leg to halt his movement, slowly position himself as his nose was having small amount of green liquid pouring out. He place his hand to clean it out and for a moment gave a rather devilish grin at her. "Okay...I made have underestimate you cause you Sam, only because you were a woman and a old friend, but it seem that this rose has thorns. Now I going to show you what I got packing-" But once more, he was unable to notice how fast she was moving, as she used her vines to launch her at lightning speed and once more kicked him against the head.

The last blow made him stagger a bit, moving back a few steps as Sam prepare to do used another kick strike to the head, but to her surprise the villainous ghost immediately grabbed and stopped her feet just inches from his face. This time he looked rather annoyed from being kept interrupted, as he scream all his rage out and hurled her hard to the truck of the tree. Despite appearing to be frail, she quickly got back on her feet, and relaying on instinct quickly dodged away from the rapid fire of energy beams from Dan, using her tentacle-like vines to maneuver and avoid the blasts. She tried to fight back with her tentacles, yet he could fly around her and move far away while he kept blasting at her, yet she soon used her powers to summon trees to tank the attacks. Dan decided to move to close-range battle, flying straight at her at full speed, yet she leap up in the air to dodge the charge attack and landed gracefully. As she turn around, Dark Dan jump out from the rumble and cover both his hand and feet's in ecto-energy, using them to increase his strength and speed. As Sam was within his range, he began using punches and kicks against her, as one of his punch was strong enough to destroyed a boulder, yet she was able to dodge and parry his move with incredible speed and using her tentacles to block some of the attacks. However, her vines were soon being ripped apart by his fists and even her speed couldn't match against his strength, to which one of his fist landed hard at her gut and send her flying toward the truck once more. As she push herself off the truck and landed back on her feet, she could already hear the jerk laughing at the state she was in, only making her rage grow more.

"Give up now while you can, toots. Despite having ghost powers, you are still no match against someone who had years of practice and experience! I will make your end as swift and minorly painful as I can, or I am willing to spare you if you are willing to be my servant/lover, forever." His comments only infuriate Mother Nature, her eyes glowing with immense glow of power.

"I will not let someone like you insult me and my children's. I will show you the wraith of nature itself!" Planting both her hands to the ground, she pour all her ghostly powers through the ground, as the ground began to shake crazy. The energies she was sending went into the humongous tree roots, where the tree itself has been warped and transformed into a hideous, tree monster with thousand of branches as claws.

There was no time for any witty comments for Dan, as hundreds of those branches tried to grab him, and even become phased couldn't work against the ghostly tree. He began splitting himself into four clones and began blasting one branches at the time, yet it was becoming a rather challenging thing. Even his own clones were slashed and shredded into pieces, and eventually he end up being crushed hard by the tree giants hands. Caught within t clutches, the tree monster muster more strength in squeezing the very life at of Dark Dan, who could struggle endlessly and crying out in pain. Sam for once let out a satisficing laughter of victory, seeing her foes now within her clutches and powerless to do anything. Using one of the large vines to help her level up to see Dan face, she petted the tree monstrous arm, as if it was a puppy.

"Good work, my baby. You did very well for mother." She soon turn her gaze at the weaken Dan, with a sinister smile on her face. "Now you have come to realize the futility of fighting against nature. You have brought great crime in destroying my precious babies, and now you will pay for it. You shall become my fertilizer to help create new children's, in order to atone for your sins. I hope you are ready..." But even as she tried to finish her speech, she look at her trap foe and quickly notice that his scream of pain was slowly turning into insane laughter, only confusing her more. "What is this? Have you gone mad or something?"

The lunatic ghost revealing his villainous grin on his face, his eyes burning red with pure evil and excitement. "Ha Ahaha Ha! I'm just laughing cause you had just help me big time. I haven't had the time to practice my new power, but your monster tree would be the perfect test subject for it. Be honor that you about to see something marvelous!" As he took a big breath in, he soon unleash a inhuman, wailing scream that echo all over the area. The scream was so powerful, that all the remaining window glass's were shattered, while the vines and flowers were blow away into small pieces. The enormous tree took the full-force of the attack, as it was literally breaking down into smaller pieces, till the creature was completely obliterated from existence. Sam could barley handle the scream and lost her footing, to which she fell off her vine and crashed hard to the ground.

