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Twenty years ago, Vlad Master was a gifted scientist in his time during college, along with his crush Maddie and his rather 'annoying' friend Jack. The three used to be rather close (despite Vlad dislike of Jack behavior), till during one experiment Jack irrational active one of their project that end up injuring him badly to the point that he was place in the hospital for seven years with a fatal condition known as "Ecto Acne". That accident end up ruining his life and the chance to ever reveal his love to Maddie, however the tragedy had also left behind a high radiation of ecto energies, to which resulted him to being a powerful half-ghost. From the next few years, he slowly build up his statues one of the world billionaire, though in truth he has been using his ghost power to take from the riches. Yet even with all the riches in his displays, his heart still yearn to having a family, and with one action decided to try to find new love. It was difficult to ask a woman out on a date, due to his gray hair despite being young, but eventually stumble upon a woman by the name of Francis, who was willing to start together in a relationship. After months of being together, the Vlad and Francis soon decided to tie the knot, to which then lead to a fantastic wedding. But even with Francis by his side he couldn't truly be happy much to his shame, for deep down in his heart there was only one woman who he cherish and value above all else including Francis, and her name was Maddie. His regret of not being together with his crush was all snatch away by his 'ex-friend' Jack, who was the soul reason he was suck away for seven years of isolation, and slowly his raged only grew more each passing day. 

Even so, he tried his best to remain normal, to give up his old life and attempt to make a new one with Francis, yet fate was far from finish with him. After just a year of marriage and given birth to a healthy baby girl, Francis died from childbirth due to having contracted with a strange virus, though Vlad believe it to be the remains of the "Ecto Acne" still lingering in his body. Lost in pain and anger, he lock himself away for three days without end and refused to see anyone, while leaving his newly born baby to be taken care by the maids. After the grieving process was done, Vlad had soon decided to take to build a new home for his baby girl, while also giving her the name Abigail Masters. Over the rest of her teen life, Vlad had teach his daughter with home-school education, pampering her with fabulous gifts and soon planned the path for her to one day take his heritage and rule the new world. However, Abby didn't want to live like some frail, quite girl in some cliché movie, and in secrete trained alone in learning how to fight and doing parkour at night, and always wanted to make social activities with other teens like the one at Casper High School. But even though he was raising a child, Vlad heart grew darker by the passing year, once more using his ghost powers and connections to do his dirty work. This time, he no longer desiring to being wealthy, but now he wanted the power to ruling over the whole world, but he first needed on finishing his revenge on Jack for being responsible for the years of pain and plans on reclaiming his only true love Maddie to be his side. In truth, he wanted to included his daughter to join his plan and work side-by-side together, yet found out that she had no ghost powers whatsoever, while what little good left in him decided to hid his other side from Abby.

As he carefully planed out his revenge, it wasn't long before he heard rumors about an unknown ghost who was using his powers to protect the human world from the ghosts. Despite the rumors, Vlad began his first attempt of revenge by sending some random ghost to do his bidding and though it would work perfect, yet he came to a shocking surprise that his hired ghost's were unable to do the deed and were instead thwarted by the good ghost. As each ghosts were soundly beaten by the ghost, it wasn't long before he soon knew the ghost name, Danny Phantom and started to keep his eyes on the strange ghost. Eventually, he decided to do the dirty work himself, to which he send out invitation to all his old school friends, including the Fenton, though the party is a disguise for his real plan of revenge. However, upon his reunion with Jack and Maddie, they have already gotten marry together years ago and now have two children's of their own. As Vlad and Danny parents get acquainted about their lives and his sister checking out the whole mansion, Danny end up wondering down the hall and soon came upon a mysterious person training fencing against a dummy. He was amaze by how skilled this person was in fighting and possess such agility and spend, yet he didn't realize that he moved to close to the practice field, to which the unknown figure fighting instinct kicked in and end up pointing it deadly weapon at the boy. But upon closer inspection, the figure quickly realize it has made, dropping the sword down and quickly run away, much to Danny surprise and confusion. Night soon came and Vlad decided to give out a fine, delicious dining to the Fenton, yet they soon found out that there was another chair on the table.

