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Larry and Josh were at Larry house, since he has a plasma TV. Larry has a problem with Josh, he not bad, but he getting fatter each day and try to help him. But Josh would yell at him and said he will jump on him, which made Larry afraid of him. Larry also wants a girl, a girl who would let him hold her in his arm and let him kiss her. Then Josh found a soda in Larry freezer.

Josh "Hey man, can I have this soda?"

Larry "Yes, since it can help you lose weight at least."

Josh "What did you say!"?

Larry "It is true. Every day you get more and more fat from eating too much food. One of these day, you will become a cowhand do not say it my fault."

Josh wanted to crush him, but he didn't, because he was the only one who accepts him as a friend. Then he began drinking the soda, and it felt wonderful. Larry didn't warn him that it was not soda, but milk (Josh didn't see the word 'milk' on it). Then Larry notice that the milk was not stopping and Josh was still drinking it. Then Larry was shock when Josh clothing were changing, they only cover his chest and show only the legs, arms, and cover only the 'thingy'. Then the color change to white, and black spot appear all over the clothing.

Then the fat slimed away and his butt burst. Then cow ears appear with golden ear rings on it, and horn appear as well. Then his legs grow long and became slender. Then his skin was soft and smooth, and his hand shrinks till they were girl hand. Then his manhood sinks away and was replacing with female organ. Then a cow tail grows, and a bell appears around his neck. Then his face became a girl frame (or became a girl face) and his eye was green. Then as he keep drinking the milk, his chest grow breast and it kept growing and growing till the milk was gone and his breast was DD cups. Within his mind, it was like his brain is being washed my milk and suddenly he began to enjoy it. The milk separate from Josh and began to take form; it became a sexy/ more gorges female version of him. This other version got up and pushes him away into a deep darkness, while she embraces the light. In reality, this "used-to-be" Josh stand up and late out a roar (or more like a moon)/

Josh "MOOOON now that was so wonderful, it feel like I am the new me, and I lost weight."Larry was stun and then panic about his friend transformation.

Larry "Josh is that you please tell me you're still in there."But the she began to giggle and still make cow noise.

Josh "Hey there, want to be my mate. I hope my large breast wouldn't distract you."Then Larry nose was bleeding from the sight, and then She try to give Larry a kiss. But Larry tries to hold her, but she was, as if, had super human strength and put him on the ground.

Josh "Now, ready for the kiss, my mate."Then before she could kiss him, Larry got mad and yells at her.

Larry "GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU FREAK!"Then she stops moving and began to shack her head, then she look around to find Larry on the floor.

Josh "What...what happen? Where am I? What...!"Then she saw her body on the mirror nearby, and she began to talk to herself."No, not again, NOT AGAIN!"

Then she began to cry and run toward the bathroom. Larry went to the door, as he can hear her still crying.
Larry "Josh, are you...okay."

Larry "No! I am sorry, but it is the cow goddess curse. When my families from 300 year are ago, my families kill the cows and steal the farmer milk's. Then the cow goddess was mad and turns us into cow girl if we drink any milk, and once we drink any milk will we become a cow girl forever. That is why i do not drink any milk. I think you want to run away from me and never see me again."
She felt bad and think now that there is no one who will accept her and her curse as well. But then Larry opens the door and look into her face.

Larry "Josh, no matter if you are fat or a cow girl, you are still Josh and that what counts the most."
Then she had finally found someone who accepts her for whom she is and let him hold her in his arm as she was still crying. Then both look at each other eyes, and their lips kiss each other. After that, Josh accident let a 'Moon' out of her mouth, and both laugh together. Then Josh had an idea.

Josh "Hey Larry, can you just call me Alexis for now on, please." Then Larry blush a bit.

Larry "sure, it sounds wonderful and cute." Then both went to find Alexis new clothing, the cow clothing will be a bit embarrassed, but somehow it didn't bother her at all; as long she has Larry, it doesn't matter anymore if she a guy or not. Few days later, she tells her parents and also school about her changes; although they were shock a bit, they eventually accept her new look. Although it was hard to hide her tail, she gotten used to being a girl and getting dressed easily on the next few day. Everyone soon  knows that Alexis and Larry are on a date and everyone seem to be proud of them; the curse Alexis was actually more of a gift, she got a new life, people respect her and best of all she and Larry are now lovers. Alexis now spends her reminding years getting a farm, taken care of some cows and even a family of her own.
This a remake of my old story [link] Now i fix some grammers and make it a bit longer.
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