As she slowly open her eyes, she look in horror to witness all her flowers and plants withered away and die from the monster powerful wailing. The mere sight of it made her glowing eyes faded away, revealing those beautiful emeralds eyes that were fill with tears drenching down her face in despair. "My gorgeous garden...they are all dead. What have you done!?" She could only move her head, her body wreck with pain and is unable to move her limbs, as Dark Dan stand before his beaten foe.

"You like it? I have trying to give it a good name for sometime, but I think I will go with "Ghostly Wail". Took me a long time to acquire such a power and I was planning on unleashing it onto the pathetic humans hiding behind their Ghost Shield. But before I do that, let do something about you; can't just let you leave and come back for revenge upon me, so I afraid you will have to die. I would said this had been a touchy reunion, but that I don't have much feeling left to do so." He raised one of his hand and already was charging up for a big blast, to incinerate her into ashes.

She wanted to scream at him, to curse him for the pain he has inflicted upon her and the children. Yet as she gaze up at him, her eyes were looking at the large, letter "D" that was presenting on his chest. Gazing at it for a moment, it was like something within her mind was starting to remember something about that symbol, and with her rage weaken from the fight, her mind was slowly remember, it was if at long last the fog was lifting. A name soon came her, and she spoke, "...Danny? Is that you?" Her mind was slowly attempt to regain her old self and coming in term with the reality she is, such as the man who she believe to be someone she once know.

The mere mention of his old name caused him to lose focus on his charging and nearly acted upset. He turned his head away from her and already feel irritated from that name. "...So you are starting to remember now. Well that touching, but I afraid I don't go by that name anymore. I go by Dan now."

She slowly took her time to look at her surrounding, having now notice that the city has now become a barren wasteland with any structures being left in ruins. "What...What happen here? W-what happen to you? And...Gahh! My head, it hurt." It became painful the more she tried to remember, as if she been lost in the woods for too long. Dan only felt a bit angry to hear that she has no memories of the incident, yet he didn't want to waste time by telling her this, but rather to simply show it.

"What happen, you say?" Dan slowly turn around and quickly grabbed her by the arms, as he lifted her up to the air, nearing causing her to scream in shock. The flight only took minutes for him till they landed back on the ground and arrive at a rather important site to the two of them. As she place a head to help fight back the pain, she look what was in front of her, being a destroyed restaurant that barely had the words "Nasty Burger". Next to them was two statues, one sculpted the member of the Fenton family, Tucker and even herself, while the other statue was sculpted of her former teacher, though he has simply broken to pieces from time.

"This is what happen to you; you died here, ten years since the Nasty Burger exploded. the moment you and everyone I once cared and loved died, so did I." Sam look at carefully at former, younger self on the statue, as a river of memories were flowing out of her. Just remembering the good times she had with Danny and Tucker, fighting against evil ghosts and learning important lessons regarding family and friends. How did it all came to an end, or rather what became of her, she wonder. Gazing toward the Ground Zero site of the former restaurant, and then a imagine of her and the others were caught in the explosion of the boiler going critical. She didn't want to believe it, but it seem that she did died that day.

"So...That mean I became a ghost, doesn't it?" Dan didn't even need to respond, as the answer was obvious from the start. There were no trace of her body from the explosion, to which mean that she couldn't come back unless she return as a specter. As minute went by, more memories came to her and she truly grasp the whole situation around her. "I think I finally understand everything now."

As she move away from the statue, Dan came in with the emotionless expression on his face, yet for a moment she thought he look concern. "If so, could you at least tell why it took you ten years to come back or where did you get the power to control plants."

"...I last thing I recall after the explosion, I was like in some strange dream, floating through the empty, green space for hours. but I think I was in fact blasted into the Ghost Zone, though I don't truly understand how or why. Even so, I think I end up landing in a jungle of sort, where a giant, talking plant took me in and at first wanted to eat. But instead, it given me the job of being caretaker of it garden, to which I think that how I gotten this power. I...I don't know for how long I been there, but then one day I saw a strange portal right in front of me and...I think I took that chance to escape. But maybe from entering it, it cause my mind to be so clouded and became more aggressive. I...I'm sorry for attacking you, I didn't-"

"There is no need to apologies, and I don't regret in fighting you. If you had truly been my enemy, I wouldn't shown any mercy to you and end your misery." Just hearing him said that, his tone were as dark and cold-hearted than how she used to remember him speak in his youth.

