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On a school year, Keller was the school bully, and is the cruelest and meanest person who ever live. He torments student with his fist and a baseball bat, and no one challenge him, since he is bigger and tougher than anyone else. But then one day, Robert Leveret walks to Keller and challenge him. Robert was not tall or strong, but he can plan and outwit him.

Keller "So, you dare challenge me. Well then, i should make you a tome stone after i kill you."

Robert "No you wouldn't. The people of the school had enough of you bullying, and i am here to end it. Why not we talk about this, maybe we can be friend."

As first, Keller brought out his hand to exchange Robert hand and shack hands. When Robert brings his hand out, Keller grabs it and throws him to the wall. Everyone was laughing and Keller was going to finish the fight, when Robert moves and trip Keller to the ground. Then Robert makes a run, while Keller got piss and chases him to the street.

Keller "You are a dead man, Robert!"

Oh boy, Robert thinking to himself. When Robert stop and Keller was near him, a noise came behind Keller and both turn to see a car at front of them, and everything turn black. The next thing Robert knew, he found Keller dead on the ground in the middle of the road. Robert was shock, no horror; he didn't meet this to happen to him. The only thing he could do was run from the scene in fear and shame, while people began to circle around Keller dead body.

Meanwhile in a strange realm, there is a man in a white robe; on his back are wings and on top of his head is an angle halo

Keller "What..! Where am I!?"

Old Man "Welcome to Heaven. Now then, let see where you two go."

Keller couldn't believe it; he feel alive and his body are solid. There was no way Keller believe that this man just said that this was Heaven, which only in furious him, so he decided to push him, when the old man found his name on the book.

Old Man "Halt! I found both your name; the old man look mad when. This gave Keller a bad feeling. "Keller Fowler, You have done cruel and evil thing to many people. Your are to Hell, to be punish for the rest of your life. To suffer the pain you gave to innocent people and many more to come."

For the first time in his life, Keller began to show tears on his eye and he even began to beg. Keller didn't want to go to Hell, it a worst place to go and that is something he wishes not to go.

Keller "Please, there must be a mistake." He tried to persuaded the old man with his words, but it didn't nail the old man strong enough to make him believe in Keller.

Old Man "No, you have done terrible thing to your life and hurt many people. Your rage and hatred had made you end up killing yourself and Robert as well."

Keller "Please, I can change, I will do anything. I'll be nice, i do anything! Please, don't send me to Hell."

"Mmm...There is a way to change. But you must pay the ultimate price. Are you ready to pay this price, for a new life?"

"Yes, I will!!! Anything better than being sent to Hell!"

"Alright, as you wish."

With a snap of the old man figures, a beam of light cover Keller, and his clothing began to change. His shirt shrank away, only covering his chest, and his short grow long and cover his legs. Then he body began to change as his skin became white, and then smooth. His butt began to grow fat and became soft. Then his manhood began to change, letting him to make a girl moan. Then his face to tingle and his face became round and soft. His face has become a girl with big, deep blue eye, and his hair grows long, and turns pink. Then his muscles all over his body were gone, and his leg and arm became slender. Then he felt pressure on his chest, and chest 'pop', giving him a B cups breast. Then his back was in pain, and then four large wings' grow and appear on his eye. When the light was gone, she looks at her body and was stun.

"Wh...What have you done to me!?"

"Well I change you into a female angel. You did say 'anything', so I decided to make you be reborn into a better person. Now, although this maybe against everything I do, I am willing to give you second chance to return to earth, but looking like that."

Keller "Really, that it? Well, thank you. Wait, what am I suppose to do on earth looking like this?"

Old Man "Oh don't worry, I have something important I want you to do. When you return home, you must apologies to everyone you hurt in your life; including that boy Robert. You have only five days to do it. If you fail, then I am afraid I have no choice, but to send you to hell. Now, there is a house, a modern house, near a lake and a hill; it will be your new home for five days at the mortal world. If you successes, I will not only let you keep your second chance and turn you back to your male form, but also grant you your wish. Do you agree with the charms of this deal?" Keller think this really carefully; if he fail, he will go to hell and stay like a girl for the rest of her five day, until she dead again and go to hell. On the other hand, if she passes this test, not only will she lived and being a guy again, but get a free wishes; she can wish for power or money beyond her imagination. Besides, she wants to get that Robert some "payback". Sure she will say she sorry, but once she back being her old self again, she has many plans for him.

Keller "Alright, I agree with his test of your. Oh, and I think I should call myself Kylie, just only for the five days."

Old man "Great! Now I will open the portal to the human world. Now remember, you must apologies to everyone before the end of the fifth day or else you will be sent to hell. I wish you good luck." As he finishes his sentence, a portal open behind Kylie and surprise her a bit. She opens her new wings and flew right through the portal, prepare for her return home on earth.
This is another old story that i decided to update and remake. Hope you like it; the story has change to make it a lest longer than before.
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