As Vlad began explaining about tomorrow reunion, a young girl came out from the door and made her way to the table. In that moment, Danny took a glance of the mysterious woman and to his shock he couldn't say a word. Her face was as if it was sculpted from one of the world greatest artiest, having long, almost waving black hair, while having a pair of big, deep blue eyes that were like staring into the sea. This maiden (kept believe he thought that) was wearing a small, sleeveless shirt that exposed the red dress underneath it, while having blue jeans that shown her amazing figure. It was as if this girl was like a second Paulina, yet just from one look at her shown that she didn't had the air of being a pompous, devious person like the original Paulina. Vlad quickly notice the girl decided introduce the only child he had since the death of his wife, Abbigail to the Fenton. Though the young girl tried to appear happy, Danny couldn't help but feel like something was bothering her, though he couldn't understand what. As if the attempt to make conversation, Danny try to wave to her in trying to get her attention I hope of making a new friend, but when she look at him, her face reacted in shock and quickly try to avoid him, to which Danny feel a it confused. Everyone simply finish their dinner despite how awkward the new girl was around Danny, and how Jack kept bothering Vlad so many time. After dinner was done, Vlad met up Abby and ask regarding her strange reaction to the Fenton boy, though she chose not to say much about the details. Even so, Vlad has no problem with her making friends, but he would like her to stay at her room when the reunion start, though refused to explaining her why, as he was in fact building up an evil plan to ruin Jack life.

As everyone went to their own room's, no one came to realize that Vlad had already started his evil plan, as he summon the ghost once more to move around the house, but this time it wasn't Jack that he was targeting, but rather Danny Phantom who will once more try to save the Fenton's like before. And just predicable, the ghost hero tried to fight off the ghosts, but instead the ghost run away the moment they spotted another ghost just behind the hero. The unknown figure gave it presence away to the young ghost, introducing itself as "Plasmius", and began showing off skills and abilities that even the ghost hero didn't possess. It would soon become obvious that the young hero was no match against this powerful foe, to which then Danny Phantom end up reverting back to Danny Fenton in front of his foe. The ghost Plasmus is soon reveal to be Vlad himself, and with the knowledge of knowing Jack son being another hybrid, Vlad soon had some ideas for the boy. By next morning, Vlad appear to the waken Danny, as both tries their best not to mention what happen last night, though Vlad is the only one who know the boy secret. That evening, Danny end up finding the Abigail siting down near a large garden, as she was watering down a patch of bluebells. Once more, Danny walk up to her and tries to make a conversation with her, though he feared that she would end up avoiding him. When she saw him, at first she looked rather hesitant to seeing him, yet as he was thinking of leaving her again, she turn back to him and quickly bow her head as a way to apologizing.

Danny was more confused at the strange event occurring, as he doesn't understand why she should be apologizing, other than how she seem to have been strangely avoiding him. Abigail soon explain that she wasn't trying to avoid him, but she felt rather shame that she nearly harmed him during her training. It was than that Danny now understand the whole situation, recalling about the masked figure who pointed a weapon at him was Abigail. Danny was rather surprise that someone who look so skilled and athletic was the shy, timid girl before him. Abigail told him that she tried to train herself to being a confidence and strong woman, though she still has the issue of being nerves in front of strangers. She didn't want to be the frail girl her father always see her to being, as it remind him about her mother and since her death tries to shudder her from the world. Danny reassure her that she understand how life has been unpredictable and trying to being the best of themselves is a challenge, but one that everyone has to triumph over. Abby couldn't help but laugh at the response, as it sounded way too cliché for her taste, to which also made Danny giggle for fun. As the two laugh out loud to think how silly the problem was, Vlad spies from the windows and his expression could tell that he was cooking up a wicked plan tonight.