"Danny, that was just horrible, how could you say that!? What happen to you?" He couldn't help but left at her dispense, letting out a sinister laugh out for fun.

"Oh, just the same thing as how the world around became; an empty, corrupted wasteland! The day that you and everyone I had was gone, I tore out my humanity and used my power to destroyed everything, crushing the like of mankind under my boot and leaving not a single, little bug left to lived. I am no longer the naïve, foolish boy you used you know, I have become something truly godlike!" He floated upward in the air, stretching out his arm to showcase all the destruction he has done to the land, his eyes burning with rage and madness.

"I did this to the world, I am responsible for the near extinction of humanity, and to be honest I have no regret what so ever." He slowly made his way to her, his hand just inches away to her face, though if it was to either touch it or instead squeeze her neck, she couldn't tell. "If you hate me, if you are afraid of me, I take this chance to run away and never come back. Otherwise-"

As he come to finish his words, Sam gently move her hand to his own, and instead place it softly to her face. This actin caught even the evil Dan by surprise, as he gaze at her rather, lovely green eyes. "Dan...Even if you had change and done such horrible things, a part of me can't truly come to hating you. To be honest, I haven't been the same person since I came back, so I guess I too have changed as well. The two of us aren't the "goodie to shoe" people we were in the past, so maybe we should embrace the new us."

Just the way she said it was quite a surprise to Dan, he believe that she would have been rather angry at him or cry away in sadness. But she was more accepting than he could imagine, and this new version of her was starting to grow on him. He narrow his eyes and gave a devilish smile at her, his flame-like hair bursting with excitement. "Well, I must say I didn't see this one coming. If you are actually coming to accepting the new us, than would you mind joining with me to ruling this world, side by side?"

She look around the empty, broken land she was in and part of her truly didn't like it. But perhaps with new humans ruining or burning down nature, the world could actually start to heal itself. The whole world could be in cover in lovely flowers, the perfect garden in her mind. However, the question is could she bring herself to harming a human being? Could she face any of her old friend or family and actually bring destruction upon her? Just the idea of it would be morally wrong to her young self, yet now this didn't seem to look bad to her, for it could save the world from man poison. "I can see some conflict in your eyes," said Dark Dan, as he move closer to her and was close to kissing her. "But you shouldn't let your former human self restrain you, denied you for who you truly are. You and I could rule this world together and make it the way we want it to be, so what do you say?"

Within the giant Ghost Shield, Valeria travel through the sky with her hover board, flying toward one of the Ghost shield power station that almost like a windmill. She land gracefully unto the platform, as she open a panel box to check the power level of the shield. The levels were doing well than expected, to which she move her arm to active her communication device. "Ghost Shield tower Nine is fully operational." As she talk to her device, a video feed of her father than appear, sitting comfortably on his chair and other computers next to him.

"That great, sweetie. Go check the last power station and-" But just then, the video feed was cut off and only static could be seen.

"Daddy...Daddy!!" Valerie try to contact her dad, yet it was futile. And then a new video feed was on the device, yet only two red eyes could be seen and then a dark, menacing voice could be heard. "Hello Valerie. It been while, hasn't it."

It didn't take her long to know who it was on the other feed, her facial expression shown her anger toward the monstrous villain. "You Again!? I don't care how powerful you are ghost, but there is no way you can break down the shield!"

"Ha ha, that is till today." Then a monstrous, horrifying scream began to be heard just outside the field, as the noise spread throughout the city. The very earth itself began to rumble, as both animals and even humans were force to shut their ears to block out the painful wailing. The wailing only grew louder to the point that it caused all matter of glasses (either it was windows, cups, car windows, etc.) toe shattered into millions of pieces. As the noise kept going, Valeria heard the panel to making noise and to her shock witness the power level dropping like a stone. It was only a matter till the whole power station began to burst with electricity and then seconds later exploded like firework.

