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Raharr anatomy exploration

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Due being part of my PERSONAL project (A webcomic called Leaving The Cradle), this deviation works under different rules from the rest of my gallery:

Trying to figure out what muscle system should be to move those 4 arms, fit in the torso and be believable as well. Most (99%) of other guys just duplicate everything, which looks ugly, wrong, and nonfunctional - you can't be convinced that's a product of an evolution instead of some taxidermy victim.

If there's somebody knowledgable in anatomy, I'd like to hear your critic on my attempt!

Made in zbrush in around 7 hours, surrounding myself with all sorts of anatomy references. There are several groups of muscles that I've decided to omit, like the rib muscles or lowermost back layer.

Color-coded version:
Color-coded Raharr musculature exploration by darth-biomech

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