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Virus hideout

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Due being part of my PERSONAL project (A webcomic called Leaving The Cradle), this deviation works under different rules from the rest of my gallery:

This was drawn in a crunch during the span of just a single day, but the end result turned out to be not that shabby, so I decided to post it. At this point Virus is definitely going to appear in "Leaving the Cradle" at some point in the second volume, which is planning to be more cyberpunk'ish, so I'm fleshing him gradually.
He's a sort of assassin or spec-ops for hire, often for not perfectly legal things, so as he moves from city to city and planet to planet in search for contracts, he tends to organize temporary hideouts in places that people rarely visit and where he can covertly tap into the Net, like technical rooftop rooms or abandoned service tunnels. And he's not too keen on witnesses.
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