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At a alley way, Steve and his friend, Lary, walk at a halloween store at a empty alley way. Steve had blond hair, and light bule eye. He wear a black shirt with skull's, and a blue jean. Lary had light brown hair and green eye. He is wearing a blue shirt with a binkin neko girl on it, and a brown short. They wnated to get costume for the halloween party, but they forgot that the party start today, in a few hours. Now, they walk to the store, and Steve felt something crawling on his spine.

"Hey Lary, this place feel not right. It feel like something is taking my soul out of my back. Let leave."

"No, Steve! We have to get a costumes for the party, or we will not be invite to the party. So stop being a scary cat and let get our costume."

"Fine. You didn't had to be mean."

Steve know that Lary did not belive in halloween stuff, he only getting the costume for Jean. She is the hottest and beautiful girl in their school. Lary trying to find a cool costume to impress Jean. But Steve believe in monster and curse. They soon went to the counter and met a stranger. The stranger was cover in a black coat, but sound like a old man.

"My my, am i ask of what you two want from me?"

"Yes, we are here to find a costume. Do you have any costumes here?"

"Ah, i am sorry, we are out. But i have two costume left, and i think you two will like them."

The old man went under the counter, and brought up two large box. Lary grab the first one, and i take the second. But the moment Steve touch the box, he felt something eerie about it, and felt a evil spirit around the man. The two boy went to the door and wave goodby to the stranger.

"Thank for the costume."

"No problem. Just have a happy halloween, you two."

When Lary left, Steve turn back, and saw two red eye one the strange face, and it was evil. Steve painic and run after Lary for protection. After the two of them make their way to Jean house (where the halloween party is at), Lary and Steve open their box and both of them were stun. Lary costume was the black knight, and it was cool and scary. When Lary turn to Steve, Steve costume was only a cat ear.

"Hey! Why do i had to have only a cat ear, and you have a cool costume!?"

"Well, not everyone is lucky. Now stop complying and put it on. We have a party to be at."

15 mintue's later, Lary came out of the tree,wearing the black knight armor. Then Steve came out, only to wear a cat ear with a school girl shirt and pantie (don't ask why, it will get confussing). Then both walk to the door, only to meet the bodyguard, wearing a halloween Jack-O-Lantern.

"Excuse me, we are invite to the party. Let us in!"

"No can do. We don't just let anyone who wear a costume in this party and..."

But the Jean came out, wearing a sexy witch costume, and was surprise to see Lary in a cool black knight costume.

"Oh Lary, nice costume. Hey, let them in. I invite them to the party."

"Oh, sorry. Come right in."

Both Lary and Steve soon enter the house, and the house was full of halloween stuff. Their was a large bucket that has apply in it, and they are pin a atil of a demon, and a dance floor. The room was large, and Steve was a bit scare, but like the place. He wanted to talk to Lary, but saw him now talking to Jean and left him behind. Steve and Lary used to talk to each other alot, but when Jean enter their life, Lary has been pushing him away from him, and pay more attention onlt to Jean. Steve decide to seat down on a chair and watch, as Jean and Lary did a slow dance, and everyone watch them dance.

"-sign-Why Lary? I wish you will pay more attention and...respeat me the way i am." Steve saying to himself.

Then Steve began to feel dazzy, but felt better. Lary and Jean began to finish their move, by making a 180 degree spin, then Lary hold Jean back and make her binded back, and then Steve was stun. He saw Lary getting close to a kiss with Jean, and his heart was in pain. Then a pain began to crawl all over his body and had to go to the bathroom. A boy, wearing a werewolf costume, was in the bathroom, and was about to leave, when Steve came in and slam the door. Steve look in the bathroom mirror, trying to see where the pain coming from.

"What...what happing to me!?"

That is when he notice that the cat ear was moving, and when he touch it, it was real. Then he saw his hair growing long, till it reach his back, and his blond hair change into a red hair. Then felt a pressure coming from his butt, as his butt began to inflated with fat, and becoming soft and squishy.

"What the Hell! What..."

