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Thu Oct 6, 2016, 8:10 PM

Payment is through paypal, exact prices are individual.

Sketch of a model can help to reduce price a bit.

Having no idea what the end result should look like might increase the price (I'll need to do the designing bit by myself as well, and that's a work too).

I can propose or make some adjustments to your concept if I feel that the change would be beneficial for the design and overall look.
Those adjustments will try to not be destructive to initial idea, and you can ask to remove them.

I can ask for half of the price to be paid in advance.

Time varies wildly depending on what exactly is being commissioned, what tier is it, and how busy I am with my main freelance work at the moment,
so completion can take anywhere between a week and over a year to complete. Don't forget to ask, and don't panic if I'll miss the deadline.

Remember that further it is in progress, the harder it is to make adjustments. Be very careful in deciding if you need anything
changed and adjusted when I send you a WIP image, it might become impossible to do so later without undoing large portion of the work, which will add to the final price.

✗ I don't do: furries (fur is really hard to do in 3d, but lowpoly is probably an exception, but anyway)
and any kind of NSFW art (That includes fetishes, erotic, R34, and in general anything you wouldn't show to your mom).

✗ My skills are not so great in: human anatomy and creature design in general.

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October 6, 2016


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