On that fateful night, all of Jack, Maddie and Vlad old friends arrive at the manor to begin the reunion party off. Danny and Abigail decided to join the party with their parent's, though only Jazz was the one who refused to spend the whole time watching "a bunch of old fossil's pogo to new music's". Although it was so that all from High School, a few of them, including a friend who was nickname "Hairy Chin", only grew when be confronted by Jack attics. Though it would have been boring just sitting alone on the table while the adults 'pogo' around, Abigail was there with him and spend most of their time learning much about themselves, such as their childhoods and their time around home and school (though Abigail was home-school). Just as things were getting well between them, Vlad interfere and ask Danny to do go down to his lab to grab a 'special present' for Danny father, unaware of Vlad true intention. As Danny left the room, Vlad quickly told his daughter to go to her room and stay there, though it didn't made any sense to her nor was she even get an answer from her own father. Usually in the past, she would simply obey her father and go to her room, but tonight she had grown rather suspicious of her father strange behavior and instead went down to ask Danny help. Traveling down the stair to the underground basement, she was just a door away from her father lab, till she heard sound of someone screaming and smashing sounds happening behind the door.

Daring not to expose her presence, she tried her best to quietly open the door slightly, peeking through the crack to see a white-hair boy fighting against what she could only guess to being a 'robot hunter', only to be than contain by a giant black box and quickly transform back to Danny. She wanted to run through the door despite the danger, but than her father came out from the shadow and was actually taking with the strange hunter who soon turn transparent and flew through the walls like a ghost. Abby stood still and only grew more confused the longer she listen on about what Danny and Vlad are talking about, such as ghosts and so on. It was only when her father transformed into an menacing ghost was than that she truly lost at word and couldn't understand what was going on. However, as she continue to hear her father discussion, she slowly understood that he held such hatred for Danny father and still has some "feeling" for Maddie, and more so that he plans to ruin Jack life for good. He also explain that he wanted Danny to join forces with him to being his 'son', but Danny refused much to Vlad frustration. As Vlad disappear with the green mist's, it was than that fate once more changed, as it was Abby who ran into the room in the attempt to free Danny, though he was a bit hesitant to trust her first, being that she was Vlad daughter and fear she was one of the bad guys. But Abby told him how much she had come to being his friend despite how short their times were and only care to stopping her father from ruining Danny family. In the end, Danny had to put his life on her hand, as she free him and soon the two exist the lab.

What happen soon afterward, Vlad attempt to possess Jack to make him look insane and evil, yet Danny Phantom soon appear and fought him. It was near at the end that Danny was willing to exposed the both of them to everyone, while telling Vlad at what Maddie and Abby will think of him, to which eventually the two made a truce to keeping each other secrets and leave in defeat for the time being. As the Fenton were prepare to leave Vlad mansion and go back on the road to home, Abigail tried to find Danny and wanted to know more about his alter ego and much more, yet found that the Fenton had already left and she didn't even had the chance to say anything to Danny. As she stand alone in the garden to which is how Danny and herself came to being friend, her father soon made an appearance and ask where she has been. She wanted to demand the truth from him, yet she has now become more afraid at the thought of what her father will do to her if she knew the truth, so instead she told a lie. Since that day, Abby end up following her father adventure, such as when an army of evil ghost serve under a ghost king, or when Vlad end up being mayor of the town. She was also allow to enter school and even befriend Danny and his friends, though it was soon that Vlad could use her to help him to sway Danny loyalty, yet the two were on to him. As Abby, Danny and his friends were facing against so many ghost threats, there were still some "teenage" problems Danny had to deal with, such as being stuck in what most people called it a "Love Triangle" between Sam and Abby, to which has play a sort of drama in the story and it was hard for him to come to a decision. Yet despite the issue, Danny and Abby still hang out together, even sometime when he become Danny Phantom and show her around town.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Abigail and Vlad were slowly drifting apart, as Vlad lost himself in his plan of ruling the world and began to do less time with his daughter, who also knows that he is Danny enemy. Abby wanted to try to find a way  Eventually, Abigail had soon decided to move out from her father home and choice to move in with her mother parents who were a bit far from Danny hometown. Vlad himself was rather shocked by this sudden move and for a moment tried to reason with her, but his dark heart clouded his judgment and instead focus still on conquering the world. Though it did made her feel a bit regretful to leaving behind her friends, she says that will return when she come up with a way to face her father one day and also plans on asking Danny out on a date. Soon there came two paths that held the different futures for Danny Fenton; the first came after the event with a giant, ghost meteor that was able to be avoided. With Vlad now floating in space and exposed as a villain, it was a challenging time for Abigail to come to grip with people criticisms, but she was much stronger than people gave her credit and soon was able to move on. People lives would forever be change, like Tucker being major of his hometown, Danny sister Jazz making a world-wide organization of ghost busters, or even Danny to being a negotiator for both the humans and ghost alike. Though she felt a bit hurt that Danny had decided to go out with Sam and would eventually marry her, she didn't let her broken crush bring her down and decided to dedicated her life in using her father heritage to be used for good.

