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What if, part 2. Colored

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Im colored one excelent deviant. =D
Original by :iconmech-maker:, [link]
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Yu-Gi-NosStudent General Artist
Hahaha, this is GREAT!
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The real question we should be asking is how he got that fair in Knighthood without this concern being raised earlier.
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darth-biomechProfessional Digital Artist
Well, Jedi couldn't find a sith living practically next to them, so... X)
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jedi=aliens=humans are fucked
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Damn would that be awkward.
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Fish-with-a-KnifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Best. Jedi. Ever.
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PLCTheCdHobbyist Writer
Funny artwork and awesome coloring! :D
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darth-biomechProfessional Digital Artist
Artwork isn't mine, I only colored it.
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PLCTheCdHobbyist Writer
(Sees the artist's comment)

Sorry, always forget reading them
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im righting a fan fic were avp crosses over with star wars. the Xenos r good guys and thanx to the cloners on camino have all the food and hosts thay need to alow them to remain good guys unlike the Yokja who just hunt for sport
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darth-biomechProfessional Digital Artist
How about moral part? Clones are humans too.
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the clones they order r mearly shells. like the things from Avatar. the body is liveing but has no active brain activety short of keeping the body runing. this hive is verry old and the Queen has seen the end of many of her kined. she wants better for her people thanto be the wepons they we created to be or the monsters they became. to that end they whent to there home world got some ships left buy there extinct creaters and tried to fined a true home. but the Yokja (Predaturs)started an attack on there ships and all got sucked into an anomaly and wound up in the Star Wars unavers doring the clone wars. being force sensitive thay sought out the Jedi for help. and the Predators...well they were like kids in a candy stor having so much new pray to hunt. ^_^
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darth-biomechProfessional Digital Artist
Predators are like kids in military squad, for SW universe, IMHO.)
All they got is plasma guns (with pretty bleak rate of fire) and cloak device, basically. Oh, yes, also starships. Nothing of this is news in SW.
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the clock is rair and these guys r verry happy to adoped tech from other races to make even better wepons
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Deadmanwalking162Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Meh ill send Malek on a mission with Xeno
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Rodrigo-VegaProfessional General Artist
Actually a jedi xenomorph would be something to be scared about.
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Schatten-DracheHobbyist Traditional Artist
Not as long as they don't prefer the dark side!
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just when they couldn't get worse
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Xenomorph Jedi....hmmm
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FrostyVarnani Traditional Artist
Nice and sweet!
Greetings :D
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Hahahahaha! This is the best!
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OoupouttoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very funny! :giggle:
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