As the structure was going to fall to rumbles, Valerie quickly took her hover board and jump off the platform in the nick of time and avoid the huge explosion. However, the full force of the explosion had knock her off from her board and end up falling in mid-air, only to see that she was going to crash against one of the building. No time wasting, the Ghost Hunter quickly press a button on her wrist, to which made her hover board began auto tracking and flew straight at her. Just minutes before she crash against the glass window, her board appear right in front of her and full blasted her away from the crash. reach to grab her ride and quickly took off in the air with booster gong full max.

Flying through the air, she check to see the once function power station now as a wreak, but that wasn't her main concern. Soon, one by one each power stations began exploding just like the first, and she could do nothing as more of them were destroyed like a domino effect. As nearly half of the power stations were gone, the dome shield that protected the city was now losing power, slowly fading away. The people look up in complete shocking and animals panicking in fear, witnessing to the last moment the shield was gone before their eyes. The wailing had finally stop, but now the city warning alarms began echoing through the city, as thousand of people now scream and run like scared sheep's, running through all directions. Bursting from the ground, specialize escape paths came to the surfacing, with people running toward them and soon enter a unground path to safety.

Up high in the air, Valeria look to see the swarm of people coming together like a huge river, she truly feel ashamed for not preventing this kind of attack. She quickly turn her sight back on her wrist device, her expression being one of frustration.

"Well Valerie, like my new power? I come to call it as my "Ghostly Wail". She was unable to answer such a comment, her mind trying to piece the situation she is in. But sadly there was no time for that either, for the sound of a hurling blast was coming from behind, and to her shock see a giant crystal ball coming straight at her. She had no time to react and taken the full might of the attack, the explosion blasted her out from her board and send her flying straight to the ground. Unable to move, Valeria end up scratching the road and keep going till she halted at the newly "Nasty Burger 2". Regaining conscious, she looked up at the figure who attack her and she was truly shock to see who it was.

"No way...You!?" The ball of blue fire move closer to her and reveal to be none other than the Fright Knight himself.

"Yes, it is I. And I serve a new master now." Valerie quickly pull herself back on her feet, yet the Fright Knight pull his hand away to charge another crystal ball attack, hurling it right at her with the attempt to destroyed. But this time she was prepare, starting at her foe with righteous fury. With just a click of the button, her trusting steed (hover board) come flying straight at her, as she leap to the air and got on it just as the crystal ball destroyed the whole fast-food building.

There was no time left, she new that 'he' was coming and she needed to get her father out before he arrive to destroyed everything. "I got to get to dad, quickly!" Fly through the street, she had to constantly avoid the exploding blast of the Fright Knight, who is right on her tail. Zigzagging repeatedly, she flew against the wall of the building and ride up to the rooftop of the building, just to see the Fenton old home just few miles away, with the Fenton Blimp still attach to the building. Using full throttle, she blasted her way toward the building in the attempt to met up with her father, yet strangely she notice that the Fright Knight wasn't firing anymore crystal balls.

"Wait, why did he stop his assault? Something isn't right about this-" Than just as she was just miles away from the base, the whole building began shaking crazy and then vines were bursting out from each of the windows. The upper part of the building was tore away by the growing tree from within the apartment. Valerie was in complete horror by the sight of it, as her own father was in fact just inside the building.

"Dad, NOOO!!" Jumping of her board, the Ghost Hunter attempt to run toward what was used to be the Fenton home, yet a giant vine burst from the door and caught the shocked woman in it grasp. Valerie tried to fight back, yet the plant strength was crushing her and make it hard to stay awake. "H-how I this possible! Aah!!"

Than just walking out from the remolded tree house, a vine came down with a woman resting on it like a chair. The woman jump off from her ride and slowly made her way to the suffering Valerie, with a rather sinister smile on her face. "Well, it been a long time since I last seen you, Valerie. You have change, but then again so have I."

"W-who the heck are you?" Valerie could only cry out some words from being strangle by the vines, as she has no idea who this figure before her.

"Aw, that hurt my feeling Valerie," said the woman, who only acted like she was hurt. "You were one of the few friend I had, beside Danny and Tucker back at high school. How could you forget your old friend who died in the Nasty Burger explosion?"