In time, she had built a foundation that became prosperous by the supporters of the world, using their resource to heal the world and make it peaceful as possible. By how this path shows, Abigail would still be single, but she would be one of the world famous faces that would lead mankind to an utopia. In the second path, Vlad Masters/ Vlad Plamius had tried to triumph over the ghost hero many times over, yet always fail in every attempt due to Danny bravery and spirit. However, just month after Abigail left, that rivalry between the hero and the villain had soon reach it conclusion, though not because he had beaten the boy or that he was vanquish for good. In an unforeseen event, a tragedy occur at the Nasty Burger, for the boiler overheated and resulted in a big explosion, to which took the lives of Danny family and friends, including a teacher that most people actually don't care. Danny was filled with grief the like of it he has never face, yet there were no other people who he could turn to, as both Tucker and Sam parents were doing their own matter of griefs, while Valeria and her family couldn't afford to taking Danny into their home. With no other relative from his parents sides, Danny had no other choice but to go to the only person in the world who could understand his pain and alter egos, to which was in fact his former nemesis Vlad Masters.

When Danny arrive by his mansion, he had though that Abigail would be the only person that could help him, yet he had soon remember that she was gone and fell deeper into depression. Vlad also knows what the boy is going through, feeling sadden by the death of the only woman he truly love, and pretty soon he started to miss the "Buffoon Jack" around the time. Vlad had done much as he can to make the young boy feel welcome at his mansion, but Danny was still haunted by the grief and pain, to the point that he ask Vlad for his help, to make all the pain and sorrow to go away.; removing his human half so that he can no longer feel human emotions such as pain and sadness. Despite how dangerous it was, Vlad for once honor his choice, no longer were there any evil motions in his heart, using the Ghost Gauntlets to separate Danny's ghost half from his human half. The separated Danny Phantom, now free of the conscience of his human half, in a surprise turn overcame Vlad and took the Ghost Gauntlets. He removed Vlad's ghost half and merged with it, but was overwhelmed by the evil in Vlad Plasmius. This resulted in the birth of Dark Phantom. 

