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VIRUS consuming ability

It is illustration to one of the Virus abilities - he can penetrate in any electric mechanism, take control over it and absorb any information or programming stored in it. For example, any robot after such Virus attack will be literally just piece of metal even without BIOS. But he still cant take over too big mechanisms as starships. I think, take control over shuttle or fighter is top of his powers.

Hm... Virus talks in manly manner, and AMEE in movie has attitude as to the female... So, i guess, this image can be count as rape? 0_o'
I add tags to be sure... XD
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Опа. Ну эми знаю откуда, а вот это кто?)
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Good illustration!
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Rape me, rape me (c) Nirvana XDDD
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LOL Robot raaape! It's a serious crime.

Wow, this is spectacular! I love 3D works, there's so much movement going on in this piece right now!
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Нифига себе О_о
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