But he couldn't finish his words, as a painful wave came from his balls, and felt them being sunk away into his body. Then it began to be reform into a clit, and it began to spread pleasure through the body. Then his hand began to shrink and became gentel, and his skin was becoming smooth. Then fat weny to his leg, and his hair fell of, giving him a slender legs. He moan, then felt more pleasure, as his spine began to grow and pop out from his pantie. Then it began to grow muscle and flesh, and began to cover in red fur. Then he had to hold his waist, as they began to shrink, and the his hip burst out, giving him a hourglass figure. Then He felt his chest was cover in pressure, making hard to breath, and then two mold ball appear on his chest. He began to breath harder and harder, as the mold began to rapidly grow faster, till they are D cups. Then his face was feeling tingling, and moan, even make a 'purring' cat sound, as his nose shrink, his eye was getting larger, and his lip grow big, and had deep red lip. When the change was done, she look at the mirror, felt like a new person, and was shock of what 'she' saw in it. She then had the urge to had sex, and she couldn't stop giggling. Steve realize that he was out of control, and try to stop thinking of sex, but the a boy from behind (the werewolf boy), realize that he had saw everything, and he ran out the door. As Lary and Jean still getting ready to get a kiss, the boy began to scream and yell over and over again.

"Everyone, there is a boy who turn into a hot neko girl!"

Everyone stop, even Lary and Jean, and Steve (the neko girl) ran out the bathroom door and try to escape. But she end up falling on the ground, and everyone surrended her. Everyone was stun, that this neko girl was real, and sexy as well. Steve couldn't stop thinking about sex and try rubbing his chest. All the boy soon felt hot.

"Woo, this girl is hot, i like to 'bang' her." Said a random boy

"Yeah, me too." said a other randow boy.

Steve was so embrassed, and wish she had never come to the party. Then as Lary and Jean were ready to kiss again, Steve felt mad (which distract the thought of sex) and walk to them.

"Stop right there! You will not have Lary, you witch!"

"Excuse me!? This is my party, and Lary is mine as well. He only love me, so leave. Or i will force you to leave."

"Lary, listen to me, you can't stay with that witch! She dosen't truly love you, she just using you. Lary, i lo..."

Steve wanted to say finish her sentence, but she couldn't handle the pain in her heart. Then she cry and left the house.

"Good, that bitch is gone. Now where were we...huh? Where did he go?"

Lary pass Jean, and he sneak behind the guard and left the house. Lary soon realize that the red hair neko girl was Steve. Lary did not know, but somehow Steve must have transform into a neko girl, but how? Then he stop, and saw a red hair girl sitting on the edage of the hill. That is where Steve and Lary used to hang out together. Lary walk up to her and sit down with her.

"Steve, is that really you?"

"Yes, it me. I know, 'how did i became this'? Well, i think it was this cat ear i got from that old man. I try to remove it, but now it snuck. I am sorry, i only wish to be with you again."

"No, i am the one who should say sorry. I was being crual to you, and i was only paying a attention a girl. I shouldn't have destroy our friendship over some girl. I wish their was something i can do for you?"

Steve was shock ans stun. Her heart and beating faster, and her face was cover in red. Then she eye began to spark, and she made a giggling sound.

"I know what you should do?"

"What that?"

Then she got close to Lary face and kiss him on the lip. Both of them felt pleasure from it, and it felt like one of their best childhood memorie ever. Then they both stop kissing and look at each other.

"Happy Halloween, Lary."

"You too."

They both look at the full moon, the beginning of a new life begin on that night. Meanwhile, The man look at his crystal ball, and laugh.

"So, the boy had learn his lesson, and the othet one had gotta his wish. My work here is done."

Then the old man vanish, leaving only his coat. And the whole shop soon vanish as well. Happy Halloween.
I was trying to make a love story on a Halloween night. Hope you like it.
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casandrakumsung Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
You need to learn to spell.
Night-Shadow64 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's a cute story hun.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
whiplash212 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Not to offend, but I am having trouble restraining my inner grammar nazi on this story owo
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
This is an old story, so I haven't made any fixing some of the old stories. I may fix them on another time, being I have lot of work for now.
monstermaster13 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cute story.
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yes it was grate hop to red more some day
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2009
one of your best, if not totally the best story you made, Spell'r'Us style activated :D

I was sure you was going to had the guy looking his crystal ball at the end, ;)
sgtzac1 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
two words: Spell Check

other than that it was a pretty good story! try writing it in Word or something then copy and paste it in here
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Nice story
tamatown50 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
Thank you.
tamatown50 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
no problem
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ya pretty good
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
Thank you.
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