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Allen-Walker-allen-walker-15121577-1280-800 by Darth-Drago
Name: Allen Walker/ Nea Walker (14th Noah)
Other names: Red, Bean Sprout, Idiot Apprentice
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Noah
Height: 174 cm (5'8½")
Weight:56 kg (123 lbs)

Affiliation: Black Order (former)
Role: Exorcist

Victory by Darth-Drago
* Feats:
- On Christmas Eve, Allen made a deal with the Earl to bring Mana back, turning Mana into an Akuma, to which Allen's Innocence activated and destroyed Mana.
- Shortly after, he met General Cross and began to travel with him, while learning how to control his Innocence.
- Before joining the Black Order, he had face against Akmua's and defeat a number of them.
- He went to the Black Order to began his life as an Exorcist.
- He is a skilled gambler and even beat Tyki Mikk in a game.
- Had face a Level 2 Akuma for the first time, while also gaining a new power.
- Allen and Lenalee work together to face against Road Noah and her Akuma's.
- On missions to find Innocence's and fought many Akuma's.
- Allen tried to save Suman Dark, who had become a Dark's Fallen.
- Began training with Fo to find away to regain his Innocence.
- Fought against a Level 3 Akuma, while he had gain an upgrade version of his Innocence.
- Fought against members of Noah (The Earl, Jasdero & Debitto, Lavi who is control by Road, and Tyki Mikk)
- Both Allen and Lenalee work together against a Level 4 Akuma.
- Allen and Kanda work together to fight against Link (Phantom G), later against a Level 4 Akuma.
- Survive his encounter against the Apocryphos.

Fanbook Allen Profile by Darth-Drago
Allen Status:
- Education: 3
- Affinity: 3
- Battle Ability: 5
- Mental: 5
- Flexibility: 3
- Heroism: 5

* Abilities:

- Physical Prowess: Due to his Innocence being largely used for close combat, Allen is noted to be above normal human standards in terms of physical fitness, making him able to perform in seemingly physically impossible workouts and hold back Akuma attacks that are known to take out walls. His physical abilities are only increased when his Innocence is activated.

- Amateur Swordsmanship: After Allen received his Sword of Exorcism, he began training with Kanda to develop his swordsmanship skills, though after losing in a spar he reverted to physical brawling.

* The Cursed Eye: In addition to his Innocence, the reverse pentacle that scars his left eye curses Allen with the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma. Allen received the cursed scar from Mana, who lashed out and cut Allen's face when he realized Allen had brought him back as an Akuma. Allen has said that it's "just like an Akuma" in the way that it evolves. The Earl, who was angered by the abilities of Allen's eye, has managed to develop seals that prevent the eye from activating. Sometimes, the pentagram section of the scar is drawn as the Sigil of Baphomet, the official insignia of the Church of Satan and an associated symbol of other organizations aligned with Satanism and the Left-Hand Path.

Allen eye by Darth-Drago
- The Cursed Eye Level 1: The first incarnation of the curse is a black and red ringed eye which is automatically activated whenever Allen is near Akuma. It allows him the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma. When Allen witnessed the self-destruction (under Road's orders) of the Level 2 Akuma and the disintegration of the soul powering it, his cursed eye bled in pain.

Allen's Cursed Eye 2 by Darth-Drago
- The Cursed Eye Level 2: During the vampire incident involving the Eliade-Akuma and Arystar Krory, Allen's curse had grown stronger, resulting in his eye undergoing some dramatic changes. Resembling a sort of cogwheel monocle, this new cursed eye enables Allen to pinpoint an Akuma's position even when they are not visible to the naked eye, regardless of obstacles, from a distance of up to 350 meters away. But the most astounding change is that others close to Allen are able to see the lost souls trapped within Akuma as well. After witnessing Allen's 'world of black and white', Lavi comments that 'the world that Allen sees is Hell.' However, the cursed eye appears to lust for the destruction of Akuma, often causing pain to Allen in the middle of the night by self-activating, as though "it is a sin to be sleeping instead of destroying Akuma". The eye also seems to activate itself even when no Akuma are nearby as long as dark matter is being used, such as when Allen is caught in the Noah Tyki Mikk's vacuum.

Allen's level three cursed eye by Darth-Drago
The Cursed Eye Level 3 (Advanced Cursed Eye): During the fight against Alam Karma, it was shown that Allen's eye has become more advanced his pupil gaining, instead of the red circles, a reverse pentagram.

Meeting of Allen and Nea Walker by Darth-Drago
* Nea Walker:
- During some point in his life, Allen was "implanted" with the presence of Nea Walker, the traitorous Fourteenth Noah who attempted to kill the entire Noah Family thirty-five years ago in a self-proclaimed effort to become the next Earl of Millennium. Although it is not clear how Nea's presence was implanted in Allen when Nea's coup failed and he was killed quite some time before Allen was even born.