Just before the newly born evil was complete, Vlad desperately ran for his life from the terrifying being, using a secret entrance that lead down to an underground cavern that existed before he bought the land. However, Vlad had unfortunately left behind the scared, human-side Danny in his attempt escape, leaving his fate to the wicked Dark Phantom wraith. The evil ghost obliterated the whole mansion in an immense explosion, to which also took the life of poor Danny and soon fly out to the world to do what unimaginable horrors upon the world. After surviving two day alone in the cave, Vlad eventually found a path that lead just outside the cave and back outside to the real world. He could see the huge smoke coming from his estate, already reeling in the shame he had done, but needed to get back to Abigail and take her to a safe place before the evil ghost does something truly destructive. Using a set of clothing he found as an disguise, he carefully sneak through town without people knowing full well who he was. Vlad soon had to walk days along the roadside without his ghost powers, experiencing the first time to truly being human and took sometime to realize how much he should have spend much time with his daughter, instead of letting his pain and anger blinded him to being a villain.

After a week of traveling down the road, Vlad had finally arrive to his ex-wife home, to which is where Abigail was living in. The moment he enter the house, Abigail rushed in and ask dozen of questions regarding to his destroyed mansion, the tragedy at the Nasty Burger and what become of Danny. Vlad couldn't bring himself to telling her about Danny, lying about an unforeseen explosion in his lab and doing his best not to mention about the newly-born evil ghost. Though she knows that her father is hiding something from her, Abigail can see that he has become a change man in his eyes and decided to for now to wait and see. Three years soon pass by, as the world has ben going through some drastic changes, such as the town's across the US were being destroyed by an unknown ghost and no one in the government were able to understand who dong this. Later on, the government had to get the aid of the world famous ghost hunters, like Valeria, to identify what kind of threat this ghost they are dealing with. Abigail and her father had gone through some changes of their own, with Vlad being a more fatherly figure toward her, while Abigail has become more outgoing and confident. However, Abby was still hiding away the pain in her heart, as she still couldn't figure out what became of Danny and if he was okay or not. 

One night, While Vlad was gone doing his work as the new mayor (again), Dark Dan had arrive to Abigail home, as lingering feeling of the once good Danny Fenton had made him desiring over Abby, though his personality has become that of dark and cruelty. With his shapeshifting ability, he disguised himself as Danny around the age of eighteen and ringed the door. As she open the door, she couldn't believe the person standing before her, as if she was dreaming and end up embracing him in pure joy. The two spend much time in the family to recount their time over the years, how they been doing and more importantly to Abby what happen to Danny for the last three years. Danny spin the story regarding the 'real' Danny in order to hide the truth, yet Abby couldn't help but notice how different his attitude and even presence were from before. It was almost like she was talking to a 'different' Danny, yet her feeling toward the person before her clouded her judgement and decided to spend some quality time together. Each night, whenever Vlad isn't around, Danny would simply appear out of nowhere to spend time together, yet this only made Abby more concern, such as Danny not having a phone or how he tires to avoid talking about meeting by day or even speaking to Vlad. 

Than after last night "intimate moment", Danny quickly soon stop visiting her home afterward, to which made her feel ever so confused and heartache, though she couldn't tell her father about it. One day, Abigail soon started to feel rather sick, though she couldn't understand how she came to being sick, yet once more couldn't bother her father about her strange condition. As a month went by, she began exhibiting different kind of symptoms, such as having random mood swings each day, puking more often by night and even began eating more than she should. And then one night, a major broadcast news sweep over the world, as the government itself are being assaulted by the evil ghost, who has now being revealed to be the former hero, Danny Phantom. The people of the world couldn't believe what they were seeing and hearing, yet the reality of the situation is that their hero has fallen from grace and is now attacking mankind in a whole. The news cut short, just before the White House was exploded into billion pieces. Terror was spreading like a virus, as every nations and states prepare themselves for the coming war, assembling their armies, weapons and even nuclear bombs against the rising threat. But the one who was by far devastated by the news was Abigail, who fell hard on her knees and kept on crying out in completely horror. Her father soon arrive in the room and asked what the matter, before he spotted the TV and quickly understood the situation.

