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MilkyWay galaxy sphere map 8k

This is a spherical projection texture that I made for some of my projects, I decided to release it for others to use as well. Use it however you like. The galaxy is tilted to match the Sun's ecliptic plane.
This is a 8k version (8192x4096), because DA doesn't allow for files larger than 80 mb, lol. You can download 16k version (16384x8192) here:… Hit me up (not in the face, NOT IN THE FACE!) if the link expired.

1. Deep Star Map, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio ( ) - used as main background
2. Milky Way Panorama, ESO/S. Brunier (… ) - used for color and nebula info
3. Andromeda Galaxy photo, Adam Evans (… ) - Detail
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This is so sick. Thanks good sir, I thought you should know I'm linking back to your page since I am using this in my audio visualizer in a 3d skybox for my YT videos E.G;

Fantastic - thank you Sir.

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Thanks, much appreciated :) I wil try put some of my space ships in this background .