- Nea's presence in Allen's mind has given Allen several key powers, the most prominent one being Allen's ability to control the original Noah's Ark as well as creating gates in and out of Ark from will and destroy them too.

- However, Nea has also begun to take over Allen's body, having been seen taking dominance several times and controlling Allen's body for brief periods, one time doing this to openly taunt the Earl and announce his intentions to return and become the next Earl of Millennium. It has also been explained to Allen that Nea's gradual return will eventually completely destroy Allen's presence in his own body; though it had already started to happen when Allen had been told this, Allen having been seeing an odd, looming shadow that no one else could see, recently Nea's return efforts have been more violent, Allen once coughing up blood as he attempted to fight him off and more recently, Akuma starting to flock to Allen's side to attack him, claiming to feel the presence of a Noah, which shows that Nea's presence is closer to the surface than it previously was.

- Chapter 219, Nea became conscious in Allen's body while meeting the Millennium Earl. In this chapter, Nea and Mana's past as brothers was revealed. It was also revealed that Mana D. Campbell is no other than the current Millennium Earl. Despite his hatred towards his brother, he wondered why he still couldn't help but be by his side. Nea stated that not only his face had changed but also his memories were lost. Mana forgot about the fact that he and Nea were twins. Nea also clarified that the Earl and their mother named Katerina are not their real parents but Katerina only adopted them the same time the Earl disappeared after suffering for 7000 years. He revealed that Mana and Nea are both the "Millennium Earl".

Innocence Cube by Darth-Drago
* Innocence:
- Innocence is a substance of unknown composition known by the ancient civilization that first cultivated it as the "Crystal of God". It can bond with certain humans, known as Accommodators to form an "Anti-Akuma Weapon", the only kind of weapon on earth that can purify Akuma, saving the souls that are bound to them from being destroyed by the Dark Matter that gives them their power.

- Innocence, being the polar opposite of Dark Matter, the Earl of Millennium's chosen weapon that gives him, the Noah Family and his Akuma their powers, is also the only substance that can damage the Noah and their Memory. Conversely, this means that the Noah have the power to destroy Innocence.

Allen Walker - Cross by Darth-Drago
* Cross (十字架クロス, Kurosu lit. Cross Stand): Cross is a parasitic type Anti-Akuma Weapon that is centralized in the cross-shaped, stone-like Innocence embedded in the back of Allen's left hand. The Innocence has caused Allen's entire arm to be taken over by Innocence, so his arm from the shoulder down is actually "foreign" tissue that his body symbiotically accepts as part of himself. Originally, Allen's arm was quite veinous and red, but over time its color has darkened and the skin has smoothed out, taking on a slightly more normal appearance. In terms of its naming, "jūjika" is a term for the type of cross rack used for crucifying, different from the usual usage of cross and/or cruciform.

Cross α (alpha): The first and most basic form of Allen's Innocence augments his left arm into a monstrous adamantine claw with a supernatural glow at Allen's scapula-joint. At this phase, his Innocence is capable of manipulating its size and shape even to extreme ends, such as when it grew enough to grab the entire body of the mountain-sized Fallen one, Suman Dark. While very durable against Akuma and Dark Matter, it can easily be damaged by Innocence, shown by the dents left on it when Kanda sliced it with his Mugen and the bites that Krory left on his hand.

12 by Darth-Drago
- Cross Grave (十字架ノ墓クロス・グレイヴ, Kurosu Gureibu, lit. Cross Stand's Grave/Tomb): At the first level of invocation, the Innocence's power can be channeled into one powerful stream, capable of destroying multiple Level 1 Akuma simultaneously, and leaves a cruciform of energy behind on each of its targets (hence the name should Allen defeat a wad of Akuma with it).

Allen Walker - Cross Paling by Darth-Drago
- Cross β (beta): This evolution takes a more offensive approach, in the form of a massive arm-cannon with his fingers becoming energy spikes. This form is capable of both ranged and melee combat, but tends to use up more energy initially.

3 by Darth-Drago4 by Darth-Drago
Cross Paling (十字架ノ杭クロス・バリング, Kurosu Baringu, lit. Cross Stand's Paling/Stake):At its second phase of invocation, Allen's Innocence is capable of firing volleys of rod-shaped energy palings; these laser stakes are made of hard-light Innocence energy, which enables them to picket the ground and fence in the adversary, or to pile upon them.

9 by Darth-Drago10 by Darth-Drago
Cross Spear (十字架ノ槍クロス・スピアー, Kurosu Supiā, lit. Cross Stand's Spear): Also in its second phase of invocation, Allen is capable of focusing the barrel of his Innocence-cannon to generate a spear-like energy paling, which can then be used like a sword.