Vlad didn't waste time the moment he saw the new and began grabbing as much stuff as he can, knowing now that the evil Danny is preparing to bring upon the end of the world. As he told his daughter to gather her stuff, at she just refused to listen to him due to the emotional pain she was in, but when Vlad tried to grab her by force, she retaliated in rage by slapping him away and shouted at him for answer. Vlad was having a hard time trying to explain things to her and tried to once more tell a lie, but Abby quickly decided to end the whole charade by revealing that she knew about both Danny and even her father secret. His back against the corner and with the truth now out in the open, Vlad slowly explain to her what occur years ago, regarding how he tried to help Danny, yet instead it resulted an evil version of Danny Phantom and that he lost his ghost powers as the result. Abby just couldn't all that she had heard, as she had met Danny just months ago, to which shocked Vlad to the core and realize that it was Dark Danny ha just enter his home as a mockery. Vlad try convincing her that the Danny she knew was long gone and it was now time to run away to safety, yet she couldn't believe that the monster on the television was just the man she had spend so much time with, and without a second thought runs off house to look for Dan. She had spend hours running through the town to see if Danny was still out, yet eventually she had grown tired and took a break by the park. Sitting by the bench, she quickly notice how her stomach seem to be a bit chubby, but in her heart she understood what it meant; that she was in fact pregnant.

By anything, it would have been a great thing to having a child and starting a family with Danny, but now the world believe that Danny is in fact a villain and she couldn't decided if that was the truth or not. Looking up in the stars, she question if she was even meant to be with Danny at all, or is fate saying that her existence isn't as important than she thought. Just than, as she set her eyes back to the ground, she quickly spotted 'Danny' standing just few feet's from her, to which caused her to jump off the bench and run straight to him. As she move closer to him, Danny notice how she look a bit scared and confused, to which he ask if there was something wrong. Abby was quite mad that he was trying to act ignorance about what happen today and went straight to the point; is he the real Danny or the fake, and if he is truly want to destroyed mankind. The person before her, the Danny she used to know to being kind and caring, started to laugh rather maniacal, as he stated that he was concern that she wouldn't catch on to the whole thing. In the instant, the man before her transformed into a more menacing Danny Phantom with flaming hair. He told her to her face that he was indeed not the real Danny, as he had killed him years ago, and that he now plans to bring the world to the brick of destruction. As the weight of the truth brought her down to her knees, she wanted to know why is he doing this now, when he could have done it years ago. He response that he had to practice his new form by facing off the ghosts in the Ghost World and had now finish completely distorting the realm. 

He also admit, that the reason he didn't do it before was because of the remnant of the good Danny and his feeling toward her; but now that he had sated all his desire, he could now focus his full attention to the whole world and bring upon ruination to mankind. It was in that moment Abigail finally came to understand, to which the man she once love was gone forever. Trying her best to fight off the tears flowing out of her eyes, she told the monster before her that she never want to see him ever again. The only comment Dark Danny spoke was that it was amusing to seeing her like this, for he had never notice how feisty she could be. The villainous ghost simply flew up into the air, leaving behind the devastated Abby alone, unaware that she was in fact pregnant with his child. It wasn't long before Vlad found her by the park and took her in his car, where they travel all the way back to Amity Park. The town had soon began trying to modify itself to have a huge Ghost Shield to protect the town from the rampaging ghost, who had caused more cities and nations to fall into disasters. After nine months had soon pass and the town was close to being finished, Dark Danny was once more compel to find Abby to which he return to Amity Park and eventually found her at the hospital. It was there that came to a shocking revelation, seeing Abigail having a huge belly and realize that she was in fact pregnant. He choice not to speak to her, for it would only hinder his soul mission in destroying mankind, but choice to leave Amity Park unharmed for the time being. Eventually, the day soon came when Abby was holding her stomach in pain, screaming so loud that caught the nurse attention and soon even feeling the water covering her bed sheet. 

