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in a house,Geroge live there for over his entire life,but he had no mon and dad. He was raise by his grand father. His friend,Ben(a deviant) came to play with his friend,also brought food,since Geroge grand father left to the hospital.

"Hey Geroge,what should we play?"

'I know,we should play Megaman X. What do you think?"

"No way! We have been playing that game for year's. Can we a least play something new,like that other game 'Megaman Starforce.' What do you think?"

"No thank,i prefer my game."

"Suit yourself."

Geroge was a megaman X fan for over the year's. He love all the character's in it,but his favorite was Aile. She had cool armor and a hot body. He wish he was like her and date...well,Ben. But as he keep playing his game,his DS was off,then it became a black hole and sunk both Geroge and Ben in it. As the went around and around in the rift,both then fell and landed on the ground. When they get up,they find them self in a ship with angry robot coming to them.

"What the! Let get out of here!"

Gergoge and Ben run for their left,and see that more and more robot coming to them. The Ben found a bomb under him.

"Okay,stand back,Geroge."

When Ben throw it at the robot,it explode and destroy them. But then more robot came and Ben began to painic. Geroge found a door and drag Ben with him,then when they are in,they close it,so the robot could not enter.

"Boy,i thought we were dead. Now,how did we get into a game. If this is Megaman X,where is Zero and Aile?"

"I don't know,but i know that we are safe for..."

But Ben couldn't finish his sentence,for both turn and saw a giant machine with four arm's,large metal wing,and three head's. They notice that the robot didn't saw them,and was fighting someone else. The Geroge saw someone shot it,and he recogncize that person.

"Ben,it Zero! He fighting that thing."

Zero keep blasting it,but the after a few blast,the machine grab him and began to squeez him to death.

"Ben,it killing him. We should do something."

"But Geroge,how? It too dangoures,and too powerful. We are just normal people,we wouldn't win againist it."

"But...But i wish i can help him."

Then geroge began to glow. His shoe turn into armor shoe,with the color red. Then his Armor gaulet appear around his arm,and a blue suit appear around his body. Then his white shirt turn inro a red coat,and gray armor appear on his leg,around his hip,and near his coat. Then a helmet appear on his head.

"What the..."

But the a wave of plessure flow through his body,and his muscle decrease. Then his leg gain fat,so did his butt,and his arm became slender. Then his hip grow and his waist went inward. His chest puff and became A(+) cups breast. Then his face went softer,and long golden hair grow from the helmet,and his eye were green.

"Geroge! What happen to you!"

But Geroge ingore him and push the machine in the face. Then Zero was release and bring out a blade and cut off all it arm's. Then Aile(Geroge) bring out a blaster and destroy the machine. When the fight was over,the next thing Ben know was everything went black. When Ben wake up,he was back at Geroge house and think that everything he saw was a dream. But then he saw Aile right next to him,but then he realize that Aile was Geroge.

"Geroge,is that you? Please tell me it you?"

"....Yes. I sorry,i didn't how it happen,but i had to save Zero. I do not know what to do now,since i am Aile and...i have to forget my male self forever."

Ben saw tears coming from her green eye,and he felt bad for her. Then Ben hug her and kiss her on the cheek. She stop crying and look at him.

"No problem,as long you are with me,will always find a solution. We have to do this together,what do you say?"

She was silent for a moment,the she began to cry,in a happy way,and the kiss him on the lip. Then she put her head on his chest.

"Thank you,this is what i alway wanted to be. I guess my wish came true after all." Then both Ben and Aile got up and hold each other hand and walk out the door.
This is a love story about Aile from Megaman X. Ben,also know as:iconbenwolf0:is in this story.
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generatortia Featured By Owner May 24, 2018
She is actually from Megaman ZX/ ZX Advent. hey at least you got the era she's in right.
benwolf0 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
i dont play magemen game but i like the games
benwolf0 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
that the cool thing i'v see in a long time
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009
Your welcome. Did you like Aile?
benwolf0 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
dont play magemen game but i like the games
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