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Raharr solar system

Due being part of my PERSONAL project, this deviation works under different rules from the rest of my gallery:
Beautyshot of solar system of home planet of one of my races, raharrs.
It contains 3 gas giants, 3 dead planets and 2 habitable planets.
And one asteroid belt, but asteroid belt is boring thing, they always same. =D
I add descriptions for each planet, when I think it up. =)

For gas giants i used Gas Giant Resource Pack… by :iconpriteeboy:. Thanks, man!
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Magnificent! :nod: I love outer space! You did excellent capturing all the atmospheric detail in the planets! That always confuses me!
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I'm interested by that dirty brown planet next to the white one :O very unusual 8-) Good modification of the texture maps too, especially on the middle purple one :)
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This planet was hitted by some huge asteroid, so this dirt is a cloud of pieces of this planet. Before that, it was terrestrial. And habitable, I think.