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Scorpion Rat

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Made for a game showcased awhile ago, but perhaps they exist in the setting of the comic as well. Sort of rat-roach scorpion thing. From rats, they get their scummy behavior and ability to consume everything even remotely organic, from roaches, they get the ability to materialize on the spaceship seemingly out of nowhere, and their eggs can survive most kinds of routine disinfection used on spaceships. For both, they're similar in their tendencies of bundling up in communal nests in hard-to-get-to places.
They also have a poisonous stinger, can grew up to meter tall and there are few cases of missing children linked to these things. Sweet dreams.
3d turntable with animations is here:…
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Nooo! Get that thing away! Squish it or something, i don't wanna see it!

Neat idea, excellent execution and a gross design!

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beautiful work this is the kind of stuff I'm always looking for