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I resisted and resented that site for a long time, but everybody breaks at some point, I guess.
So, the new DA look is going to be "let's steal design form". Got it.

Also, I hope that lagginess of the presentation site does not represent lagginess of the new design...
Page 17 of Leaving The Cradle was released.
You can check it out here:

Or you can check the latest page in the Leaving The Cradle DA account…
Page 16 of Leaving The Cradle was released and I kinda forgot to tell you guys about them here for a while... I'm sorry.
But other exciting news is that I got a full fledged website rolling for the comic! With nice design and everything!
you can check it out here:

Or you can check the latest page in the Leaving The Cradle DA account, that's fine too, I guess...…

Yet another artist with fantastic works now lost to the sands of time forever.
I cannot stress it enough, folks, you might think that it is 2018 and everything is online, but if you like artist's works, don't just fav them.
Fav them and then save their work on your hard drive! It's the only place they be truly safe from the events like that one.
Because on the internet, everything and anything can and will be gone *snaps fingers* just like that.
Page 13 of the comic

You can read the comic here:…
Leaving The Cradle P13 EN


Десятая страничка готова!

Почитать комикс можно тут:
Leaving The Cradle P13 RU
   So my comic wasn't too popular, and I decided to shuffle some things around and change the setting and the genre of the story a bit.
According to some journal from 96, there is a genre that is currently ridiculously popular and should result in me getting TONS of new readers and commenters! It's anime magical girls genre! Popularity, here I come!
Here's a sneak peak of updated and improved character designs, ~nya!

Has science gone too far by darth-biomech
Page 10 of the comic

You can read the comic here:…
Leaving The Cradle P10 EN


Десятая страничка готова!

Почитать комикс можно тут:
Leaving The Cradle P10 RU
Page 9 of the comic is ready

You can read the comic here:…
Leaving The Cradle P09 EN


Восьмая страничка готова!

Почитать комикс можно тут:
Leaving The Cradle P09 RU
Page 8 of the comic is ready

You can read the comic here:…


Восьмая страничка готова!

Почитать комикс можно тут:
I FINALLY done page 7 of my comic!

Shit, the hiatus was far longer than I anticipated it to be... I know that I have no real excuse, but still... Making comics is HARD, and it is especially hard when you do it for free, on the waves of inspiration and in free time from your job and other tasks, and when you are a person who can draw very technically and ineffectively...


Well, anyway, 7 page is here, and 8 should follow shortly afterwards, together they introduce majority of characters from the Alliance's side of story. I hope to finish eighth page before January, but I will not make any promises. Buffer didn't payed off, for reasons that should be obvious, so I will switch to "release when it's done" mode instead.

You can read it here:…


Я наконец-то закончил седьмую страничку комикса!

Черт, перерыв затянулся значительно дольше чем я думал. Я знаю что мне нет оправдания, но тем не менее... Рисование комикса - это нелегкое дело, а в особенности оно нелегко, когда делается бесплатно на волнах вдохновения и в свободное от работы и прочих дел время, человеком, который умеет рисовать весьма условно и неэффективно...


Тем не менее, седьмая страничка наконец готова, а вслед за ней должна последовать и восьмая, которые познакомят нас с основными действующими лицами со стороны Альянса. Я надеюсь закончить восьмую страницу до Нового Года, но не буду ничего обещать. Режим буфера не оправдал себя, по очевидным причинам... Поэтому, дальше я буду выкладывать страницы по мере готовности.

Почитать можно тут:…
I mean I'm either simply not ready yet for these kind of challenges, or there's something wrong with my workflow, but a picture a day seems to be an impossible pace. Well, no, I could do that, but... that would be a really shitty picture, because I struggle even with most basic "what to draw?"


Как люди делают этот инктобер... Я либо ещё тупо не готов к подобного рода челленжам, либо что-то не так с тем как я рисую, потому что "по картинке в день" звучит как невозможный темп. Нет, в смысле я наверное мог бы его поддержать, но и картинки тогда будут тяп-ляп побыстрому, ибо у меня трудности уже с самого начального "а что нарисовать-то?"


Thu Oct 6, 2016, 8:10 PM

Payment is through paypal, exact prices are individual.

Sketch of a model can help to reduce price a bit.

Having no idea what the end result should look like might increase the price (I'll need to do the designing bit by myself as well, and that's a work too).

I can propose or make some adjustments to your concept if I feel that the change would be beneficial for the design and overall look.
Those adjustments will try to not be destructive to initial idea, and you can ask to remove them.

I can ask for half of the price to be paid in advance.

Time varies wildly depending on what exactly is being commissioned, what tier is it, and how busy I am with my main freelance work at the moment,
so completion can take anywhere between a week and over a year to complete. Don't forget to ask, and don't panic if I'll miss the deadline.

Remember that further it is in progress, the harder it is to make adjustments. Be very careful in deciding if you need anything
changed and adjusted when I send you a WIP image, it might become impossible to do so later without undoing large portion of the work, which will add to the final price.