That last sentence actually hit Valerie right in her heart, her eyes widen in complete shock at the person standing right in her face. Thousand of question were buzzing in her head, yet she needed to know if it was true. "No...It just can't be!? Sam, oh god Sam! What happen to you!?" Sam simply laugh right in front of her, as if pity her for her day.

"Oh, that kind of question has been repeated a lot today, but I understand your surprise. I wish we could talk this out as old friends, but sadly that not why I came her. You and all of mankind are a disease and the two of us are here to get rid of all of you, so that nature can rule over the world once more!"

"Wait, you can't mean-" And then the very ground beneath them began to shake, as that horrifying wailing could be heard once more. Green light emitted from the open cracks and emerging from the ground was the evil Phantom, Dark Dan in full glory. As he walk out from the crevice and made his way to the two women, he gave his smug look at the beaten Valerie. He walk toward Sam and place his hand around her waist, making a rather romantic gesture to the lovely green woman.

"Ah, if isn't my lovely Sam, and it seem she with our old friend, Valerie. How has your day been for you, Valerie?" The Ghost Hunter could only stared at him with pure rage, trying to get herself free in vain.

"Argh! Damn you, ghost! When I get out of here, I going to put an end to you and your terror!" She then turn her sight at Sam, who place her hand around Dan waist as well. "And Sam, how could you!? Do you know how we all felt when you die, and now you come back to bring destruction on us. Why??"

"It isn't that hard to understand; the Sam you knew was already dead ten years ago. I'm now just doing this to saving the world and getting rid of parasite like you, to which is what Dan is doing all along." Just then, a flower bloomed right near her face and then spray strange, green spores at her face. The spores caused Valerie to losing any strength she had left and soon felled into a deep sleep.

"Nice trick you did there," responded Dan, as the vine carry the unconscious Valerie away. "I must say, today has been an interesting "first date" for us. But then again, we could do more than just that." The two of them began moving away from the grow tree, now that it begins hunting down any other humans with it multiple vines on it own.

"You know, maybe when we are not hunting down humans or destroying cities, we could at least go to a movie theater or check a nearby park as our next date." Dan turn to Sam and once more move close to Sam face, placing his hand on her back.

"You now, I like the way you think." The two soon had a rather beautiful moment, as their lips connected each other and their sense of the world spinning, as if they were warped into space and feeling the stars dancing around them. These two, evil lovers were going to caused mass destruction upon the world, yet many can't deny that they make a loving couple none the less.

This is a request story to my friend, :iconthebigblackdevil5:. This story is a fanfiction version regarding an old TV series, Danny Phantom, with one of the episode, "The Ultimate Enemy".

The story focus on the adult version of Danny Phantom, who began causing chaos upon the city like he usual do. But then he end up running to an unexpected friend who was once thought to be dead, Sam. However, she end up becoming a ghost and gain the powers she took from the Plant Ghost, Undergrowth. What would happen when these two reunited in a apocalyptic future? That for you guys to guess.

The image on this story belong to :iconthebigblackdevil5:.
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theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I haven't been reading much or anyone for that matter for quite some time for various reasons ahead - today, you're an exception, though.

With that in mind, even for a request, it was quite a nice read-through despite it, too, having been quite a long time since I used to watch that show.

And especially in reflection towards the last time I read through any of your works, I must say, you've quite improved since.

Mind the one or other mistake within (words and so), but aside of that, it was quite a nice read-through. Keep going! :)
thebigblackdevil5 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Omg this was so beautiful!

Thank you so much, I really enjoy reading it :)
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Edited Aug 9, 2017
I just glad you are happy to reading the story. I wanted to make it as detail as possess, with a bit of comedy, action pack and a course romantic. Also try to make an alternation narrative to the original opening of the DP episode, when Dark Danny attack the city, but this time with Sam help. It took much to make it as good as possible for you and I am happy that you really like it. Hope I made you proud.
thebigblackdevil5 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yes you did an perfect job on it thank you so much! I really like how you describe your outfit just like in thr picture thr only difference was that yet roses in the picture were an dark purple and in the story they said it eas blue not purple, but that's ok though.

Anyways I really like the story I really enjoy it an lot. I will read it again, like an second time :)
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