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Tsumugi by Darth-Drago
Name: Tsumugi Shiraui
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 17 meter's
Weight: Unknown
Species: Chimera (Human and Gauna hybrid)/ Human (at the end of the series)
Affiliation: Sidonia Defense Force

25 by Darth-Drago
* Feats:

- The first Chimera that didn't go out of control, having both the strength's and body of a Gauna, while also gaining the intelligence and personality of a human.
- Was able to destroy the Lem System Colonists Ship Gauna on her first appearence in the series.
- Was able to destroy the Gauna's Bag-shape construction while being trap inside it.
- With Tanikaze joined on a mission to save and recuse the survivor on Lem-IX, which one of the survivor being their friend Izana.
- Battle against the Red Hawk Gauna, Benisuzume and beat it.
-- She lost focused when she saw the clone Hoshijiro and then had her Heigus Particles stolen and then got pinned to a rock wall as result.
- Later joined other missions in fighting against the Gauna's.
- Fought with Tanikaze and other guardians against a smaller Mass Union Ship.
- Can go to space without the need of a pilot.
- Help in the mission to place the convertor devices near the Lem surface.
- Sent on the Second Assault Fleet on the final mission to destroyed the Large Mass Union Ship.
- Save the remaining ships
when the Gravitational Beam Emitter exploded, though resulted in Tsumugi in critical conditions.
- The remaining parts of Tsumugi survive and then was transfer Benisuzume Hoshijiro, creating a fusion of Tsumugi and Hoshijiro, living happly with Tanikaze.

* Abilities:
TsumugiFullPower by Darth-Drago
8 by Darth-Drago
* Combat: In combat, Tsumugi has enough power to take on the might of a Mass Union Ship. Although her hands are gentle enough to handle a human, she can transform them to unveil Kabi-claws that allow her to destroy her Gauna brethren faster and more effectively than Guardian pilots.

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* Endurence and Durability:
 Her body is able to handle the depth of space and can fly in it without the need of oxygen. She can also manipulate her placenta to toughen her defenses and deflect powerful attacks, such as deflecting a Heigus Particles Beam from the Lem System Colonists Ship Gauna to save Sidonia. She was able to destroy the Bag-Construction trap and even though lost some parts on her, she was still able to fight despite her injuring's. She can withstand being close to the surface of Lem surface, despite some of her membrane being shedding off her body.

MaavF9v by Darth-Drago
* Regeneration: In times, when she's critically damaged, she has accelerated regeneration capabilities and can regrow her body in a matter of days. Even during battle, her body tries to regenerate as best as they can, though it take time to heal or regrow the smaller parts.

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* Speed: In terms of speed, she is much faster than most of the Guardians initially, being able to catch up to the Guardians even without a clasp formation. When she clasp with Tanikaze, they can go even faster than when they are alone. She can zig-zag easily and be able to dodge attacks or chase after her target's. She isn't affect by the gravity of Lem and thus retain her speed.

21 by Darth-Drago
* Strength: She is able to push one of the remaining Assault Fleet and escape from the explosion at the same time. With Tanikaze help, she is able to lifted and move a boulder five-time bigger than the rock the other Guardian's had moved.

27 (1) by Darth-Drago
20 by Darth-Drago
* Gauna Abilities: As a Chimera she possess numerous abilities that the Gauna possess as well, including using tendrils to attack her enemies, though against the Gauna, she mainly uses artificial Kabi claws, allowing her to cut through multiple Gauna easily, being able to destroy their true bodies as well. She can also morph some part of her body, like her arm to a spear, or her tail to transport Tanikaze from his Guardian into her body (that is not sexually by the way!).

7 (1) by Darth-Drago
17 by Darth-Drago
* Heigus Particles: Like the Guardian and Gauna, the source of her powers are based on Heigus Particles. She possess a high amount of Heigus Particles, as she was able to destroy the Lem System Colonists Ship in one shot at her full power's. With it, she can out-fly any Guardian and Gauna alike; she can use those same particles to create a beam weapon to blow away enemy targets. She can fire Heigus Particles Beams from her large, organic weapon, and could even fire a smaller version of a beam from her right eye.

4 by Darth-Drago
3 by Darth-Drago
* Sense's: She can also detect any Gauna nearby, making her completely aware of her surroundings. She is able to listen on what people are saying either from far distance or even behind thick glass's. She is able to see through great distance in space, though she has limitation to how far she can see. The one who could see even farther than her was her friend Izana with the help of her cybernetic systems on her guardian. She can analyze
the composition of objects, and can even probe the minds of people when they're unconscious.

TsumugiHoshijiro by Darth-Drago
* Shapeshift Abilites: When in probe form, she is capable of transforming herself to any shape she desires and is even able to imitate Hoshijiro's form, though she never does this again as Nagate scolded her for it. It is unknown for how long she can stay in any other forms.

40 by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- She can be harmed or killed with Anti-Gauna weapons or the Gauna's themselves.
- Being close to Lem surface while in critical codition had cause her to melt and die.
- If her vital organs are destroyed, even with large amout of Heigus Particles can't help regenerate her organs or limbs.
- If a Gauna (or anyone else) had the ingenuity to siphon her particles, she can be easily weakened.

31 (1) by Darth-Drago

Tsumugi, the Chimera with the duty to protect Sidonia from Death Battle!

- I do not own this character. Series: Knight of Sidonia.

Pleasure share some thought on who could face this character.
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