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"Hello, is anyone here!? I knew this was a waste of a time; someone calls me and tells me that there was a 40 gallon of ice cream in a van is located near the ruins, which I highly doubt but decided to come for one thing; I know this would be a trap." Tv Pro, a member of Mad Atom team, knew this was a trap, but he had a plan to face the "caller" who gave him the location and tg him for bring him near the TG War ruins for a pranks. It was a bright day, the wind were silent and all Tv Pro saw were few old remnant of brinks and he is surround by the field of grass underneath his feet's. His ears pick up a sound and turn his attention to a wall near him. "I know your there, show yourself!"

All he could hear was a clap which last only five second then stops; then someone or something jump from the wall and drop down right in front of Tv Pro. He was cover in black armor, both his feet's and hands are mechanical and his helmet had a big red X on front of it. Tv Pro put his game face on and his hands pop up fire on them.

"So I guess you're the lousy caller then? Who would come up with a stupid idea as to call someone and tell them that there be ice cream in a middle of nowhere on a hot day?"

"Well it was getting hard to lure target these day. But no matter; I was given the mission to tg you and that it. I have never seen a creature like you, but look are not everything. You will be a worthy opponent."

"Wait, don't just tg me and leave instead of fighting me?" There was a awkward silent between the two of them; Drago never realize he could just tg the guy and leave, but he believe to beat his opponent in battle and then tg, it would be to quick and boring if he just tg him here and now. Drago quickly took out his lightsaber and charge at Tv Pro. Tv Pro however dodges the charge and jump behind him. "Alright, then I guess now it my turn!"

Tv unleash a barrage of fire at Drago, but he hide behind the rock to protect him from the fire, however his cape got on fire and remove it before it could reach him. But Tv appear atop of him and blast him with fire; Drago may have a mechanical body but he doesn't know how long can his body residents against fire for long so he try to be careful. Drago decided to go to the offense and began swing his blade at the fire imp. Although he mange to hit him, it would seem his lightsaber has no effect on him, since he is a fire imp (or myph) and the weapon is also hot. Tv took this as his avenged and surround Drago inside a tornado of fire with the help of the grass.

"This is not what I plan of happening. I guess I must fight him with my hands…oh wait I forget! I have the force, stupid me." Drago decided to move the rock and hit Tv with it. After the tornado was gone, Tv got up and unleash a big fire ball and thrown it at Drago. With no time to hide or run, Drago decided to unleash a large bolt of lightning and aim it at the huge fire ball, which exploded and both were push by the force of the explosion. After the black smoke was gone, Drago got up and notice that Tv was nowhere in sight. He look up and saw Tv right atop of him was about to punch him, but Drago stood his ground and was ready to pucnh him as well. Soon both hit each other on the head; Drago mask was burning and look like it was about to melt while Tv felt like a truck had hit him in the head real hard and fell down out cold. Drago get up tired and most of his body were either broken or melted (expect his head, while his helmet isn't).

"-sign-Man that was hot, I thought I was about to be a pounded of…well I have no idea but I glad that was over. Now, down to business."

Drago zap Tv with his lightning and slowly Tv began to change; his hip burst out while his waist suck inside his body. His butt pop and grow to average girl size and his body began to lose his orange color and became white. His claws and tail are gone and his spiky hairs turn plain and brown. His manhood suck inside his body, which made him moan (his voice got high and sound like a young girl). His skin began to get sooth and his body began to slim down, making all the fat go only in the chest and made two breast's (B cups). His rough imp (or myph) face slowly melts away and instead a cute teenage girl. His hand and feet's cranks and began to shrink, so did the shoulders. A blue ribbon appears and was clip to his/her hair, while his jacket and pants were gone and the only a button white shirt and a pink petite was on her body. The girl woke up with light blue eye and got up, and looks at Drago with puppy-like eye.

"Excuse me sir, but do you know where I am?"

"Well I can't tell you about that, but I can give you this." Drago take out a cage and within it was a toucan. He opens the cage and the bird flew out of the cage and landed on the girl right shoulder. "Okay, now take this map and go find a village and there should be a bus that would lead to a city. This is where we go on our separate ways." Drago turn around, but the girl grabs his arm and pulling it a few times until Drago look at her.

"Wait, can you unless tell me who I am?"

"Oh right. Well you are Aoi; you are a birdwatcher and that toucan is your pet. Now can I go?"

"Yeah, thank you for at least helping me who I am." The girl smile and left while still waving at him. After that Drago turn around and walk back to his team base.
The target is Tv Pro :iconvethaak:. I got the picture from this website. [link]
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