✗ I don't do: furries (fur is really hard to do in 3d, but lowpoly is probably an exception, but anyway)
and any kind of NSFW art (That includes fetishes, erotic, R34, and in general anything you wouldn't show to your mom).

✗ My skills are not so great in: human anatomy and creature design in general.

You can ignore this if you're english speaker. :3


Сколько у меня русскоговорящих вотчеров? Имеет ли смысл дублировать описание на русском, или тут все и так английский знают?
Sometimes, the most distant events of your life make sudden comeback.
I recently learned that one of the most significant shows of my past, FLCL, that in a lot of ways reshaped me, so to speak, and have deep and a very special place in my heart, going to be renewed, after 16 years of silence, for a second and a third seasons in 2017-2018.
And that dreads me. After such long period, the possibility of them making it wrong is just so high that I wholeheartedly wish that production would just wither and fizzled out. This show and it's characters are so personal and intimate to me (Like, first genuine falling in love, with aftermath suffering because object of your affection don't even exist), that I feel that even if they will do great by bystander's point of view, for me it still would be devastating.

Do you have similar shows, that you love, but prospect of continuation still scares you, because you feel that they are just perfect as they are, and nobody can't make them better, only worse, at least for you?


Недавно узнал что один сериал, который занимает в моем сердце специальное и очень важное место, Фури-Кури, недавно обновили на второй и третий сезон, после 16 лет простоя, которые начнутся в 2017-2018.
И эта новость наполняет меня вящим ужасом. После такого долгого перерыва, вероятность того что сделают полную фигню настолько высока, что я чистосердечно желаю чтобы производство просто застыло и прекратилось. Сериал и его персонажи мне не просто очень близки, он буквально играл одну из ключевых ролей в построении моего характера, он фактически интимен для меня (Первая настоящая влюбленность, и неминуемо последовавшие за ней страдания на тему того, что объект твоих чувств даже не существует в реальности), поэтому у меня стойкое ощущение что даже если свежие сезоны будет норм с точки зрения простого зрителя, для меня это все равно будет как ножом по сердцу.

А у вас есть похожие тайтлы, которые вы очень любите, но которые считаете идеальными так как есть, и что возможность продолжения пугает вас, поскольку оно не сможет сделать ничего, кроме как испортить?

Not so much different from the last one, really, but...
Tagged by :iconcamarolp:

I'll put here avatars and 3 works (which I like most) of the first 20 people who leave comment on this journal. 
If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place

0. :iconcamarolp:
Skinchanger by CamaroLp Design update: Keregu by CamaroLp In the forest deep... by CamaroLp

Gorre by CyberII Archangel by CyberII Kurwastyle Project final by CyberII


















Everyone else is doing #DeviantArtistQuestionnaire, so why not?

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Eight, practically nine years already. Hell, that is equivalent to "FOREVER!" in my book X)

2. What does your username mean?

Just a name of my alter-ego, but it does reflect some of my interests)

3. Describe yourself in three words.


4. Are you left or right handed?

Most times left handed.

5. What was your first deviation?

General Grievous by darth-biomech

This one. God, I just put a picture from Google in the paint and draw this over it, and was so proud of myself... =_=

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

3D, obviously) art created in 3d IMO somehow kinda more "real" than traditional 2d painting, you can feel that it is a real object (well, kinda) that could really exist in the real world. Brings up weight to the concept, I think.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

2D cartoon-like style. Was thinking about making a comic for a loooooooooooooooong time, but if I will make it in 3d, this would take FOREVER, since almost every frame will include something new which must be modeled and textured first.

8. What was your first favourite?

Aparently, the author of it removed himself from DA. So this will remain a mystery FOREVER.

Another proof to my opinion that when artist deletes everything he made, then regardless of actual reasons why he did it, for the audience and especially to his fans it is a giant fat "FUCK YOU!"

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

I often crawl through Deviantart for inspirational artworks and concepts with interesting ideas, that have potential to inspire me for some fresh idea, and save them to my comp with faving (reasons why - see in the previous answer). although line between "hey, this can help me in my work" and "OHMYGERD SO BUTYFUL!" is fairly blurred one XD

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

It would probably be :iconabiogenisis:. His aliens are most alien but realistic ones that I ever saw.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Tough question. Too many people I'd like to meet, but in the same time I know I'm not ready to meet yet, mainly for "living on the other side of the globe"-type reasons and my failure to speak english. So can't answer. X)

12. How was a fellow deviant impacted your life?

I don't know if it is counts if I meet that deviant outside of DA, but :iconfulmenoid: significantly changed my perspectives about many things, and forced to thought about many more. Without a doubt she is one of
the most influential people in my entire life, and I think that I would be certainly a different person if that contact would never happened. ^^

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Ususally I use 3ds max 2012 and adobe photoshop, but sometimes I venture further, to programs like Mari and Zbrush.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My home, duh X)

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

When I got my first comment, I think. That feeling that your art moved someone so much, that they stopped and reacted to it)