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On a school year, Kilyer was the school bully, and is the crualest and meanest person who ever live. He tormat student with his fist and a baseball bat, and no one challenge him, since he is bigger and tougher then anyone else. But then one day, Rober Leperte walk to Kilyer and challenge him. Rober was not tall or stronge, but he can plan and out wit him.

"So, you dare challenge me. Well then, i should make you a tome stone after i kill you."

"No you wouldn't. The people of the school had enough of you bullying, and i am here to end it. Why not we talk about this, maybe we can be friend."

As first, Kilyer brought out his hand to exchange Rober hand and shack hands. When Rober bring his hand out, Kilyer grab it and throw him to the wall. Everyone was laughing and Kilyer was going to finish the fight, when Rober move and trip Kilyer to the ground. Then Rober make a run, while Kilyer goy piss and chase him to the street.

"You are a dead man,Rober!"

Oh boy, Rober thinking to himself. When Rober stop and Kilyer was near him, a noise came behind them and both turn to see a car at front of them, and everything turn black. The next thing they know, they were standing on a white cloud, and next to them was a old man behind a desk.

"What..! Where are we!?"

"Welcome to Heaven. Now then, let see where you two go."

Both Rober and Kilyer couldn't believe it. They feel alive and they body are solid. But as the old man was getting close to find their name, Rober amdit that both of them are dead, but Kilyer didn't care and was about to push him, when the old man found their name.

"Halt! I found both your name. Rober Joe, lucking for you, you are going to Heaven. But for the second one..." The old man look mad when he found Kilyer name, and Kilyer had a bad feeling. "Kilyer Fowler, You have done cruel and evil thing to many people. Your are to Hell, to be punish for the rest of your life. To suffer the pain you gave to innocent people, and many more to come."

Rober was stun, and for the first time, Kilyer began to show tears on his eye and he even began to beg. Kilyer didn't want to go to Hell, it a worst place to go, and that is something he wish not to go.

"Please, there most be a mistake."

No, you have done terrible thing to your life and hurt many people. Your rage and hatred had made you end up killing yourself and Rober as well."

"Please, i can change, i will do anything. I'll be nice, i do anything! Please, don't sent me to Hell."

"Mmm...there is a way to change. But you most pay the ultimate price. Are you ready to pay this price, for a new life?"

"Yes, i will!!! Anything better then being sent to Hell!"

"Alright, as you wish."

With a snap of the old man fingure, a beam of light cover Kilyer, and his clothing began to change. His shirt shrank away, only covering his chest, and his short grow long and cover his legs. Then he body began to change as his skin became white, and then smooth. His butt began to grow fat and became soft. Then his manhood began to change, letting him to make a girl moan. Then his face to tingle and his face became round and soft. His face has become a girl with big, deep blue eye, and his hair grow long, and turn pink. Then his muscle all over his body were gone, and his leg and arm became slender. Then he flet pressure on his chest, and chest 'pop', giving him a B cups breast. Then his back was in pain, and then four large wing's grow and appear on his eye. When the light was gone, she look at her body and was stun.

"Wh...what have you done to me!"

"Well i change you into a female angel. You did say 'anything'. Now, i want you to say soory to Rober."

Kilyer hated to say sorry to Rober, but his heart felt werid, so did his mind. She walk up to Rober, and when she face him, her face was turning red and his heart was getting faster.

"Rober... i am...sorry for...hurting you so...much for the last...few year's."

Rober face turn red, and Kilyer look down in shyest. It just to werid for her, she said to herself. She was teach by her father to be manly and tough. But now look at her, she has became a soft, weak feamle angel. She wanted to cry, but that wouldn't be manly, but cry anyway. Then Rober began to feel sad for her, and try to make her happy.

"I forgiven you. I know that you have been teach to be a man, but you hurt alot of people without think about them. Now you are a girl, but it not bad. You look great and cute..."

Rober close his mouth when he accident say the word 'cute' to her. Her face soon turn red, and she didn't know that Rober now have feeling for her. This feeling she having felt good, and she kinda like it.

"Thank you."

Then she kiss Rober on the lip. Rober was shock, to be kiss by someone who was once his bully. But he didn't care anymore.

"Ok you two, that enough. Now, enter the door to Heaven."

Then the gate of Heaven open and both hold each other hands. But Kilyer stop Rober for a moment.

"Rober, would you call me Misty for now on."

"Sure, i love that name."

Misty smile and both enter to Heaven.
This story is now about Heaven, and a tg female angel.
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thetekkitplayer Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016
Good and interesting story, but I would work heavily on your tenses. No offense, but they are all over the place.
NESWolf20 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
great job
nupin Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011
It is pretty good, but I can't not point out the grammar.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
Sorry, this is an old story two years ago. I will fix the grammer right away.
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
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