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Does anybody know what this supposed to mean?


Shows up in search results ever so often. When I go over to the deviation author's profile ( get "you are unauthorized" error message, though I can see it just fine in a new incognito browser tab.

Edit: Well, apparently it means that the person had blocked me. It's weird because 1) DA don't anymore clarify that you can't access the content because the user blocked you (On the old design the message was clear and obvious "this used had blocked you"), 2) I've never meet this person, or at least I don't remember ever interacting with them? And now I'm worry that I've done something bad without even realizing it. Apparently bad enough to warrant a ban.

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I am not sure either but i have some guesses.

  1. contents that violated da rules.

  2. reported contents by someone.

  3. contents from deactivated accounts.

  4. strange bugs