Allen Walker full 1113450 by Darth-Drago
- Crown Clown (神ノ道化クラウン・クラウン, Kuraun Kuraun, lit. God's Clown): After Allen's Cross was nearly destroyed by Tyki Mikk, who crushed it and reduced it to particles, the Innocence particles hung around Allen, keeping him alive by healing a hole in his heart. When it was discovered that Allen's Innocence was still viable, Allen began to work hard to attempt to synchronize, though his initial efforts were all failures. It was only while battling Thread and gaining a new, strengthened resolve that Allen was able to properly reconnect with his Innocence, at which point it evolved.

Shield 01 by Darth-DragoShield 02 by Darth-Drago
-- When invoked, Crown Clown acts as a body-armored Innocence, forming a white-hooded cowl and sleeve of Innocence energy which covers his shoulders and right arm, while his left arm and hand become slender and black, clad in armor and razor sharp claws. A masquerade-style mask is always affixed to the cowl, which takes on various configurations and appearances. This transformation also changes Allen's usual hairstyle from flat to a spiky rear. As before, his Innocence possesses a certain degree of sentience, such as when Crown Clown is able to manipulate Allen's entire body like a marionette when incapacitated, or simply assisting in evasive tactics. When not activated, his arm is black and meets with his shoulder in a spiraling pattern that ends with tattoo-like emblem. The cowl of the body-armored Innocence is able to withstand and repel any attacks from any direction back to the enemy, though against anything stronger like a Level 4 Akuma could only at least lower the damage to the minimum yet not always.

7 by Darth-Drago8 by Darth-Drago
Cross Grave (十字架ノ墓クロス・グレイヴ, Kurosu Gureibu, lit. Cross Stand's Grave/Tomb): Much more powerful than its previous incarnation, Allen can crucify targets simply by etching a cross upon them with his left hand, effectively annihilating even Level 3 Akuma with a single talon. It can now also be used defensively, generation a shield by drawing a cross on the air.

15 by Darth-Drago7 (1) by Darth-Drago
- Clown Belt (道化ノ帯クラウン・ベルト, Kuraun Beruto, lit. Clown's Belt/Sash): The cape of Allen's cowl is released as a webbing of Innocence-energy that can be used to grasp objects, immobilize opponents, or form hardened spikes to impale enemies. It can also be released from the sleeve and glove on Allen's right arm. The ribbons of energy were once used by Crown Clown itself to wrap around Allen's limbs and control him like a puppet when Allen was too injured to move by himself.

6 by Darth-Drago7 (2) by Darth-Drago
- Crown Edge (爪ノ王輪クラウン・エッジ, Kuraun Ejji, lit. Claw's King Ring): A projectile attack which unleashes a barrage of crown-shaped rings from the clawed fingers on Allen's left hand.

10 (1) by Darth-Drago
Edge End (破滅ノ爪エッジ・エンド, Ejji Endo, lit. Claw of Destruction): A swipe of raw destructive power dealt with Allen's fully-invoked claw.

Allen Walker - Sword of Exorcism by Darth-Drago
Sword of Exorcism (退魔ノ剣たいまけん, Taimaken, lit. Repelling Demon's Sword): When Allen's synchronization rate exceeds 100%, he is able to transmute his entire left arm into a large broadsword with a cross emblazoned on the faces of the blade. In doing so, his left shoulder is capped with a cross-shaped emblem, and his cowl usually forms a cloak to cover the missing arm. Once invoked, the blade can exorcise evil from any vessel it strikes, though it does not harm humans; this means that Allen can damage the inner Noah of members of the Noah family without killing their human bodies. If used against Level 1 to Level 3 Akuma, it vanquishes them in the same effect as the Cross Grave attack, leaving a residual glowing cross crest in the wake of the defeated Akuma. However, in the case of a Level 4 Akuma the sword carries a diminished effect.

6 (1) by Darth-Drago7 (3) by Darth-Drago
- Allen is shown with the ability to telepathically recall the Sword to himself, should it be separated from his body. It is noted by Lero that the design of the sword is the same as the sword of the Earl of Millennium except for the inverse of color.

20 by Darth-Drago21 by Darth-Drago
- Death Orbs (破壊咆哮デス・ボール, Desu Bōru, lit. Destruction Roaring Howl): Called Death Ball in the original translation. When using the Sword of Exorcism, Allen can create a series of large explosions.

Allen dieing by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
He is still mortal, even as a Noah and can be harm and even kill.
- Innocence can be harm and destroyed by Dark Matter.
-- Innocence can also harm him since his body is Noah. 
- If his arm is damage or destroyed, he is vulnerable.
- Can be sensitive to the soul's trap within an Akuma's  would get angry to see a soul destroyed.

Earlsword by Darth-Drago

Allen has his Curse eye set on Death Battle!

- I do not own this character. Series: D.Gray-Man

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