Abigail was now ready to give birth, to which Vlad had hired the best doctors to help relieve as much pain as possible. After hours of long, agonizing pain, Abby was finally able to give birth to a young, health baby girl and held the baby in her arms. But as the nurse help take the baby to sleep, Vlad came to check on his daughter, but to his horror found out that from the doctor that Abigail had passed away after just giving birth. By next week, Vlad had paid a huge funeral to his daughter who was now in Heaven with her mother. With her mother gone, Vlad would have to spend the rest of his life raising now his granddaughter on his own. But things become more complicated, when Dark Danny decided to visit Vlad, for he had come to see what became of Abigail. Vlad had refused to letting him even close to her grave, but then the baby began to cry, to which force Vlad to bring the child wrapped in a pink blanket out in front of Dan. As Vlad was able to rock the baby back to sleep, Vlad was hesitant to let the evil ghost to held the baby, but felt it maybe the right thing to do since Dan is the father. The villainous ghost hold new born daughter in his arms, as he watch the child open her eyes and quickly notice that her one blue eyes quickly flashed green before reverting to blue. So curious about his newly born girl, he also notice that she had point ears like himself and thus concluded that the child was also a hybrid like himself, though chose not to tell Vlad about it. He decided to tell Vlad that while he will not harm the child or the city for sometime, but eventually the lingering feeling of humanity will truly be gone and soon he will bring the end of mankind. He asked Vlad to take care of his daughter with the time he has before he will return and suggest he hid somewhere he will never find them. As the ghost flew away, the city had now complete the Ghost Shield that will stop Dark Danny from ever entering the city, while Vlad vow to protect and raise Abigail girl to the best of his ability with love and compassion.

Ten years had pass since the completion of the Ghost Shield for Amity Park, as the people of the planet Earth had tried their best stop the evil Danny Phantom. But in the end, not a single human remains beside the one in Amity Park, as the rest of the world has now been terraformed into a barren wasteland. Though he appear to be invincible, he has yet been able to enter the last stronghold of mankind due to the shield, yet the question is if be able to protect them forever. Within the futurist utopia, the only part that were not modified or altered was the park, though it is now floating in midair. Within the park, the former rich man Vlad and his nine year old granddaughter, Elle "Fenton" Masters, came to visit a set of giant statues that were memorialize to the people who had lost their lives to the Nasty Burgers explosion; Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Tucker, Sam and the teacher no one can remember. The young girl place a red rose to the statue for her death grandparents and aunt, but soon walk down to another statue beside the others. This statue was different from the rest, for it was made just nine years ago to which was build by Vlad money to create the statue of his daughter Abigail. As Elle move closer to the statue, a part of her truly wanted her mother to be by her side and loving her like her friends mothers, but was happy to have Vlad to raised her and proud to being Abby daughter. For her mother statue, she place a blue bell flower, to which was her mother favorite. Looking back to the statue, Elle eyes flashed green as she soon promise her mother that she will find her father and one day be a family they were meant to be...

This is a request story to my friend, :iconthebigblackdevil5:. This story is a fanfiction version regarding an old TV series, Danny Phantom, with one of the episode, "The Ultimate Enemy".

This story start in alternate timeline, where the former villain, Vlad Masters / Vlad Plasmius, had a daughter name Abigail Master and how the Danny Phantom universe can be alter by just one new character. This is also explain how Vlad "granddaughter", Elle Fenton-Master (or as she want to go by, Elle Phantom), was born from the union of Abigail Master and a ghost (Dark Danny), while also being a hybrid. This story goes back before the Danny Phantom story, during and later in the Ultimate Enemy story.

The story and characters belong to :iconthebigblackdevil5:.

The image shown on this story belong to:iconamanda040:.
thebigblackdevil5 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh the image doesn't long to be me, it belongs to my friend Amanda 
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017
Did it. Your friend icon should be on the story.
thebigblackdevil5 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Omg this so beautiful! 
Thank you do much I really loved it.

It eas si heartwarming too since I could image some parts being in the episode of The Ultimate Enemy
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